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Lomiting joints: causes and treatment

Lump joints

Sore throat is a syndrome that often troubles people.Moreover, it can manifest at any time of the year, regardless of the general health and age of the person.If the joints begin to hurt with low intensity, the ache happens periodically, then the call to the doctor is postponed indefinitely - this is the error of most people, since the syndrome in question can indicate the development of serious joint diseases.

Table of contents:

Causes of ache in the joints

It should be noted immediately that joint aches may appear as a symptom of some disease, and as an extraneous syndrome, not associated with any pathology.More precisely, the cause of aches in joints can be determined only by a doctor, and below is given information for general familiarization - everyone will understand that the syndrome in question is not a "thermometer / barometer", but may indicate a serious pathology.

Joint ache on the background of specific diseases

There are four joint diseases for which acuity is a pronounced symptom:

  1. Deforming arthrosis is a chronic destruction of cartilage in the joints.A similar pathology can develop either against a background of too high motor activity, or under minimal stress( hypodynamia).Complaints of patients with deforming arthrosis are always identical - pain in the joints of the legs, aches coming in the daytime or after excessive physical exertion.If the pathological process is actively progressing and there is no treatment for the patient, then over time, when the joints move, characteristic crunches and popping appear.
  2. Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease with an unexplained etiology, but doctors always mark its development against a background of reduced immunity.This pathology often begins its development after an acute acute respiratory viral infection, or against a background of chronic infections of a viral origin.According to statistics, rheumatoid arthritis is more often diagnosed in women, but doctors and scientists can not explain this fact.

    Symptoms of this disease will be:

    • aches in the ankles, joints of fingers on hands and wrist bones;
    • pain in joints of fingers on hands and wrist bones;
    • redness and swelling of the affected joints( usually this occurs symmetrically).
  3. Gout is the deposition of uric acid crystals in various organs, which then form dense, pineal-like "growths" under the skin.The disease has a hereditary etiology, characterized by intense aches and pains at night, not only in the area of ​​the joints, but in the bones of the whole body.Gout refers to chronic pathologies, bouts of aches and pains occur 6 times a year and more, each such attack lasts 2-3 days in a row.If the patient does not adhere to a specially formulated diet, then the joint in joints with gout will be present almost constantly - this condition can cause reception of acute, salty, marinated, fatty and meat food, alcohol.
  4. Rheumatism - a disease caused by streptococcus, most often develops after suffering angina and / or scarlet fever.Rheumatism affects the heart, but in most cases, it affects the joints of the upper and lower extremities( hip, elbow and knee).The syndrome under consideration in this disease differs inconsistency - today it can hurt / break one joint, next day it will be quite different.With rheumatism, pain, joint aches differ in periodicity, but such seizures almost never last longer than 3 days.

Causes of arthritis in joints associated with other diseases

In some cases, the syndrome in question may indicate the development of pathologies, which in principle can not be directly related to joints. An example is

  1. Fucking joints Pain syndrome in the tendons of .He is projected onto the joints and bothers the person with his periodic bouts of aches.Often the pain in the tendons is identical to that of the joints with arthrosis, but the doctor will be able to precisely differentiate these two pathological conditions: arthrosis of joints arises with active movement and at rest, but pain in the tendons occurs only during physical activity.

    If to explain it is easier, the struck knee will hurt at walking / running or any other activity constantly, irrespective of what the reason lies in( in arthrosis or problem tendons).But if the patient lies on his back, relax, the doctor lifts his leg / bends at the knee, and the patient denies the ache in the knee joint, this will mean that the cause of the discomfort is hidden in the problematic tendons.

  2. Circulatory disorders .Doctors say that aches in the joints can occur and in violation of blood circulation in the vessels that are located in the immediate vicinity of the joints.Most often, this condition is diagnosed in adolescent patients, which is associated with accelerated growth of bones.Most often, knee and shoulder joints are affected in this situation.

Aching joints If this syndrome occurs once in adolescence, then it can bother a person throughout his life.Typically, after 20 years, the ache becomes less intense, then occurs only with excessive physical exertion, but always resembles developing arthrosis.A distinctive feature of aches in the joints due to circulatory disorders is the absence of restriction in the movement of the affected joint, even with intensive manifestation of the syndrome( in case of arthrosis, a person can not literally bend / unbend his leg or arm).

Joint ache in case of circulatory disturbance is always concerned symmetrically, that is, the problem occurs immediately in two knee joints or in two shoulder joints.Becoming more mature, people with a similar syndrome complain of aching joints "on the weather," "to the rain," but this discomforting condition is always short-lived.

Note: this syndrome may occur if the joint is injured, but in this case no diagnosis is required.

Causes not related to diseases

This section of the material will list the safest causes of aches in joints:

  1. Aching joints Excessive physical strain of .The ache appears because the bone tissue loses a lot of nutrients, metabolic disorders occur.Most often in this situation there is not only aches, but also pain in the joints.
  2. Obesity .Excess weight exerts pressure not only on the organs, but also on the bones - they are only calculated for a certain mass of a person.With excessive weight, metabolic disorders begin to occur in the bones, which is manifested by periodic lumps in the joints, which is especially intense during or immediately after motor activity.
  3. Age of the .Most often, elderly people complain of joint aches and explain it very easily: bones with age are subjected to degenerative senile processes, they are thinned, they lose calcium.

Joint aches during pregnancy

This syndrome in early pregnancy can generally indicate to a woman that she is pregnant.But in some cases the joints ache and those future mothers who are in the last months of bearing the baby. And to understand why this syndrome worries them is very simple, because there are only three reasons:

  1. Pain-in-joint-thigh Osteomalacia is a deficiency in the body of calcium and vitamin D. This condition is very typical for pregnant women, their body works in a strengthened mode, it takes more vitamins and minerals( not in vain pregnant women need improved / strengthened nutrition).
  2. The increasing volume and weight of a woman .As the child grows in the womb of the mother, the joints of the lower limbs are under increasing pressure, the bones are forced to tolerate exceeding the permissible norms several times.To avoid such a negative impact on the musculoskeletal system, doctors recommend that pregnant women simply control their weight and prevent excessive growth.
  3. Symphysite .This softening of the pelvic bones, which causes not only aches in the hip joint, but also intense enough pain.Such a state in the period of bearing a child can arise against a background of lack of calcium, or at too high a level of hormone relaxin in the body of a woman.

Joints are noisy: to which doctor should

be used. As soon as a person observes a joint ache that appears periodically, he needs to seek qualified medical help.Optimal option will be an appeal to an orthopedist or rheumatologist, but if there are no such specialists in the medical institution that is visited, the therapist and the surgeon will help.Only after the doctor has established the true cause of the syndrome in question, it will be possible to take some measures - in some cases it will be necessary to undergo a course of drug therapy, in some - to take specific medications for life.

Treatment of aches in the joints

If, when examined by specialists, there are no diseases that could provoke an arthritis in the joints, then it is worth paying attention to your own weight.In most cases, it is weight loss and adjustment of the diet with the inclusion in the menu of foods rich in vitamin D and calcium, helps to normalize the condition and get rid of the uncomfortable sensation.

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Please note: various lotions, compresses, decoctions and tinctures from the category "traditional medicine" will not help to solve problems.They only for a while will remove sensation of an ache, but, not having got rid of the reason, the person will constantly suffer from a considered syndrome.

Joint aches are an unpleasant sensation that often disrupts the habitual rhythm of a person's life, deprives him of the opportunity to actively move, play sports.Naturally, this also affects the psychoemotional background - the patient becomes irritated, he constantly has a bad mood.Therefore, contact with a doctor with aching joints must be necessary - this will "not fall out" of life.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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