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Curvature of the shins in a child and an adult: causes of pathology and methods of correction


Due to bone deformation in children and adults, the shins of the lower leg begin to curve.Pathology is observed when the correct contour of the legs is broken and is not only a cosmetic defect.The lack of competent therapy is fraught with an uneven distribution of the joint load and the development of flat feet, arthrosis.If the latter progresses, severe pains in the legs appear, which can be eliminated only through surgical intervention.

Table of Contents: General Information Classification Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Massage with valgus deformation Plastic Surgery Techniques for Combating Shin Curvature

General Information

Varus Doctors call the correct form of the legs in which the head of the femur that forms the hip joint, The middle of the knee joint and the first interdigital space pass an even line. There should be 3 spindle-shaped contours in the area of ​​the perineum, knee joints, ankles.Otherwise, the bend of the shins is diagnosed.It can be a consequence of deformation of bones or unfavorable distribution of soft tissues.In any case, the pathology brings discomfort and causes dissatisfaction with the shape of its legs.

Please note! Every fifth inhabitant of the planet is unhappy with the shape of her legs.If, however, she observes a gait distortion or lameness, she must immediately consult a doctor.



The curvature can be manifested in 2 forms:

  • Valgus - it is easy to recognize by the characteristic letter "X", which is visible when the patient is clasped together.That's why the pathology is called X-shaped.It should be noted that slight deviation of the shin is possible outside.For men, the acceptable angle does not exceed 5-7 degrees, while for women it is 10 degrees.
  • Varusnoy - due to the fact that both shanks in the case of diagnosing a defect resemble the letter "O", it is called O-shaped.You can find it on the inner contour - the leg is arched by an arch that stretches from the crotch to the closed ankles.

In addition, the curvature can be:

  • true - when the bones of the lower limbs are deformed;
  • false - when the defect is the result of a special arrangement of soft tissues creating curvature.

Important! The valgus curvature leads to the development of flatfoot, and the varus curve leads to the turn of the foot and the appearance of secondary flatfoot.

Not always a false curvature requires surgical intervention.Most often it is the result of an incorrectly distributed load on the hips, legs and feet during exercise. This condition is not a serious pathology and is easily eliminated by regular training of the calf muscles, thanks to which they finally connect when the legs are closed.


Medicine identifies several causes of curvature of the lower legs.First of all, it is:

  • Inspection-legs congenital malformations;
  • severe form of rickets;
  • inflammatory diseases of bone tissue;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • hereditary factor;
  • prematurity;
  • oxygen starvation of the fetus;
  • serious infectious diseases transferred during pregnancy;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • osteochondrosis;
  • deficiency of vitamins D, A, B12 in adolescence;
  • injuries, fractures and bruises in adulthood( this is the lot of athletes, gymnasts, boxers);
  • a rare stay in the fresh air and in the sun.

In view of the fact that many diseases, one way or another, affect the metabolism and subsequently lead to the development of pathologies of bone, cartilage and muscle tissue, at an early age children should be regularly brought to an examination for a pediatric orthopedist. He will check how the musculoskeletal system develops and excludes or confirms the presence of curvature of the shin.

Symptoms of

The first sign of pathology is the wrong contour of the legs.It can also be indicated by flat feet. You can check the availability of the latter by regularly checking how the shoes get stuck.If the sole is practically flat, everything is fine, however, when there is stitching in or out, it is necessary to see the doctor.

Please note! After injuries and fractures, curvature may occur as a result of improper bone fusion.Any delay in treatment in this case is fraught with not only discomfort, but also morbidity.

It is worth noting that when birth defects occur, children learn to walk more slowly and lag behind their peers in physical development.



To identify the curvature of the legs, it is sufficient to consult a traumatologist or orthopedist.After visual examination and collection of anamnesis, he is most likely to appoint:

  • a clinical analysis of blood, urine, feces;
  • radiography of feet, feet;
  • MRI;
  • joint ultrasound;
  • blood test for sugar, calcium level.

Planotography is used to detect flatfoot, a method that involves the acquisition of a footprint or footprint.

Important! At this stage, the doctor seeks not only to make the correct diagnosis, but also to identify the causes of deformation.That is why he takes into account everything, up to the quality of the kidneys, which can also provoke the development of a defect.


It is worth noting that it is possible to correct a defect with the help of some physical exercises only in light cases.Congenital pathologies, accompanied by underdevelopment or asymmetry of muscles, are corrected by the plastic surgeon .In addition, the type of curvature matters.

Correction of valgus deformity in children


Therapy depends on the results obtained from the research.Revealed diseases of the urinary or bone system, for example, rickets, are eliminated by prescribing special medications.

Additionally, experts advise parents to ensure that the child as little as possible is standing with widely spaced legs.He is also recommended to wear orthopedic shoes with a beveled heel, a special insole and a hard back.

Important! Walking barefoot is a beneficial effect on the condition of the shins.At the same time you can walk on the grass, along the sand or pebbles, simultaneously trying to grab them with your toes.

In case of aggravation of the situation, special tires are used. Sometimes an operation is shown that reduces to removing the wedge from the femur and restoring the limb axis.In view of the fact that valgus is often the result of diseases of the kidneys or endocrine glands, along with surgical intervention, the patient is prescribed treatment.If it is successful, the curvature does not recur.

Massage with valgus deformation

Valgusnaya-stopa-u-rebyonka Massage improves muscle tone and strengthens the limb.The main thing is to spend it every day or every other day, during the month .After this, you can take a break for up to 4 weeks, and then repeat the massage course first.With each subsequent course, experts advise to increase the intensity, as this will make it possible to achieve visible results more quickly.

Please note! The right massage is painless.

During the massage, the back, limb, waist, buttocks are triturated, stroked.There are several methods of influencing the muscles and joints in these zones, which the specialist owns, which is why it is important to address him.

It is additionally recommended to practice physical exercise, swimming, climb on the Swedish wall. It is also more likely to seat a child "in Turkish" or drive him on an uneven surface barefoot.

When these procedures do not give a visible effect, it makes sense to come to a consultation with a plastic surgeon.

Methods of plastic surgery in the fight against curvature of the shins

Patients are recommended:

  • Valgus Contouring plastic - it allows to return symmetry to muscles, to give them a pronounced relief, and this is often used by bodybuilders.
  • Implantation of calf muscle prostheses - the procedure helps to get rid of false curvature and reduces to the formation of the correct contour or to give the right volume with the help of silicone implants of the shins.Despite the elasticity and resistance to deformities of the latter, patients who underwent similar operations are not recommended to overload themselves in sports.
  • Orthopedic surgery is a radical method of correcting curvature.When it is performed, the bone is dissected, and then its elements are joined in such a way as not to impede the growth of the limbs.Previously, the doctor cuts out a wedge from the bone, and connects it by means of clamps and screws.Often the procedure is accompanied by reconstructive chondroplasty, which allows to remove minor defects of the cartilaginous tissue and to stabilize the knee joint.

After the operation, a special orthopedic device is imposed on the patient, which he must wear for 5 to 8 months, depending on the complexity of the operation.

Important! To achieve the desired stable result, it is recommended to perform orthopedic operations on the shin after the patient reaches the age of 18 years.At this time, the last jump in the growth of bone tissue and the whole body is completed, so that the need for repeated operations is lost.

The curvature of the shins is a pathology that directly affects the quality of life of a person.At best, a cosmetic defect appears, at worst - it progresses, which entails distortion of gait, discomfort, soreness.Treatment of curvature should begin with a consultation of a traumatologist or orthopedist.He will recommend a visit to physical therapy, swimming.If they do not give results, the question arises about the need for an operation.

Betsik Julia, medical reviewer

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