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Methods of scoliosis treatment: exercises, massage, therapeutic swimming, manual therapy

Scoliosis-sacral-department_2 Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine, which can be diagnosed in both adults and children.This pathology is treatable, and, in the early stages of development, it is enough only to perform special exercises and go to the reception to the masseur.However, in general, the treatment of scoliosis is a long process, requiring a lot of strength and patience.

Table of contents: exercise therapy and exercises for scoliosis. Gymnastics in scoliosis in children. Medical swimming in scoliosis. Scoliosis massage. Physiotherapy. Wearing corsets. Manual therapy. Traditional medicine in the treatment of scoliosis. Surgical treatment: scoliosis surgery.

. Exercise and scoliosis exercises.

.(LFK) is the main method of scoliosis treatment.Of course, appointments should be made by a doctor, but with the first or second degree of scoliosis, one can start the exercises without visiting the orthopedist. It is strictly forbidden to perform exercise therapy for scoliosis in the following cases:

  • diagnosed 3 or 4 degree of development of curvature of the spine;
  • there is constant pain in the back / spine;
  • disorders of cerebral circulation;
  • problems in the work of the cardiovascular system.

For scoliosis of 1 and 2 degrees, the patient needs to perform a basic set of exercises - he will help strengthen the muscles of the back and abdomen, bring the spine to the desired position:

Warm up

Always before starting physical therapy,This is the warm-up.At a scoliosis it can be made only as follows: the patient becomes in a knee-elbow position and starts to move slowly around the room.The duration of the exercise is at least 10 minutes.

Exercises lying on the back

Exercises in the supine position on the back contribute to strengthening the abdominal muscles.The complex consists of 3 basic elements:

  1. Extension of the spine.Lying on his back, we begin to pull his heels down and forward, and his head up and back.In this case, you can not raise your hands.Extension of the spine is done according to the scheme: slowly stretch, "freeze" for 10-15 seconds and relax.Such approaches need to be made at least 10.
  2. "Bicycle".Lying on his back, we raise our legs and start performing movements that resemble a bike ride.Pay attention: it is not necessary to carry out movements by legs or foots over a stomach or belly - it is better to make it above a floor, that is too high to lift the lower extremities it is not necessary.
  3. "Scissors".Lying on the back, we perform horizontal and vertical legs with legs.Pay attention: swings should be performed above the floor, enough to tear legs from the surface by 10-20 cm.

Very, very well-cope-with-wrestling Important: exercises for scoliosis on the back are performed for at least 15 minutes - the "bike" and "scissors"Each procedure 15-20 seconds and 7-10 approaches.

Belly Exercises

  1. Stretching the spine.Lying on your stomach you need to pull your heels and head in opposite directions.This stretching should last at least 10 minutes.
  2. Simulation of breaststroke swimming.The patient lies on the stomach, the head is on the back of the palms.The exercise should be given 2-3 minutes - to do 5-6 sets of 15-20 seconds.At the expense of "fold" raises the trunk / head / arms / legs above the surface, bends in the spine - the fulcrum is the abdomen.Then begins to perform movements that mimic swimming breaststroke:
  • hands to pull forward, legs spread apart;
  • hands spread apart, legs join together.
  1. "Scissors" on the abdomen.Exercise is almost no different from the "scissors" on the back, but the thighs from the floor must be torn off necessarily( head put in the palm of your hand).
  2. Hold.Lying on the stomach, we begin to slowly rise, caving in the spine.Hands / head / upper torso go up, legs come off the floor with their hips.We lifted the body to the maximum possible height, leaned on the stomach and froze in this position for 10-15 seconds.

Image4992 Important: exercises for scoliosis on the abdomen should be performed at a slow pace, each - at least 10 seconds, approaches - 4-5 on average.

Exercises in standing position

  1. Çömelme-hareketi Rotation by hand.It is necessary to stand in front of the mirror( this is necessary for constant control of the posture), bend your arms in the elbows, put them on your shoulders and begin to rotate them only in the opposite direction( the elbow in a circle moves backwards).The breathing should be uniform, the amplitude is small, the exercise time is at least 10 seconds.
  2. Squats.We stand in front of the mirror( to control the posture), we spread our hands to the side and in this position( do not slouch!) We start to squat:
  • squatted on toes( socks), stayed for 5 seconds;
  • we rise again on the toes, we return to the starting position.

Important: breathing should be flat, it is allowed to rest between sit-ups for a few seconds, the number of squats is minimum 15. This set of exercises for scoliosis is basic, it can be supplemented and expanded.An advanced set of exercises on the back you can see in this video review:

Note: gymnastics in scoliosis can correct the spine, return it to its place only when confirming the diagnosis of scoliosis of 1-2 degree.If the progression of the pathology is active, then even trying to do the simplest exercises is not necessary - this will only exacerbate the situation.

Gymnastics for scoliosis in children

Physiotherapy exercises for curvature of the spine in childhood differ from those for adults. Therefore, parents should not independently conduct classes, thinking that the child will be helped and ordinary charging - specialist advice can not be avoided.The

  1. Grandmother-and-child-exercising1 The exercise is standing.Posture is perfect( parents follow it), we start walking on the spot, but do not raise your knees high.At least 20 seconds of such a walk, then raise your hands up and stretch "to the sun" - thus the child kneads / relaxes his spine.
  2. Lying on the back.The child lies directly on the back, the arms - along the trunk.Then we raise the left arm bent at the elbow and the right leg bent in the knee.We raise to such a height that it is possible to reduce the elbow and knee, to come in contact.The same is done with the right hand / left knee.As soon as the knee touched the elbow, the position is fixed for 5 seconds.
  3. Lying on the stomach.From the prone position on the abdomen, the child should slowly raise his head and trunk above the floor, caving in the spine.Pay attention: the legs remain on the surface, and the hands "leave" behind the head.
  4. Rocking.Standing on the socks, the child should raise his hands( fingers are locked into the lock) over his head and do swaying movements from side to side.At the same time it is impossible to descend to the full stop, the slopes to the side of the body should be made with the maximum amplitude.
  5. Slopes.The child stands straight, his arms at the waist.We tilt the body aside, while the arm on the opposite side rises and "leaves" behind the head.

Important: exercises for scoliosis and adults, and children should perform every other day, if the dynamics of the disease is positive( this will be noted by the doctor), then the load can be increased - for example, to do more approaches or to practice every day.

We recommend that you look at the video review on the problems of abnormal posture in children and the methods of treating scoliosis with the help of exercise therapy:

Therapeutic swimming in scoliosis

Swimming in this disease is useful for children and adults - there is no difference.This method of treatment is prescribed only by a doctor and is conducted under the supervision of a specialist.In addition to the fact that swimming helps to significantly reduce the strain on the strained muscles from the curvature of the spine, general restorative therapy, stretching of all muscles, and joint mobility are carried out. Recommended exercises in therapeutic swimming:

  1. 2_4_1296724748 Breathing exercises in water.The patient stands in the water( level - around the neck), takes a deep breath, drops his head into the water and exhales.The head should be lowered as low as possible( ideally - the chin is pressed against the chest), during exhalation, we pull the legs back, keeping our hands on the side of the pool.Each inhalation-exhalation lasts 10 seconds, it is necessary to make 4-5 approaches.
  2. Swimming on the back with two hands.The distance should not exceed 200 meters, lying on the back of the patient makes circular movements with his hands( full circle).
  3. Swimming on the back, hands alternately.The distance is 100 meters.

If the patient can swim well, then you can add the exercise "swimming breaststroke and butterfly style" - a distance of not more than 300 meters.

Important: The cycle of therapeutic swimming in one session should always end with breathing exercises.The duration of the classes is 30 minutes. About the benefits of therapeutic swimming in a video review tells the doctor-rehabilitologist:

Massage with scoliosis

Scoliosis9 Massage is the main component of the complex treatment of scoliosis.It can be performed only at 1 and 2 degrees of the disease development and with the consent of the attending physician.Moreover, for adults it is not recommended to use the services of non professionals, but for children under 3 years of age parents can do it themselves.

The basic principle of massage for scoliosis - it always begins with the work on the legs, because you need to relax absolutely all the muscles of the body.If the scoliosis is 1 degree, then massage is prescribed only for adults - children can get by and exercise from the course of exercise therapy.

The purpose of the massage in scoliosis is to relax the tensed muscles and strengthen the weakened muscles.Therefore, the specialist will use a variety of techniques - those muscles that are on the side of the curvature of the spine need relaxation, here will be applied a more "soft" technique, sparing.But those muscles that are weakened( on the opposite side of the arc of curvature), you can work out and with the application of effort - they need to be brought to tone.

Important: self-massage with scoliosis to relatives and friends can only be done after attending special courses - the specialist must show the technique of conducting it.The maximum effect will be achieved if the massage is combined with physiotherapy.


Physiotherapy in the treatment of scoliosis is necessary for both children and adults.But in childhood they will have a greater effect, and together with massage and physiotherapy exercises will quickly bring the position of the spine back to normal. The most effective physiotherapy procedures for this disease are:

  1. 8988345f249b3a6927d1551f0fb0a10e Thermotherapy.The doctor can prescribe it only in the absence of progression of the curvature of the spine.This procedure involves special hot wrapping, paraffin and ozocerite applications at the places of the greatest angle of the arc.
  2. Electrostimulation of muscles.The procedures follow courses - 10 /15/ 25, between them a break in 90 days is necessary.It is compulsory for the appointment of electrostimulation of the muscles the patient should conduct exercises in physiotherapy and attend a massage therapist.
  3. Ultrasound.The physiotherapy is carried out by the course - 5-8 sessions, then a break for 2-3 months is done.It is advisable to prescribe an ultrasound in patients complaints of severe pain in the back or diagnosis on the background of scoliosis of osteochondrosis.
  4. Electrophoresis.Uses calcium and phosphorus, which with the help of currents of weak magnitude affect the muscle tissue.The procedure is prescribed for diagnosed scoliosis of the 3rd degree and is performed no more often than 1 time per year.

It is very effective to carry out 10 procedures of mud therapy simultaneously with sea baths - this is enough to be done once every 12 months.A sodium chloride baths( 15 procedures per year) will help the child cope with the task of improving immunity.

Wearing corsets

How to get rid of the habit If scoliosis was diagnosed in 3 stages of development, then one physical exercise, swimming in the pool and physiotherapy with massage can not do.As a rule, the curvature of the spine at this stage of the disease is very strong and it is necessary to wear a corset.Corsets not only "put" the vertebrae in place, but also serve as a strengthening agent, significantly increase muscle tone.The corset should be chosen by the doctor, the patient should listen carefully to his feelings - for example, the first 7-10 days of wearing a corset will be accompanied by pain and discomfort, which is the norm.Perhaps rubbing some areas of the skin and the appearance of diaper rash - they do not need to be treated, usually to 10 days of wearing a corset everything is normalized.

Important: if the corset brings inconvenience even after 2 weeks after wearing, intertrigo and rubbish do not disappear anywhere, then you need to tell the doctor about it - perhaps the corset size was incorrectly chosen.

Manual therapy

1385679701_manu_9264_-660x424 Concerning the advisability of manual therapy for scoliosis has been debated for a long time, but the fact remains - the greatest effect this method of treating spinal curvature is achieved in childhood, when the bones are not yet fully formed / ossified.The essence of manual therapy for scoliosis: first the specialist has a relaxing effect on the muscles of the back, then hands "inserts" the spine into place and begins to strengthen the muscles around him with the help of special massage techniques.

Important: the course of manual therapy for scoliosis can not be performed more often than once a year, and the positive dynamics should be fixed with massage, physiotherapy exercises, therapeutic swimming and physiotherapy.

Traditional medicine in the treatment of scoliosis

Principles of scoliosis treatment adopted in official medicine do not differ much from methods from the category of "traditional treatment". It is compulsory for the curvature of the spine to exercise:

  1. Daily hang on the tunic.This will help stretch the spine, relax the muscles.And, you do not need to do any exercises, just hang with your legs bent for 10-15 seconds.And these approaches for the day can be done an unlimited number of times.By the way, hanging on the bar can be safely recommended to children with scoliosis.
  2. Exercise "lock".Morning, start with a simple exercise that will help prepare the spine for the "labor" day.Even in bed, pull up the leg, bent at the knee, to the chest, grab it with your hands( "lock") and pull it to the chin.Ideally, you need to touch the knee with your chin and fix this position for 10 seconds.Do the exercise at a calm pace, alternately with the left and right foot.If the first time to reach the maximum position does not work, then do not despair - literally in a week of such exercises all will succeed.
  3. Exercises with a stick.Take an ordinary stick( you can use a squeegee or a shovel from a shovel), wind it behind your back and wrap your arms around your forearm( it turns out that your hands are slightly turned back).To go in such position it is necessary as often as possible - it will help to get rid of a scoliosis of 1-2 degrees and in children, and adults, will promote the formation of a correct posture.
  4. Torso elevation.You need to lie on your back, hands to place along the trunk.Lifting the head and shoulders, fix the trunk in this position for 5-10 seconds, then return to the starting position.This exercise should be done 20 times in a row - yes, at first it will be hard, but it helps correct scoliosis in childhood and forms a correct posture in adults.

Scoliosis is often accompanied by pain syndrome and in folk medicine there is a very effective way to get rid of them - compresses. Here are some recipes for compresses that will help you get rid of the pain quickly and for a long time:

  1. Compresses-for-laryngitis Alcohol tincture from dandelion flowers.In a two-liter jar on 1/3 of a volume fall flowers of a dandelion and fill in 400 ml of vodka( alcohol), insist 10 days in dark, but a warm place.For a compress, moisten a napkin / rag in a tincture( for children, it should be diluted 1: 3 with water) and applied to a sore spot for the night.
  2. Potato Compress.You need to take 2 raw potatoes and a small piece of horseradish root - all grind in a meat grinder or in a blender.On a sore spot we put a piece of gauze, from above we spread a mixture of potatoes and horseradish root, then we again cover with gauze and wrap the patient.The time of the procedure is as long as the furnace does not start well.
  3. Turpentine dough.It is necessary to mix 50 ml of turpentine and 20 ml of water, knead the dough with flour from the solution( without eggs and salt).The resulting cake is applied to the sore spot for the night or until the patient complains of intense burning.

Surgical treatment: surgery for scoliosis

If scoliosis is diagnosed in 4 stages of development, then neither physical therapy nor massage can cope with pathology.Doctors can prescribe a surgical intervention that will return the spine to its place by fixing it with metal bolts / pins / spokes.Usually, the operation is performed under neuromonitoring - this allows you to exclude bleeding, damage to blood vessels and nerves.


The risk of the operation is high risk of infection - the surgeon works on the open surface, the entire spine is bare, the infection is very wide.To reduce the risk of infection in the postoperative period, the patient is being treated with antibiotic therapy.589px-Scoliosis_Post-operative

Surgery is not a panacea - screws and spokes supporting the spine in the correct position may break, the curvature may again progress, so that a re-operation is necessary.Therefore, doctors recommend not to delay with the treatment of scoliosis - it is much easier to fix the arch and strengthen the back muscles at the initial stages of the pathology development.Treatment of scoliosis can and should be carried out in a complex way - it is enough to get appointments from a doctor and start implementing all the recommendations.The treatment lasts a long time, but the results with timely diagnosed scoliosis will be excellent.

Yana Tsygankova, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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