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Enostosis of the Thigh: Treatment and Features of the Disease

Thigh enostosis

The anesthetic( reference to the first article from the file) of the femur( from the Greek "intraosseous") is a tumor-like growth of bone tissue in the form of small nodules that form in the femur and tibia of a person.Seal sizes usually range from 2 to 20 mm, but in some cases larger sprouting up to 50 mm is diagnosed.Nodules in most cases are detected in patients under the age of 35 years, including - in children.

Table of Contents: Features of the femur adnostosis Reasons for the appearance of the femur adenostosis as a symptom of other diseases Symptoms and diagnostic methods Treatment of femur adostosis

Femoral enostosis features

Foci of growth can be either single or multiple.If the process is widespread, then a diffuse thickening of the cortical layer and filling of the femur cavity with obliteration of the medullary canal develops.

Enostoz Small formations consist of normal bone tissue, which is confirmed by microscopy of samples.They have a developed system of Havers channels.A distinctive feature of the femur enostosis( however, like any other) is the presence of a kind of edging around the tumor elements, resembling bristles.It is formed by the so-called.Spicules( spines), consisting of a fibrous or lamellar substance( a mixed structure is also possible).Nodules are connected to the outer layer of the affected bone.

Depending on the type of fabric, the enostoses are divided into spongy and compact.

Note: in some sources the term "enostosis" also means focal osteosclerosis.

Causes of

These lesions in the femur do not develop spontaneously.In most cases, enostoses are a symptom of bone pathologies.

One of the main reasons for the formation of these benign neoplasms( especially in childhood) is a family predisposition.When collecting a family history, it turns out that almost every second patient has close relatives who have been diagnosed with a similar pathology.

Other common causes of thigh bone anemia include: excessive load on the lower limbs;

  • ;
  • calcium metabolism disorders;
  • trauma and post traumatic tumors;
  • systemic pathologies;
  • congenital osteosclerosis( marble disease);
  • osteogenic sarcoma;
  • is a syphilitic lesion of bone tissue.

"Islets" can be formed against a background of chronic intoxication of the body.They are often detected in workers of harmful industries that neglect personal protective equipment.

Thornbone anesthetics as a symptom of other diseases

Nodular neoplasms often form against a background of serious bone tissue lesions.Specificity of their structure allows to establish the cause of appearance.

Detection of spongy nodules with numerous compaction sites often indicates the development of osteopoxia.

Such a rare hereditary pathology as Albers-Schoenberg disease( marble disease), is accompanied by the formation of multiple foci of compaction with obliteration of the medullary canal.

If the boundaries of the lesions in the femur are blurred, and the structure of the enostosis is not clear, there is reason to suspect osteogenic sarcoma.

Asymptomatic enostosis of unknown origin can be considered not as a pathological process, but as a "special condition" of bone tissue.

Symptoms and Diagnostic Techniques

Enostoz As a rule, the appearance of these benign formations is not accompanied by any symptoms."Bone islets" usually come to light quite accidentally when radiographing about another disease or injury.Only in rare cases in the formation of nodules the patient complains of pain in the leg.

Differential diagnostics with sclerosing osteomyelitis, aseptic necrosis of the bone site and metastases in cancer tumors are necessary.

Treatment of femur enostosis

Treatment of femur enostosis is usually not carried out, as these tumorous formations do not pose a hazard to the patient, and do not cause discomfort.Growth of nodules is very slow or not observed at all.If a pathology is found, the patient must be monitored so that the doctor can monitor the process in dynamics.

If the appearance of "islets" is accompanied by pain, or there is a tendency to active growth, surgical intervention is required.During the operation, the site of the pathologically altered bone is "cleansed", removing the tumor with a fragment of the healthy plate.

Plisov Vladimir, medical reviewer

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