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Mumps: symptoms in adults, treatment and prevention


Mumps is an acute viral disease, which in official medicine is referred to as epidemic parotitis.The source of infection in this case is only a sick person, moreover, it becomes contagious for a couple of days before the first symptoms of the disease appear and in the first 5 days of the disease.The guinea pig virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, but doctors do not exclude the domestic way of infection - for example, through contaminated objects.

People have a high susceptibility to this disease, the virus most often affects children, but cases of infection of adults are not uncommon.Concerning the development and course of mumps in childhood, there is an informative article on our site, in the same material, the course of mumps mumps in adults will be considered.

Table of contents: Symptoms of mumps in adults Treatment of mumps in adults Possible complications Mumps vaccination

Symptoms of mumps in adults

In principle, the symptoms of the disease in adults and children are identical.From the moment the virus enters the body and before the first signs of the disease appear, 11-23 days pass - this period is called incubation, the person does not feel at all sick, but already a week before the end of the incubation period, it poses a danger to others as it becomes contagious.

After the lapse of the latent period, the mumps enters the acute phase of the flow and just at that moment its symptoms appear:

  • increases the body temperature to 40 degrees - this occurs during the day and the temperature does not decrease during the week;
  • severe intoxication, which is accompanied by general malaise, headache, loss of appetite;
  • constant presence of dry mouth sensation;
  • increased salivation;
  • severe pain when opening the mouth, chewing and swallowing food;
  • pain in the ears, which becomes more intense during a conversation.

The most striking feature of the development of the disease under consideration is the formation of specific swelling near the auricles of the .The cause of these swelling is inflammation of the parotid salivary gland - the virus of epidemic parotitis is most often localized in them.The swelling near the auricles reaches its maximum by the 7th day of the course of the disease, and then begins to gradually decrease.When touched by swelling, the patient often feels pain, and for adults, the appearance of intense, aching pain in the muscles and joints is also characteristic.

Mumps disease

Pig in adults is very difficult, even signs of intoxication will be more intense. In addition, often considered disease leads to pathological lesions of the pancreas and the central nervous system.We are talking about complications and in the first case, the patient will be diagnosed with pancreatitis( an inflammatory process in the pancreas), but the defeat of the central nervous system may manifest meningitis.

Treatment of mumps in adults

There is no special drug for the treatment of the disease in question, doctors in practice use complex medical measures to eliminate specific symptoms.

General principles of therapy for mumps in adults:

  1. piggy To reduce body temperature, classic antipyretic agents and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed.Most often for these purposes apply Ibuprofen and Paracetamol. It is extremely undesirable to use aspirin as an antipyretic agent - this drug can cause severe irritation of the stomach and intestinal mucosa, which can cause pain and worsen the general condition of the patient.
  2. It is necessary to adjust the drinking regime - it will be possible to reduce the intensity of signs of intoxication with at least 2 liters of fluid a day.And, it can be not only pure water, but also fruit drinks, fruit and berries compotes, tea with raspberries, infusion of guelder-rose with honey - such drinks not only help to quickly remove toxins from the body, but also contribute to lowering body temperature.
  3. The patient should take multivitamin complexes and antihistamines, which will not only reduce the intensity of the mumps symptoms, but also strengthen / support the body's immune system.Typically, doctors prescribe Complivit and Biomax( multivitamins), Claritin and Suprastin( antiallergic).
  4. If severe intoxication of the body is noted( and most often in adults it happens), then intravenous detoxification therapy is performed - inject saline and 5% glucose solution.As a rule, such treatment is carried out in the conditions of a medical institution( inpatient).

It is very important for adults to comply with bed rest - the pig should lie in bed for at least 10 days. Another point that will help to avoid the development of complications from the pancreas is the correction of the diet. Patients with mumps should observe the following rules:

  • , dairy and plant products should predominate in the menu;
  • should not be overeated;
  • at the time of illness you need to limit the use of pasta, fats and white bread;
  • should refuse from spicy, fried foods, marinades and pickles;
  • is better to grind food in puree - so the patient will easier to swallow it.

Possible complications of

If the mumps virus enters the adult body, then all glandular organs can be affected.About the pancreas has already been said, but complications of the disease in question may also be orchitis( inflammation of testicles in men), and oophoritis( inflammation of the ovaries in women).

In rare cases, adults who have survived mumps will subsequently suffer from hearing loss.An even less common complication of the mumps is complete loss of hearing.

Vaccination from mumps

graft More recently, it was believed that the vaccine will save vaccine from vaccination, which is carried out in childhood.But modern medicine claims that over time the effect of the vaccine is weakened, and an adult may well become infected with the mumps virus.

Doctors recommend vaccination against mumps every 10 years, starting from the age of 25-29 years, and before that the body is protected from the disease in question by vaccination, which was carried out in childhood( its validity is 20 years).

Pig in adults is a dangerous disease that is extremely difficult and has all sorts of consequences.It is highly desirable to undergo treatment in a hospital - the doctor will be able to monitor the health status dynamically and timely prevent the development of complications.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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