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What you can eat when poisoning: tips, allowed products, sample menu

What is poisoning

Food poisoning is one of the most common diseases encountered in everyday life.With him, the main blow falls on the digestive system, so nutrition for poisoning is as important as drug therapy.After the detoxification of the body, the main symptoms are eliminated, you should think about the diet of the patient.

Important: , in most cases, gastric mucosa( gastritis) and intestines( diarrhea) suffer from poisoning, liver and pancreas fail.Nutrition in this case should be directed to the restoration of normal microflora and the work of the digestive system.

Table of contents: Food poisoning and associated risks General food poisoning guidelines Recommended products for poisoning Drinks that can be drunk during poisoning What can not be eaten by poisoning Sample menu after poisoning Prevention of poisoning

Food poisoning and associated risks

The cause of food poisoning is often:

  • products not thermally treated;
  • products with expired shelf life;
  • unwashed vegetables and fruits;
  • raw eggs;
  • meat with blood;
  • dairy products( overdue);Poorly cooked fish
  • .

Poisoning greatly weakens the body and after it is necessary not only to cleanse, but also to restore, which occurs mainly through nutrition.Immediately after intoxication, food can not be fully digested and absorbed, so you should adhere to certain restrictions in food.This will help not to overload the body and will promote faster recovery.The task of such a diet is to restore the water-salt balance and mucosa of the stomach, intestines by means of the most sparing thermal, mechanical and chemical effects of food on it.

General rules for food poisoning

  1. The first day of poisoning shows only a plentiful drink( water, green tea, rice broth, mineral water, tea( not strong), decoction of rose hips).
  2. Light dishes( puree, broth) are introduced from the second day.
  3. Meat, sour, milk, spicy is prohibited.
  4. Vegetables can only be boiled, ground in puree.
  5. Broth only from vegetables in the early days.
  6. Porridge on water, not on milk.
  7. Food should be moderately warm, but not hot or cold.
  8. Take food in small portions, and increase their volume gradually.
  9. Cookies are allowed to dry, without cream, fillings.
  10. Meals only fractional - 6-7 times a day.

Note: if you follow the recommendations, it will become easier by the end of the first day.Then you can eat 1-2 home crumbs, broth without fat, a little mashed potatoes( without oil and salt), liquid rice porridge.If diarrhea persists, then shows a blueberry jelly, a decoction of St. John's wort, which have astringent properties.

Recommended products for poisoning

To quickly recover and restore the strength of the body will help such home-cooked dishes as:

  • soup ground in puree from vegetables;
  • What is poisoning meat cutlet steamed( from 3 days of diet);
  • casseroles, soufflé and cottage cheese puddings;
  • dry biscuit biscuits;
  • steam meatballs from fish;
  • buckwheat and rice on water;
  • vegetables in cooked and baked form;
  • fennel;
  • tea made from chamomile and rose hip( you can have a little honey);
  • mineral water without gas;
  • is not sour fruit in boiled and baked form( pears, apples);
  • rice soup;
  • crackers homemade;
  • meat soufflé;
  • omelette steam;
  • fruit jelly( from 3 days).

Important: after 5-7 days of diet can be included in the diet of sour-milk products rich in bifidobacteria for normalization of intestinal microflora( natural yoghurt, kefir, fermented milk, yogurt).

Drinks that can be drunk when poisoning

When poisoning, drinking regimen should be observed as strictly as medicamentous use.Abundant drink - a pledge of lack of dehydration and prevention of hypovolemic shock.The liquid must enter the body after each act of bowel movement and vomiting( small sips).In this case, it helps to reduce intoxication and quickly remove accumulated toxins.

Recommendations regarding what to drink and how to poison :

  • Drink only clean, boiled water or mineral water without gas.
  • It is optimal to drink saline pharmacy solutions( for example, Regidron), which well normalize the salt and electrolyte balance.
  • Drink liquid gently, slowly, every 10-15 minutes.
  • Instead of Regidron it is possible to prepare a salt solution on its own( 0.5 tbsp salt per 1 l boiled water).
  • Per hour, you need to drink at least 200 ml of liquid.
  • It is allowed to drink green tea, compote of raisins, dog rose, broth from chamomile.
  • Decoction of dill will also be useful( in 1 liter of water boil 1 tsp of dill seeds), it is taken in small sips, after cooling during the day.

What you can not eat when poisoning

There are categories of foods that should not be consumed in the first days and weeks after poisoning due to their irritating effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa, heavy digestion. These include:

  • patties;
  • conservation;
  • biscuit;
  • See full list »

  • milk soup;
  • any alcohol;
  • sausage( smoked, dried, and even boiled);
  • milk in any form;
  • salted fish;
  • cue ball;
  • pearl barley;
  • chocolate;
  • broth on bones;
  • fat;
  • cutlets;
  • sweet compote;
  • beans;
  • meat( fried, shish kebab);
  • caviar;
  • corn;
  • eggs soft-boiled, fried;
  • yogurt;
  • fish, dried, fried;
  • freshly baked bread;
  • fruits and vegetables in raw form.

Restriction in the diet of these products will allow you to quickly restore the body after poisoning.They are all quite heavy and contain a lot of unnecessary and harmful substances, which can only exacerbate the patient's condition during food poisoning.In particular, such food causes excessive gas formation, pain and spasms in the stomach, provokes excessive stimulation of enzymes, causes fermentation in the intestine.

What is poisoning Soup can only be low-fat, not roasted, ideally - vegetarian.Honey is administered from the 4th day approximately, as the sweet intensifies the fermenting processes in the intestine.Milk immediately after poisoning can not drink, like yogurt and yogurt, they are introduced from the 5th day, not earlier.The ban also applies to eggs in any form - it is a heavy product.

Note: there are different opinions regarding bananas.Opponents of this fruit when poisoning believe that bananas should not be used sinceThey are pretty sweet.However, bananas contain enough potassium( it is much lost during poisoning), few fruit acids that irritate the mucous membranes of the digestive tract( unlike other fresh fruits) have a soft consistency.Therefore, their use is allowed.

Sample menu after poisoning

The first day: hunger and plentiful drink( herbal decoctions, saline solutions pharmacy).

The second day: to 2 liters of liquid, broth( 3 times a day for 100ml), a few crackers, pore( potato, zucchini, carrots) to 200 gr.

The third day: rice on water( 250gr), vegetable broth( 300gr), crackers and biscuits, abundant drink.

Fourth day: chicken broth( boneless) 200 ml, casserole with vegetables( without eggs) - 250 grams, steamed fish cutlets or meatballs( 100 grams), homemade crockery, biscuit biscuits.Fifth day: boiled rice( 300 g), chicken broth with meatballs( 500 ml), croutons, curd soufflé( 250 g).


On the treatment of food poisoning in children tells the pediatrician, Dr. Komarovsky:

Prevention of poisoning

To avoid having to treat the poisoning and keep to a diet, try to follow simple preventive measures in the kitchen and during cooking:

  1. What is poisoning Any uncookedKeep foods away from cooked foods.
  2. Drink and use only high-quality water for cooking.
  3. When cooking and eating food, be sure to keep it clean.
  4. For vegetables, fruits, meat and fish, use only different cutting boards and knives.
  5. Before washing, wash your hands well with soap and water;
  6. Store perishable food in the refrigerator at a low temperature - both ready-made and raw.

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