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How not to get sick with the flu in a sharp warming

How not to get sick with the flu in a sharp warming

In winter, in the cold season, it is very easy to get sick with flu - epidemics cover entire cities.But there is a sharp warming and people begin to relax - where to get influenza, if the street is a good "plus", and the breeze blows warm.Stop and read this material!The fact is that virologists say - it is during a sharp warming, when it's damp in the street, catching flu is simple.

Table of contents: Influenza virus and warming How not to get sick with warming Skvoznyaki - enemies Keep your feet warm Do not walk without a hat and scarf A little alcohol and a walk?Useful products, or how deliciously to prevent the flu. Grapefruit figs Anise tea

Influenza virus and warming

Just in warm and wet weather, the flu virus feels most comfortable - it absolutely calmly "travels" through the air, settles on objects and for a long timeRetains its viability.

If someone sneezes and spreads around him a lot of flu viruses, they will fly and settle - they do not represent a particular threat in this state.But with rapid warming, influenza viruses fly safely in the air, lingering in droplets of moisture.It is believed that immediately after exposure to the influenza virus in warm and humid air, the risk of contracting this disease remains at least 30 minutes.

Influenza virus

And do not forget that viruses affect people with weakened immunity most of the time, and it's during the period of rapid warming that cold often comes.It's simple - went for a walk in the park, got your feet wet and get a "reward" for a cold.The breeze blew( yes, warm!) - suffer with a cough.And when the immune system directs its forces to fight colds, the flu virus starts its work - it instantly penetrates the body and affects its immune system.

Note: is the flu that has arisen against the common cold, causing the most severe complications.

How not to get sick with warming

To avoid the flu when warming, you just need to adhere to certain rules.All of them are worked out by more than one generation of doctors and scientists - the flu virus has been known to mankind for a very long time and has been thoroughly studied for decades.

Screws - enemies

Screws - Enemies It is believed that the premises need to be well ventilated from time to time - in the stagnant air, the accumulation of a large number of influenza viruses is possible.And this is true - doctors strongly recommend to air even the room in which there is a patient with the flu with fever.But please note - in no case be on the line of drafts!

You can not arrange active airing immediately in the whole apartment or in the whole house - windows and windows need to be opened step by step in each room.Doctors even classify this disease as an "open ventilator syndrome", in which patients are often diagnosed with sinusitis, facial nerve and sore throat.And the man just sat under a breeze from the open window. ..

Feet in the warmth

Walking in the fresh air is not only pleasant with warming, but also very useful - doctors say that it is useful to make daily promenades for the prevention of influenza.Only you need to take care of keeping your feet warm.

Hunter To do this, by the way, is not so easy in warm and damp weather!Everywhere puddles and dirt, but you can wear rubber boots?But in rubber shoes, the foot sweats quickly and becomes wet, and the truth is known for a long time: wet feet = cold feet. And it is with cold feet that cold begins, so follow the following rules:

  • for a walk in the period of rapid warming wear thermal underwear - it, by the way, will help prevent illness and in frosts;
  • on your return home immediately wash your feet with warm( even hot) water;
  • wear dry socks made of cotton or wool.

And do not forget to drink a cup of hot cocoa or tea - it will dilate the blood vessels and help you get warm quickly.

Do not go without a hat and scarf

Many people wear a hat only in the coldest of frosts - there is no special choice.But as soon as warming begins, the hats / shawls are removed to the far corner of the cabinet, and scarves are ignored - this unpardonable frivolity can lead to infection with the influenza virus.

189811__beautiful-woman_p The wind during the warming period is very tricky - even if it is really warm, it's very easy to catch a cold.Here you have a cough and a runny nose, and then everything is "on schedule": the immune system starts to fight the cold, and the flu virus at that moment "does not sleep" and conquers another space for stormy activity.

No one says that even during a sharp warming you need to walk, wrapped up from head to toe in warm clothes - do not rush to extremes.But to use scarves, to wear outer clothing buttoned up and not to ignore the headdress will be useful if you want to protect yourself from influenza viruses.A little bit of alcohol and for a walk?

Doctors even recommend drinking a glass of alcoholic beverage during such periods of special danger of influenza infection.But only a glass( and not half a liter!) And only in the evening, when you do not need to leave the house.

Many people prefer to drink a glass of mulled wine before a walk in the open air, or 100 grams of vodka or cognac is a big mistake! The effect of alcohol on the body is very deceptive - judge for yourself:

  • first alcohol dilates blood vessels - pleasant warmth spreads through the body;
  • after 15-20 minutes the vessels sharply narrows, especially the capillaries suffer;
  • the person starts to sweat, hands and feet freeze.News_21357_n

The result of such a violation of the body's thermoregulation becomes a cold, and the flu virus and "hesitate" will not - immediately infiltrate the body.

Useful products, or how deliciously to prevent the flu

If you strictly abide by the above recommendations, then to prevent infection with the flu is quite realistic.But this is not enough!It is also necessary to use useful products during the period of rapid warming - so the immune system will be strengthened.


Grapefruit This citrus fruit has a high content of vitamin C, namely this element maximally activates the work of the human immune system.Taste quality of this fruit is not everyone likes, so you can make a useful cocktail.

You need to take 1 grapefruit and peel it from the peel and white films / partitions - they, by the way, give a bitter taste to this fruit.Then the grapefruit is divided into lobules, a teaspoon of honey, half of one banana and natural yogurt( in any quantity) is added to it.Everything is whipped with a blender and is consumed - tasty and very useful.

Note: and banana, and grapefruit can be the strongest irritant - make sure that the allergy to these fruits is absent.


It will be useful both as a prophylaxis for influenza and colds during a period of severe warming, and as a remedy - the fig helps sputum expectoration, reduces the intensity of coughing attacks.

It is recommended to prepare from this fruit a delicious cocktail:

  • ice cream in the amount of 100 g melt on the fire;
  • add to it a glass of milk, a teaspoon of lemon juice and one fig;
  • all warmed up and blended with a blender.

Image 2093

This cocktail can be used by adults and children, but only in a warm form.If it is taken as a preventive measure, then enough 2 glasses of cocktail from figs and milk per day, but to improve the well-being with a progressive cough - from 5 glasses per day.

Aniseed tea

Anis does not like everyone - it is too specific for his fragrance and taste.But if you make Scandinavian tea from it, then the essence of the taste of this spice can be recognized / evaluated, and a full-fledged disease prevention in the period of sharp warming.

How to prepare aniseed tea:

  • 1421992789-436326-17169 Take 1 liter of boiling water and pour it into a large, volumetric teapot;
  • add to the boiling water 2 teaspoons of black tea of ​​high quality, a small piece of cinnamon( not ground), 2 stars of anise( it is sold under the name of baden in grocery stores), 1 vanilla stick, 2 peas of sweet pepper and honey to taste;
  • all mix, insist for 20-30 minutes and add to the resulting composition half a glass of milk.

This tea is recommended for use in case of hypothermia and at the first signs of a cold or flu.

You can get sick during a sharp warming quickly and even spontaneously - this has already been proved by both scientists and doctors.But there are ways to prevent such a development of events - just follow all the recommendations outlined in this material.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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