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How to increase lactation: products and folk remedies for increasing lactation

Breast milk is the best food for a child.

Kak povisit laktacii

Breast milk is the best food for a child.It is optimal for the content of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.With breast milk, the baby receives maternal immunoglobulins, which protect him from infectious diseases.WHO recommends that children be fed milk up to the age of two.But sometimes mothers face such a problem as reducing the amount of milk allocated.But this is not a reason for despair, because there are ways to enhance lactation.

Table of contents: Why did lactation decrease?How to increase lactation?

Why did lactation decrease?

Increased lactation

Breast function reduction is referred to as the hypogalaxy .Insufficient lactation is primary and secondary.About primary hypogalactia is said when already from the first days after childbirth the mother produces insufficient quantity of milk.A similar problem is infrequent and is associated, as a rule, with endocrine disorders.

When milk is produced after birth in adequate volume, and then decreases - it is said that develops secondary hypogalactia .This is the problem most women face.

The following causes can lead to insufficient lactation:

  • Breast pathology: mastitis, nipple cracking;
  • Use of medicines( gestagens, androgens, diuretics);
  • Breast feeding regimen;
  • Long breaks between feedings( ignoring night feedings);
  • Stress, lack of sleep;
  • Mother's malnutrition.


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How to increase lactation?

When a woman seeks a doctor with a problem of worsening lactation, the doctor will recommend setting a day and rest regime, more often putting a crumb to the breast( including at night), to be expressed after feeding.Observance of all these conditions is very important for maintaining full lactation.

As an auxiliary method of stimulating lactation, women resort to traditional medicine.These recipes are known for a long time and are passed on from generation to generation.Despite the fact that no scientific studies on the study of the effectiveness of traditional medicine have been carried out, many women claim that they really work. The main thing is to consult with a doctor before using them, because the ingredients of these folk recipes - certain foods and herbs - can provoke an allergy in the child.

Foods that increase lactation

The nutrition of a woman definitely affects the quality and quantity of milk.The diet of the mother should contain a sufficient amount of protein. Preference should be given to such products:

  • Low-fat meat varieties( 200 grams per day), especially prepared from them weak broths, soups;
  • Curd( 150 grams);
  • Frozen or kefir( 200 grams);
  • Hard cheese( 30 grams);
  • Cereals( oatmeal, buckwheat, "Hercules");Vegetables( carrots, onions, lettuce).
  • .

There is also an opinion that mushrooms can increase lactation.Pregnant women, as well as lactating women, should definitely refrain from using them.Mushrooms are a very dangerous product!It is also not recommended to lean on steamed cow's milk.This product can cause allergies and digestive disorders in the child.

Increased lactation

To maintain normal lactation it is important to drink at least two liters of liquid per day, including soups, compotes, fruit drinks.To increase lactation is a sweetened knot prepared from dried fruits.

Popular lactation products

One of the most popular products used to increase breast milk is carrots.Root should be thoroughly washed, cleaned and cooked with juice.To improve the taste, you can add cream, milk( one tablespoon per glass).Take this drink three times a day for half a cup.

You can use carrots differently: cook carrot-milk porridge.Root should be grated on a fine grater.Pour four tablespoons of grated carrots into a bowl and pour a glass of milk.This portion of cereal should be eaten two or three times a day.

Can-whether-is-walnut-nuts-when-breast-feeding Traditionally, nuts were used to combat hypogalactia.This is a very high-calorie product, the use of which can saturate the milk of a woman with protein and fats.It turns out that nuts improve the quality of milk, so that the baby quickly becomes saturated.Many women argue that eating nuts can increase the amount of milk produced, although there is no scientific confirmation of this phenomenon.You can use walnuts, pine nuts. But we must not forget that nuts are allergens, you need to be careful with them.Mom can eat one or two walnuts and watch the reaction of the child after feeding with milk. If the baby responds normally - a woman can eat four or five walnuts a day.

Plants for lactation

The most affordable plant that can increase lactation is tea.Nursing mothers can drink a weak black or green tea.Drink should be warm, it is recommended to add a little milk.Tea should be drunk half an hour before feeding.You can make tea from the nettle.To do this, a teaspoon of the plant must be poured with boiling water, cover the glass with a lid.You should drink half a glass of this drink twice a day.

Than-differ-zira-cumin-i-tmin-1 In the recipes of traditional medicine to improve lactation, you can often find cumin.You can make a drink from the plant.To do this, a teaspoon of the plant must be poured a glass of boiling milk and insist for two hours.This drink should be drunk twenty minutes before eating.

To increase the amount of breast milk, prepare the infusion of dill.For its preparation, one tablespoon of chopped dill seeds should be filled with a glass of boiling water, it is best to do it in a thermos.The drink should be infused for two hours.To drink such tea you need half a glass twice a day.In the same way, you can prepare an infusion of cumin, anise.

Increases the amount of fennel milk.From the plant you can make tea: a tablespoon of fennel fruit pour a glass of boiling water.Dishes with tea cover and insist for two hours, after which drain the broth.Drink two tablespoons before meals three times a day.

Important! When using these or those plants, food mom should remember that they can cause adverse reactions in the baby.You can apply the recipes of traditional medicine only after a preliminary consultation with a doctor.Any new prescription should be used carefully, keeping track of the child's reaction.And if within three days the baby has not had adverse reactions - then you can use this tool more often.

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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