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Early application to the breast: importance, benefit for the mother and child

Early breast

Several decades ago, immediately after the birth of a newborn, the crumb was taken away from the mother and taken to a separate ward - the child was only able to see her child after several hours at best, and sometimes only the next day.

In some cases, this separation of the mother and the child is really necessary - for example, if the birth was severe and the woman or child needed medical care.In other cases, such tactics are fundamentally wrong - modern obstetricians and pediatricians are convinced of this.

Today, as soon as the baby was born, it is immediately applied to the mother's breast - even before the cord is cut, the baby is weighed and other necessary tests and manipulations are performed.

Table of contents: The value of the first application to the breast Early application of the newborn to the breast: benefit for the mother What is the value of the colostrum?Let's sum up

The value of the first attachment to the chest

Woman-immediately-after-birth1 Imagine - nine months the kid lived, grew and developed in the mother's belly, where it was quiet, warm, cozy.He constantly felt the beating of her heart, heard her own voice.And suddenly everything changed - the warm water surrounding him, disappeared somewhere, it became very light and noisy, cold and uncomfortable.And most importantly - the sound of Mom's heart has disappeared somewhere, she is no longer near!

Of course, this is a huge stress for the newborn.He will cope with it, separation from the mother immediately after birth will not be fatal for him.But it is proved by numerous researches: those children who immediately after birth were spread to their mothers on their stomachs and breasts, then grew more active, healthier, they took their breasts better and slept more peacefully.


WHO official position - the first application of a newborn to the breast should occur no later than one hour after delivery.

Early breast Western scientists are convinced that if a baby feels his caring hands in the first minutes of his life, he hears a gentle and familiar voice, it will be easier for him to build relationships with the surrounding world and people in adult life.

It is also important that the baby is applied to the breast and for the youngest mother .When a woman first sees her baby, she can embrace him, feel the warmth of a small calf, a weak, still unconscious grasp of tiny, delicate fingers, she awakens a maternal instinct laid by nature.

It is noteworthy that after the first application, the first contact with the child, those women who before wanted to abandon the child, changed their minds and took the newborn home.

Early application of the newborn to the breast: benefit for the mother

  1. When the baby takes the breast, the hormone oxytocin is stimulated and the delivery process ends sooner - the uterus shrinks, leaves later.
  2. Initially, colostrum begins to be intensively developed, and then full-strength breast milk.
  3. It is proven that if an earlier application has taken place, becoming lactation passes more quickly and safely, and it lasts much longer.

For the immune system of a child, it is very important that these droplets of the first colostrum come into his mouth.He himself does not know how to suck and can not - childbirth is not an easy process for the child, too.Because obstetricians help tired mom and baby.To the child's mouth, the nipple is brought in and inserted.The crumb will try to suck it, but if it does not work out, the colostrum will simply lick.This will be quite enough at this stage.

What is the value of colostrum?

The main rule-breastfeeding-feeding-the baby-apply-to-breast-immediately-after-after-birth When a baby is born, its digestive system and intestine are completely sterile.There are no good bacteria in it, no harmful bacteria.Accordingly, the immunity of the newborn is also completely absent. Several drops of colostrum contain everything you need for the further successful development of the child .It receives the necessary amount of beneficial bacteria that colonize its intestines, and because of this it is already reliably protected from pathogenic microflora in the environment.

In addition, colostrum triggers the digestive system and helps the baby to quickly allocate its first life product - meconium .Also this powerful tool from mother's breast helps to lower the production of bilirubin and thus prevents the development of the jelly - a fairly common phenomenon in infants."Zheltushka" in principle is not considered pathology, but it can become so, if bilirubin is kept at a high level for several days.


According to the study, those children who received maternal colostrum in the first minutes of life later had a stronger system than those who were not applied to the breast immediately by the mother.They were sick 3.5 times less often, they had a faster first tooth, they used to walk and sit earlier.

So, to finally find out why the baby is put to the mother's breast at once the delivery field and why it is so important, it should be noted such moments:
  1. Earlier application contributes to intensive uterine contractions and rapid removal of the placenta -Usually a woman in labor and does not notice this moment.And postpartum bleeding is faster and less painful.
  2. When the baby takes the breast, the lactation mechanism starts, the milk begins to be intensively produced.
  3. Emotional contact between a newborn and a woman in childbirth is established.
  4. Together with the drops of colostrum the baby gets everything necessary to protect against pathogenic microflora and the formation of the immune system.
  5. The kid calms down and feels protected, in the future he develops better and behaves more calmly.

Imprinting - this is the name for communication in the west, which is established between the crumb and his mother in the first minutes after the birth of .The kid remembers at the subconscious level it is his parent and from now on only reaches for her.He fixes her voice, her smell, her warmth.From now on, there is a deep connection between the mother and the child, which will last until the end of life.That's why it's so important to apply to the breast before.

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