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Mumiye: useful properties and contraindications

Mumiye: useful properties and contraindications

Mumiye is a solid organo-mineral therapeutic substance of dark brown or black color that is widely used in both traditional and folk medicine.The composition of the mummy includes about 50 natural components that can exert a pronounced effect on all systems of the human body.Traditionally, the mummy is used as a general restorative during the recovery period after infectious and other diseases, and also in the postoperative period.

Composition mumiye

Mumiye is formed in caves of mountains, which are at an altitude of 300-3200 m above sea level.It consists of different components - this is the poison of insects, and the remains of plants, and shells of animals, and the products of life of cave dwellers in mummified form.The surface of this gift of nature is usually smooth, but can be slightly roughened, the color is dark brown, the taste of the mummy is bitter, there is a specific, not the most pleasant, odor.

In terms of the chemical composition of the product in question, special attention should be paid to its inorganic and organic elements.It is known for sure that in the mummy there are iron and silver, calcium and sodium, antimony and barium, tin and cesium, organic acids.

In general, the chemical composition of the mummy is variable and depends on where the valuable substance was formed.

Useful properties

You can spend a very long time discussing the beneficial properties of the mummy - they are really many, this natural product has a positive effect on the work of all organs and body systems. In this section, we highlight only some useful properties of the mummy:

  1. In many countries, the product in question is used as an antiparasitic agent.Moreover, the mummies begin to be given as early as childhood, and adults periodically take it for the prevention of helminthic invasions.
  2. Mumiye helps to improve the process of tissue and cell regeneration - so the aging process of the organism slows down, cells and tissues are quickly restored after cancer, the growth of tumors of benign and malignant nature stops.
  3. Positively corrected the work of the central nervous system and psycho-emotional background - a person becomes stress-resistant, he never has bouts of irritation, apathy, but sleep is different.
  4. Regular application of the mummy helps to strengthen the immune system and counteracts viral diseases.
  5. Mumiye has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing properties - this product is widely used for the treatment of skin diseases, injuries and wounds.Moreover, the mummy can also be used to treat trophic ulcers with signs of tissue necrosis.
  6. The natural product has a beneficial effect on the circulatory system - the walls of the vessels make it more elastic and elastic, it improves blood flow, removes bad cholesterol from the blood - it is all the same as an excellent prevention of cardiovascular diseases.


  1. Regular use of the substance under consideration improves metabolic processes, normalizes the functioning of the intestine and all organs of the digestive system.Thanks to these properties, the mummy can be used for weight loss, as an auxiliary therapy for chronic pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract, as a preventive pathology of the thyroid gland and diabetes.
  2. Mumiye is a universal cosmetic product.

Mummy: contraindications for use

Despite the unconditional benefit to human health, the mummy can cause significant harm to the body.Therefore, doctors emphasize that there are contraindications to the use of this natural product.

It is absolutely forbidden to use the mummy :

  1. In children under 14 years.And this despite the fact that in some countries the product is given to children as an antiparasitic remedy - one should not rely solely on the legends of medicine men.
  2. During pregnancy and during breastfeeding.
  3. With a tendency to bleeding.

158 The use of mummies in malignant tumors diagnosed and against high blood pressure should occur only with the supervision of the attending physician and after obtaining permission for such procedures.

Please note: harms the body mummy and can cause in case of improper application - you need to know exactly how, when and in what doses you need to use this natural product.

How to use the mumiye

The product in question is sold in pharmacies in the form of ointments, powder, tablets and suspensions.Of course, the optimal option will be the use of a natural mummy, but it is very difficult to find - there is always the danger of acquiring a fake and damaging your own organism.

A medical use for a mummy can be done by the following methods :

  1. In case of skin diseases, it is necessary to make a mushroom and pure water from a mummy powder and clean water and apply to lesions.The product remains on the skin until completely dry, and then washed off with water.As a diluent of the powder, you can use not simple water, but a decoction of chamomile or thyme.
  2. To strengthen the immune system, take 1 kg of honey and add 10 gr of mummy to it, mix everything thoroughly, store the remedy in the refrigerator.Take this drug should be 1 tablespoon each morning on an empty stomach for 20 days.Then a week break is made and the course can be repeated.
  3. Diseases of the upper respiratory tract, tonsillitis and tonsillitis quickly cure will help 1 tablespoon of honey mixed with 1 gram of powder mummy.Putting in the mouth, the product should be slowly dissolve, trying to hold it longer in the oral cavity.


  1. If you are concerned about constipation or other disturbances in the digestive system, you must dissolve 2 grams of the mummy powder in warm, clean water and use it in the morning on an empty stomach.This procedure should be carried out for 2 weeks, then a five-day break is made and the course can be repeated if necessary.
  2. If you are concerned about the headaches of unexplained etiology and sleep disturbances, then within 7 days you need to drink a glass of warm milk with 2 g of powder mummy dissolved in it.
  3. If you apply a mushy mass of powder mummy and clean water on your face for 10-15 minutes, and then wash it off, you can quickly get rid of acne and even acne.A similar mask is applied 1 time in 2-3 days, after washing it is necessary to lubricate the skin with any moisturizing cream.
  4. If there is a desire to rejuvenate the skin of the face, maintain it in a tone and prevent the development of fine wrinkles, then you need to crush 1 tablet of mummy and mix with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.The resulting gruel is applied to a pre-cleaned face and left for 30 minutes.

Mumiye is an amazingly useful product given by nature.To make it really beneficial to health, you need to get advice from a doctor about the correct use.

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