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Oncomarker CA 125: norm and transcript of blood test results

Oncomarker CA 125: norm and transcript of blood test results

In the diagnosis of oncological pathology, a wide variety of examination methods are used, beginning with a doctor's examination and finishing with modern laboratory and instrumental methods.In oncology, as a branch of medicine, there is a golden rule:

The earlier the oncological disease was diagnosed and the treatment started, the more favorable the prognosis for the patient.

It is for this reason that there is an active search for even minimal changes in the body that would indicate the presence of tumor cells.In this respect, specific biochemical studies have shown excellent results in detecting the presence of certain oncomarkers, in particular CA 125.

Table of contents: Significance of oncomarkers What does CA 125 mean? Blood test for CA carcinomer 125 Results of analysis on CA 125: Explanation CA values125 in case of cancer

Significance of oncomarkers

According to modern medical views, oncomarkers are a group of complex substances of protein nature that are direct products of vital activityTumor cells, or released by normal cells during cancer invasion.These substances are found in biological fluids in both oncological diseases and in pathologies not associated with oncology.

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Significance of oncomarkers

Remember! Detection of biological markers( in particular CA 125) in biological fluids( blood, urine) is not a 100% criterion for the presence of oncological pathology in the body.It allows only to suspect the possibility of the onset of the disease, and in the future, with the help of other instrumental and laboratory methods, to confirm or refute the oncological diagnosis.

Based on the presence of oncomarkers alone, it is not legal to diagnose cancer.

What is CA 125

CA 125 is a specific marker that helps diagnose ovarian oncopathology at the earliest stage.

Important! The threshold or discriminatory level of CA 125 in blood plasma in women is up to 35 units / ml.In healthy men( average) - up to 10 units / ml

CA 125 is a complex protein and polysaccharide compound.

It is an antigen of a certain type of epithelium( fetal tissue), but is present in the norm:

  • In the tissue of unchanged endometrium and uterine cavity in mucinous and serous fluids, but never enters the blood plasma while maintaining biological barriers.
  • Minimal amounts of CA 125 are produced by mesothelial lining of the pleura and peritoneum, epithelium of the pericardium, bronchi, testes, fallopian tubes, gall bladder, intestine, pancreas, stomach, bronchus, kidneys.
  • Increased discriminatory levels in women are possible in the first trimester of pregnancy and menstruation.

Guidelines for donating blood for the CA 125 onditioner

When donating blood to the CA 125, adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. There should be at least 8 hours between the blood sampling and the last meal.
  2. Do not smoke for 30 minutes before taking blood.
  3. To avoid distortion of results, women should take the CA 125 test on the 2nd-3rd day after the end of the monthly bleeding.

Results of analysis on CA 125: interpretation of

If during your examination you have found an increase in the content of the oncoprotein CA 125 above 35 units / ml, then again you should not panic and "put on a cross".It is important to undergo an additional examination to determine the causes of the increase in the concentration of the marker.

Clinical data show that the excess of the discriminatory level of CA is associated with a number of non-cancerous diseases, among them:

  • Endometriosis - 84%
  • Cystic ovarian changes - 82%
  • Inflammation of the uterine appendages- 80%
  • Dysmenorrhea- from 72 to 75%
  • Group of predominantly sexual infections - 70%
  • Peritonitis, pleurisy, pericarditis - 70%
  • Cirrhosis and hepatitis, chronic chronic pancreatitis - 68 to 70%

All of the above diseases can cause an increase in the level of the CA to 100 U / ml, which is a kind of threshold for the absence of malignant neoplasms in the body.

Values ​​of CA 125 for cancer

CA 125 values ​​for cancer Results of assays of CA marker over 100 units / ml .- an alarming factor, which makes one suspect the development of malignant neoplasms in the body and resort to additional measures of diagnosis.

Remember! In the presence of high indicators of the marker CA, repeated testing is carried out and often - not one.As a result, the results obtained in the dynamics are estimated, which allows to obtain a more reliable picture.

The CA 125 125 is not a strictly specific marker developed only for ovarian cancer.

It is also found in such types of tumors as:

  • malignant tumors of the ovaries, endometrium, fallopian tubes - 96-98%;
  • Malignant neoplasms of the breast - 92%;
  • pancreatic cancer - 90%;
  • malignant tumors of the stomach and rectum - 88%;
  • lung and liver cancer - 85%;
  • Other types of malignancy - 65-70%

Note: repeated high values ​​of CA 125 marker with an increase in the indices in dynamics are an alarming factor for a wide range of malignant tumors.This should direct the doctor to the most thorough search for the purpose of establishing an accurate diagnosis and involve for this purpose any informative survey methods.

Do not do self-diagnosis and self-treatment, contact a specialist.

You will receive more detailed information on the value of oncomarkers, in particular the CA 125 marker, in the early diagnosis of cancer by viewing this video:

Therapist, Sovinskaya Elena Nikolaevna.

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