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When and how to accustom a child to a pot

How to accustom to a pot

Mom, tired of endless diapers and washings, just dreaming about the time when the baby learns the pot, and will not need to buy another pack of "diapers".And here it is very important to understand that the child's organism develops gradually, stage by stage and up to a certain age the baby simply does not understand the simplest physiological processes.It is believed that the pot can be used consciously and for the intended purpose of the child only in 2 - 2.5 years.But since the process of habituation will take at least six months, then begin to accustom the child to the pot in advance.

Contents: At what age should children be taught to the pot? How to teach the child to the pot? The child is afraid of the pot - why?

At what age to teach children to pot

During the first year of the baby's life, urination and stools are reflexive, that is, these processes occur regardless of the desire for crumbs.The child does not feel the fullness of the bladder or rectum and even more so can not regulate their emptying.After 12 months of life and closer to two years, children are beginning to feel and understand the filling of the bladder and rectum - in a year and a half pediatricians recommend dropping the baby on the pot, as physically he is already ready for it.

Criteria that indicate that the child can already be safely planted on the pot:

  • it stays dry for 2 hours or more;
  • after a day's sleep the baby wakes up dry;
  • the development of the child is within the norm and he is able to stand up, sit or squat;
  • the kid understands, when they address directly to him and can explain their needs.

How to accustom to a pot To be brief, the above criteria indicate that the child already understands and understands his physiological needs and has learned to tolerate.Of course, many parents know that some children already go to the pot at 8 and 10 months old - how could parents so early to accustom to crumbs?The fact is that with reflex urination and defecation, parents begin to produce another reflex in the crumbs - planting on a pot, saying "letter-letter-letter" or "ah-ah."Indeed, the child begins to respond to these sounds quite clearly, it turns out that he does not need diapers anymore.But there is this "medal" and the downside - parents who have so early taught their child to the pot, often complain that at the age of one and a half to two years the baby refuses to sit down on the pot.And this is just a protest - the child already knows how to control his "wants", he knows how to tolerate, but in fact he is still forced to use the pot for "writing-letter-writing" or other sounds.

How to accustom a child to a pot

To begin this process is necessary in the warm season - the child will have a minimum of clothes, it will be much easier to use the pot.

Please note: is an important point in the whole process is the choice of the pot - it must match the anatomical forms of the child: the girls will be ideally suited for the round shape, the boy is oval or with a small ledge in front.Of course, the outlets now offer just an unthinkable amount of children's pots, but only three criteria should be taken into account:

  • Convenience,
  • stability,
  • heat.

The stability of the pot is important just at the very beginning of the training of the kid to this subject - the children are usually not deft and when they get up from the pot they may fall, turning it over - it will repel, frighten, but just do not like the child and the process can be considered unsuccessfulEnded.And in occasion of a cold - hardly the child will be pleasant to adjoin to a cold surface.Having collected all the characteristics and "requirements", we can say with confidence that the most successful choice will be a plastic pot-chair.Precisely do not buy this item of hygiene with a musical accompaniment or any game elements - this will distract the baby from an important moment and as a result the pot will turn into another toy.

How to accustom a child to a pot - Dr. Komarovsky gives answers in his video review:

After the pot is bought, you need to "get to know" the baby with him - show it, tell why it's needed.If the child is clearly not interested, then postpone this moment to another time - to insist on attention is not exactly worth it, because the negative emotions of the child will be associated with the pot.You can take a rubber toy and fill it with water, then show the process of playing with it and after a while say that the toy( teddy bear / elephant / dog) wants to go to the toilet - put it on the pot, lightly press it and show the child what flowed out of itWater.It will be easier for those parents who have a small difference between the older and younger children - one will always show the other how to use the new subject, and repetition is the main kind of training for the child.

As soon as the process of getting used to the pot begins, you need to stop using diapers at least at home.No, the child should not walk around the apartment / house absolutely naked, just in shorts / panties he will soon understand what it's like to be wet and dirty.

First the child is landed by the parents on the pot regularly:

  • in the morning immediately after sleep;
  • before eating and immediately afterwards;
  • before and after the daytime sleep;
  • before the walk and immediately after it;
  • before night sleep.

Osnovnye-raznovidnosti-gorshkov The child should not stay on the pot for 5-7 minutes - such coercion will cause a protest, and the kid will completely refuse to use the hygiene item in question.Every time you need to explain to the child why he is put on a pot - "writing", "kakat": words that will become original markers, substitutes for sound designations of physiological needs.Such a verbal designation will teach the child to use these words on his own to explain his needs.

Important! You do not need to start the process of getting used to the pot in those days when the kid is sick or his next teeth are pricked.The child in such periods is capricious and diffuse, the urge to go to the toilet is more frequent, so it's better to postpone the "event" for a more prosperous time.

Every time a child has succeeded in doing what is expected of him, one should praise him.

Remember: should never be praised as candy or biscuit!Just words tell the crumb about how much he is already a good girl.Of course, there will be setbacks - you do not need to scold a kid, just be a bit more insistent, remind me periodically, why do you need a pot?

By the way, the baby pot must always be clean and be in a certain place - it is possible that the baby himself will go up to him, take off his panties and make his "affairs".

The final stage of the process under consideration is the consolidation of the result.There will come a long-awaited day when the child will ask for the pot on his own.Just do not hope that this endless washing has ended!Kids often forget that they need to go to the toilet, and if they are addicted to the game, then they can completely miss the first desires.Here you need to be careful parents - if the child did not ask for a long time in the toilet, or suddenly froze, tuzhitsya, then it must immediately be planted on the pot.

A child is afraid of a pot - why?

Mamadeti_1year_rocking_grown A rather unpleasant situation for parents when a crumb panic is afraid of a pot.The reasons for this behavior can be very different!For example, a baby was once planted on a pot right after a day's sleep, when it was still drowsy and warm, and the surface of the pot was cold.Perhaps the cause of the fear is a long sitting on the pot, when parents force the child to stay on it until the result is obtained.

Parents need to be extremely attentive and patient - not all will be immediately obtained from the crumbs, but shouting at him, expressing discontent or calling out is definitely not worth it!Even if the child does not get anything for several months, it does not mean that he has any deviations: all the children, even absolutely healthy, develop differently.So by the age of 4-5 the kid will definitely learn how to use the pot - there are no healthy children who have not learned to use the pot by the age of five.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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