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Degrees of intoxication in ppm and calculation of ppm of alcohol in the blood

Ppm in blood There is a so-called norm per mille of alcohol in the blood, having learned that a person will understand whether he can get behind the wheel and at what stage of intoxication he is.A unit of ppm measures the content of pure alcohol in a person's blood after drinking.To determine its value, you can use special formulas and tables.

Table of contents: Degree of intoxication in ppm Signs of alcoholic intoxication Calculation of ppm of alcohol in the blood

Degree of intoxication in ppm

The table by which you can determine the stage of intoxication in ppm should be used simultaneously with formulas that will help you calculate the content of pureAlcohol in the blood after taking spirituous drinks .When using the table, it should be taken into account that the factors are influenced by factors such as the age of the researcher, his gender, general health, the presence or absence of chronic diseases.

Decoding of the level of promyles in the blood according to the table:

  1. Level 0, 1-0, 29 promilles will correspond to hidden manifestations of the presence of alcohol in the blood, without special means to identify and confirm this fact is impossible.The behavior of a person with this normal and surrounding may not even notice that alcohol was generally used.
  2. Level 0, 3 - 0, 59 ppm - in this case there will already be a violation of coordination and concentration of attention.The behavior of the person being examined changes, restraint may decrease, but excessive talkativeness may appear.A person with this level of alcohol per mille will feel euphoria, feel permissiveness and relaxation.
    Note: even this level of alcohol promills in blood is dangerous for drivers, as they do not realize what is right and what is not.According to statistics, it is with this level that accidents on the roads with a fatal outcome are most often committed.
  3. Level 0, 6 - 0, 9 promilles.The behavior of a person with such a level of the considered indicator is disinhibited, his sensations are drastically blunted, control is lost and no actions are remembered at this moment in the future.Peripheral vision is weakened, reasoning becomes illogical.
  4. Level 1 - 1, 9 promilles.Human reflexes are severely disturbed, the reaction to treatment is slow and irregular, speech is absolutely incomprehensible.For men in this condition, the erectile dysfunction and temporary impotence will be characteristic.
    Note: at this level of intoxication a person poses a danger to others, he may have attacks of anger and mood changes.Most often, at this stage, there are strong signs of alcohol poisoning.
  5. Level 2 - 2, 9 promilles.Human behavior is strongly inhibited - it loses consciousness, does not understand where it is and what is happening around.There is a loss of memory, the motor skills are greatly disturbed.
  6. Level 3 - 3, 9 promilles.This is already a stage of strong intoxication:
    • heartbeat and breathing are disturbed;
    • no control of urination;
    • there is uncontrolled vomiting;
    • there is no balance, and when a person falls, it can not already rise.

    General condition critical - stupor, loss of consciousness, cardiac arrest possible.

  7. Level 4 - 5 ppm.Nystagmus is observed, that is, the control is completely lost over the movement of the pupils.Breathing and palpitation are also not controlled in this stage of intoxication, consciousness is often absent.At this level of alcohol in the blood, death is not excluded.
  8. Level 5 ppm or higher.The most intense alcohol poisoning, most often a fatal outcome.Ppm alcohol

Signs of alcoholic intoxication

When alcohol enters the blood, there are certain signs that may serve as an excuse for sending, for example, a driver for a medical examination. These signs of alcoholic intoxication include:

  1. A strong smell of alcohol emanates from the person's mouth.Moreover, even the most powerful modern drugs can not get rid of it, so something with these flavors is strongly advised not to sit behind the wheel.
  2. The posture of a person after drinking alcohol becomes unstable, and the walk is uncertain.This characteristic is classified as a violation of the coordination of movement.
  3. There is a trembling of the upper limbs or only the fingers on the hands.
  4. Clearly visible neurological disorders - a person begins to talk too loudly, his speech will be illegible at the same time.Drinking alcohol leads to an incorrect assessment of the environment, a person becomes aggressive, may exhibit unnatural behavior.

Calculating the ppm of alcohol in the blood

This value can be calculated by several formulas.It is important to remember that with such a study it is possible to establish only the level of alcohol content, but not the time of drinking alcohol .Another important point: an equal volume of spirits of different strength will "give out" a different content of pure alcohol.For example, half a liter of vodka and the same amount of beer will give different results: in the first case, a person will have strong intoxication and alcohol poisoning, and in the second - a slight intoxication, which will pass in a couple of hours.

Ppm alcohol

Formula Widmark

This formula is today considered the most common and often used:

C = A / m * r

C - this value is the total concentration of purealcohol in blood

a - mass of the alcohol, which is expressed in grams( it is necessary to transfer the volume of alcohol consumed in mass)

M - total mass of the patient's body( its weight)

r - Widmark ratio: womenIs0, 6, and for men - 0, 7.

Note: if you want to calculate the total amount of alcohol.Which was drunk the day before, we should use the formula A = c * m * r.

Formula Dubrovskii

can define in the amount of blood alcohol and according to exhaled air, using a special formula Dubrovskii:

C air = C eau * K1 * e( K2 * T)

C eau - fluid is the level of concentration of alcohol in the liquid

C air - is the concentration of alcohol in exhaled vapor

K1 - constant value equal to 0,04145

K2 - this value is a constant value equal to 0,06583

K2 * T - a special power of "e»

T - temperature value.

The formula is used only by specialists, but you can apply it yourself . For example, if the exhaled vapor temperature is 35 degrees, the following value is obtained:

0.3 * 1/2100 = 0.15 mg / l.

This calculation formula is used when there is an alkotester of any type, from the simplest to the most sophisticated devices that enable you to receive certain data.

Calculation without calculator

In order to calculate the amount of alcohol in the blood without complicated mathematical calculations, you need to know the strength of the drink and the volume of the drink. This information is sufficient to use the formula:

C = A /( P * r) - b60 * T

C - alcohol concentration

A - amount of alcohol drunk before in grams(The volume should simply be multiplied by the density - 0.79384)

P - body weight

r is a unit of reduction that shows the amount of alcohol ingested in the blood.For men and women, this value is different, for women it is 0.55, and for women it is 0.68.

b60 - the value of how much alcohol is reduced in 1 hour.It is at the level of 0.1-0.16 g / l

T is the time that passed after the alcohol intake of .

To make it clearer, let's give an example of a simple calculation based on the following available data:

A = 0,4 * 100 ml * 0,7484 = 31,936 g

N = 2 hours

r =0,68

P = 80 kg

r = 0,68

b60 = 0,13.

The result is the answer: C = 31,936 /( 038 * 80) = 0,3270588 ‰ or 0,33.This indicator per mille means that the man is still in the stage of alcoholic intoxication, his reaction is slightly inhibited, and he should not drive behind the wheel.

The resulted tables of calculation of promilles of alcohol in a blood can be used and in house conditions, it will help to be defined in a disputable situation, whether it is possible to operate the car. But you need to know the number of promises that are allowed when driving a vehicle - this data will be individual for each country. In Russia, from 2013, the permissible norm of alcohol at the wheel was 0.16 ppm on exhaled air and 0.35 in blood.

The permissible-norm-alcohol-in-the-world

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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