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Than to feed the one-year-old child: a diet of the child in a year

Than to feed the child

Every mother wants her child to grow up healthy and strong.One of the most important conditions for a normal physical and mental development of a one-year-old baby is a properly selected menu.Most of the children at this age already translate from breastfeeding to artificial.Even if the baby continues to receive breast milk, other foods should be included in his diet.

Note: some children of one-year-old age exhibit a peculiar food conservatism, refusing any other food except breast milk.

Table of contents: Child feeding regimen per year Child's diet per year What foods should I refuse from now?Recipes of delicious and healthy dishes for a one-year-old child

Child feeding regimen per year


A one-year-old child needs to be fed 4-5 times during the day.The mode of food intake should be such that the time intervals between meals are not more than 4 hours.On the day the baby should consume an average of 1000-1200 ml of food;The amount of liquid consumed in this case is not taken into account.A quarter of the volume should be for breakfast, 35% for lunch, 15% for snacks and 25% for dinner.

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This mode is considered optimal for children from 1 year to 18 months.It is desirable that the second dishes have a consistency of mashed potatoes, but if chewing gums are already available, dense pieces of about 2-3 cm in size can be given.

Note: in practice, only a few parents measure time and volume;Small errors do not matter much.Sample meal mode:

  1. Food for children from year Breakfast( 8: 00-8: 30);
  2. second breakfast( 10: 00-10: 30);
  3. lunch( 13: 00-13: 30);
  4. afternoon snack after a nap( 16: 00-16: 30);
  5. dinner( 19: 00-19: 30).

It is highly undesirable to "snack" between the main feedings.If the child is naughty, because he is hungry, you can offer him fruit, but, in no case, not sweets or flour.These "fast carbohydrates" will only spoil the appetite.In addition, such errors in the diet over time can cause metabolic disorders.

Child's diet per year

For breakfast it is best to offer the baby a porridge.Oats, corn or buckwheat groats are suitable for cooking.Very useful for digestion, for example, known to all "Hercules".In porridge it is desirable to add a small cube of butter, berries or sliced ​​fresh fruit.You can weld a child and so-called.Multi-cereal porridge, but only on the condition that all kinds of croups included in it have already been given earlier.After eating, the child can give a cup of compote or tea.If he refuses, it does not matter;Then the body does not feel the need for an additional volume of fluid.

Important: be sure to adhere to the basic rules of hygiene when cooking.Keep your hands clean and teach your child to wash hands thoroughly before eating.This will reduce the likelihood of intestinal disorders.

Menu-child-1-year The optimal set of products for a second breakfast is sour-milk products, a bun or biscuit and fruit( pear or apple).It is advisable to prepare kefir on your own, but if preference is given to factory products, carefully study their composition.The presence of dyes or flavors in dairy products is highly undesirable.Baking is also desirable to cook on their own - in the purchase can contain harmful to the one-year-old child preservatives and other unwanted additives.

A full dinner should consist of the first and second dishes, as well as a salad of fresh vegetables.Soups preferably cook on vegetable broth( the best choice - soup or beetroot).The second is suitable for steam cutlets or meatballs.It is advisable 1-2 times a week to offer the baby fish dishes instead of meat.Preference in this case should be given to lean marine fish( white).For the preparation of salad it is recommended to use local vegetables( preferably seasonal ones).Berry fruit juice, compote or water can be given after eating, if the child asks.

After a day's sleep, you need a light snack.It is best to feed a one-year-old baby with vegetable puree or baby curd, as an option - offer a glass of ryazhenka or kefir with a fresh bun.

For dinner, you need to give your baby a scrambled omelet or a mashed potatoes from vegetables and meat.A nice option is pumpkin cereal with millet croup.

Immediately before bedtime it is useful for a child to drink 100-200 g of kefir or other sour-milk drink.

During the main meals it is recommended to give 10-20 grams of bread.Rye bread should not be offered in the evening, so as not to provoke increased gas production in the intestine.

Important: to feed a one-year-old child needs only freshly prepared dishes.Do not leave the first and second in the refrigerator "for tomorrow"!

Remember: the more varied the menu, the better will be the appetite of your baby.

Which products do I need to refuse?

Many of the usual products for an adult person can provoke a one-year-old child with digestive disorders, allergic reactions, metabolic disorders and other troubles.

List of products that should not be offered to a toddler:

  • Child menu canned food( both domestic and purchased);
  • Citrus;
  • mushrooms;
  • chocolate;
  • nuts;
  • seafood;
  • fish caviar;
  • smoked products;
  • sausages.

Recipes for delicious and healthy dishes for a one-year-old child

We have prepared recipes for several simple but very useful dishes that children at the age of one year are happy to eat.

Lazy curd dumplings with cherries

This is a wonderful dish for a second breakfast or afternoon tea.

For its preparation, the following ingredients will be required:

  • 200 g curd( preferably - dry);
  • 5 tbsp.L.Flour;
  • single egg;
  • 3 tbsp.L.Granulated sugar;Cherries without seeds( fresh or frozen) - 12-15 pcs.

Child and food Egg with sugar until it is as homogeneous as possible, then add cottage cheese and mix thoroughly.Then gradually pour the flour to get a thick dough.Wet your hands and make a cake of the size of a palm from the curd pastry, put in the middle 1 cherry and a little sugar.Now blind the edges, and roll the ball.When all the lazy vareniki are ready, place them in the steamer for 20 minutes.A delicious and healthy dish for a one-year-old baby is ready!

Fish with vegetable garnish

Fish dishes should be included in the baby's diet at least once a week.The product is a valuable source of vitamins and trace elements.Fish with vegetables can be given for lunch as a second course or for dinner.


  • fillet of white fish of low-fat varieties;
  • half medium carrot;
  • a third of a small bulb;1 tomato "cherry".
  • .

Boil the fish or cook it for a couple.Thoroughly peel the carrots and onions, chop and cook in a pan until cooked.In a deep plate, put a layer of finely chopped boiled fish and cover it with a layer of stewed vegetables.Cut the tomato into slices or slices, and use it to decorate this tasty and healthy dish.Even children who are not enthusiastic about fish will eat it with pleasure!

Beetroot apple salad

This useful dish is prepared very simply and quickly.It can be given to the kid both for lunch and dinner.

Food for children Ingredients:

  • half of the apple;
  • half a small beet;
  • vegetable oil.

Pre-cooked beets peel, and cut into strips or small cubes.Remove the skin from the apple, and cut out the core, and then cut it into small pieces.Mix the ingredients and add a teaspoon of oil.

On what dishes will be offered to a child in 1 year, in many respects will depend on the formation of his eating habits.The diet should be balanced, and the products contain a normal amount of calories, vitamins and trace elements, important for the growth and development of the baby.


Vladimir Plisov, medical reviewer

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