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How to choose a pacifier and teach the baby to the nipple

Baby pacifier

In the first year of their life, children cry very often and for various reasons, which do not always mean that there are any significant problems - for example, the crumb may not like the bright light, or the face of the person bending over the crib.That's why parents need to know how to choose the right pacifier and how to accustom a baby to it - this will solve the problems of mom and dad, and the child will be able to calm down quickly, fall asleep.

Table of contents: Harm and use of a dummy When to accustom a child to a dummy How to choose a baby's dummy

The harm and use of a dummy

The natural question of parents is about how appropriate it is at all to accustom a baby to a dummy.Doctors say that even without the subject under consideration the child may well manage, but it is he who makes life easier for everyone without exception.It is up to the parents themselves to decide whether the baby should be taught to empty, having weighed all the pros and cons.

Advantages of the dummy:

  1. Baby pacifier This is a great way to calm the baby when there is no way to give him a breast or to use some other method - for example, parents are with a child in a cafe, a clinic or a walk.
  2. In winter, the dummy will help prevent a cold from the baby - for example, when he decides to cry in the cold / frosty air.
  3. A dummy is the purest item in the whole environment.Months to 3-4 kids begins to literally pull everything into the mouth, which is due not only to simple curiosity, but also unpleasant sensations that are characteristic for the period of teething.It is better to let him keep a dummy in his mouth than toys, a spoon, rubber appliances that are not clean and safe.
  4. The subject under consideration prevents the development of the habit of sucking fingers.And by the way, the kid is much easier to disaccustom to use a pacifier than from a bad habit.
  5. It's with the baby's pacifier that sleeps longer, and the sleep will be strong.

Disadvantages of the dummy:

  1. The kid can become passive, lose interest in the world around him.He does not need to pull any objects into his mouth( his mouth is busy), but just keep them in his hands uninteresting.
  2. According to statistics, children who long and often use the pacifier, much later( in comparison with children who grow without a dummy) begin to speak and often have speech defects.
  3. There are cases when sucking a dummy leads to incorrect bite formation.
  4. If the baby is offered a pacifier at an early age, he may refuse to suck the mother's breast afterwards.This, in turn, leads to the transfer of crumbs to mixed and / or artificial food, which is extremely undesirable.

When to accustom a child to a dummy

Doctors recommend starting to give a pacifier at the earliest age of the baby, you can start already in the hospital - the later the child will be offered this item, the more likely that he will categorically refuse the dummy.It is considered undesirable to begin the process at the age of 3-4 months, most likely, the dummy will not be accepted by the baby. There are several ways to introduce the baby to a dummy - you can use one of them, or you can use all of them at once:

  1. Baby pacifier You need to lubricate the pacifier with milk or a mixture - the baby immediately recognizes the familiar taste and soon gets used to new sensations in the mouth.
    Please note: should never be lubricated with honey, syrup, sweet water and other sweet foods.This will not only not accelerate the process of getting used to a baby's dummy, but it will also hurt his health.
  2. If a child falls asleep during a meal, then do not leave it in the "near the chest" position.It is much more reasonable to replace the breast with a pacifier - a sleepy infant is unlikely to notice a substitution.

As a rule, the process of getting used to the nipple in children passes quickly and without any problems, but sometimes, despite all efforts, the child does not want to use the subject in question.The reason can be covered in the nipple itself - it can be too small or, conversely, too large, from the "tasteless" material, not suitable for age or uncomfortable shape.In this case, parents must abandon the wrong item and buy a new one, guided by certain rules.

How to choose a baby's dummy

It is advisable to purchase nipples in pharmacies or in a specialized children's store, because it is these stores that are supplied by proven / large producers.When choosing a dummy, you need to pay attention to certain indicators.



Make the subject in question from latex( rubber) or silicone.Doctors recommend buying natural latex pacifiers - they are much softer than silicone analogues and when heated, they resemble a baby's mother's breast. But latex products have their drawbacks:

  • dust and dirt easily stick to them;
  • can not stand the sun's rays;
  • may contain traces of protein;
  • are rather expensive;
  • often sell counterfeits at retail outlets;
  • their service life is much less compared with silicone.

As for silicone, there are three main advantages of this material: it is perfectly cleaned and sterilized, does not cause allergies and keeps the shape perfectly for a long time.

Dummy form

The subject can be in the following form:

  1. Classic round model.It has a rounded shape, simple and symmetrical.This type of nipple appeared on sale for a long time, but still enjoys high demand.
  2. Orthodontic pacifier.It is elongated and slightly flattened, which causes no problems with bite formation.This kind of pacifiers is great for newborns, as it is very similar to the mother's breast.Anatomical( symmetric) model
  3. .It features a beveled edge and an elongated shape.Such a pacifier, according to the plan of the developers, should help to form the right bite and teeth growth in infants.Forma pustishki

Which nipple should I choose?This question is not answered by any pediatrician, parents must decide for themselves.The only thing that can be recommended is to try all the models and give the baby a chance to decide.

Dummy base

Pustishka Doctors recommend choosing a wide, but not large, base for a dummy.This part of the subject should not overlap the baby's nose and press heavily on the skin around the mouth.Optimal choice will be a dummy with a wide base, in which there are special holes / slots for outflow of saliva and ventilation.

It should be noted that on the package of pacifiers can be indicated and age "indicators" - a dummy can be designed for children aged, for example, 0-3 months or 6-18 months.Yes, nipples are also on sale for older children, but by the age of one and a half it takes the child to wean from the nipple.

A dummy is a great help for parents who can safely sleep or do some business without a constant cry and crying.But if the crumb has a calm character, sleeps well and does not suit regular shakes, then do not accustom him to a pacifier.Parents should remember that it is much easier to accustom an infant to a pacifier than to wean them later.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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