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How to treat a cough in an infant

Coughing in an infant

In an infant, the immunity is not yet formed, and therefore children at this age are susceptible to various diseases.Parents should be extremely attentive during this period and quickly react even to minor changes in the state of health of the crumbs.One of the most common problems in infants is cough.Many parents think that if he appeared, then the baby just caught a cold, and if there is no rise in body temperature?This means that the problem is not in the cold, but in some other pathologies.

Cough - this is just a protective mechanism that allows you to rid the bronchi and trachea of ​​a child from germs.If there is no fever on the background of a cough in an infant, the diagnosis of a true disease will be extremely difficult for .Naturally, it is extremely necessary to apply for qualified medical care, but parents themselves should know about the possible causes of cough without raising the temperature - knowing all the provoking factors and, if possible, excluding them from life crumbs, you can quickly and without the use of medications get rid ofThe symptom in question.

Table of contents: Possible causes of cough without fever in the infant What to do when the child coughs without fever in the child Expectorants for the infant

Possible causes of cough without temperature in the infant

Most often, coughing in infants occurs simultaneously with fever,, If the cause of the symptom in question is some kind of inflammatory process. If there is no temperature increase, then there are a lot of factors that provoke the appearance of a cough:

  1. Allergy.Famous pediatrician Komarovsky is sure that coughing in an infant often appears on the background of diathesis or is an allergic reaction to external / internal stimuli.Usually, there is no fever on the background of an allergy, but self-medication can not be tolerated in any case - the specialist will need help.
  2. Foreign body in the respiratory tract.If a cough appeared due to ingress of some foreign body in the respiratory tract, the temperature in the child remains within the normal range.But this does not mean that the situation can be corrected by the parents!Conversely, should immediately call an ambulance team if there is an assumption that the foreign body has inhaled the baby.Independently to extract it categorically it is impossible!
  3. Dryness of the air or its contamination.The child in infancy reacts very sensitively to various impurities in the air, fumes, or its increased dryness.By the way, such a phenomenon is not uncommon, and to avoid the appearance of cough on this background, it is necessary to constantly maintain optimal conditions in the children's room( for example, regularly wet cleaning, install a special humidifier and so on).

Cough in the baby Note: reddened throat, runny nose and cough will indicate that the baby has caught a cold or "picked up" some kind of infection.Against the backdrop of such a number of symptoms, there is almost always a rise in body temperature, so parents should not hesitate and consult their relatives / friends and neighbors - calling a doctor at home is mandatory in this case.

The ideal solution for parents with a cough without temperature in an infant will be to seek the qualified medical care of .But they must also know the basic principles of providing first aid to their baby.

What to do when a child has a cough without a temperature

A well-known pediatrician, Dr. Komarovsky, tells us very thoroughly about the cough treatment in children:

First, parents should remember that it's completely useless to fight directly with a cough.Doctors recommend to wait for a specialist and after the examination of the child and the appointment of therapy to begin his treatment.But parents can reduce the intensity of cough and alleviate the condition of the child before the main treatment begins. Here's what pediatrician Komarovsky recommends:

  1. In the room where the baby is, you need to maintain optimum humidity.To do this, you can use a special humidifier, or you can just hang wet diapers or towels on batteries - that's how you can make the air in a room suitable for a child with a cough without temperature.
  2. If the infant has a wet cough, then it is necessary to facilitate the escape of mucus from the respiratory tract.For this purpose, a light back massage is ideal, which is performed in compliance with the following rules:
    • should not be less than an hour after feeding;
    • movements of the hands of parents should be soft and light, no effort / pressure can not be provided;
    • all movements should be directed from the bottom up;
    • strokes, circular movements, easy tapping with your fingertips and again stroking - in this order the movements are performed;
    • massage should not be prolonged - just 2-3 minutes of performing such movements;
    • immediately after the massage the baby is given a vertical position and slightly tap on the back( pat), which will ensure the output of phlegm.
  3. Drinking must be present compulsorily, even if high body temperature is absent.Water provides liquefaction of mucus and its rapid separation.
  4. The child must be taken out for a walk and regularly air the room.

Note: if a cough without an increase in body temperature appears with an enviable regularity, it is worth considering that this is a manifestation of an allergy.Cope with her own forces will not succeed, first you will need to identify the true allergen( irritant) and exclude it from the life of the baby( if possible).

In addition to the above "events", parents should do nothing more - taking any medications or decoctions / infusions from the category "traditional medicine" is strictly prohibited: it is not only useless without finding out the true cause of the symptom in question, but also dangerousFor the health of the baby.

Expectorants for infants

Mucolytics( expectorants) are considered to be an excellent treatment for coughing, so parents accept them and give their children.And meanwhile, as early as 2011, the Italian magazine Test Salute published the following information:

  1. In February 2010 in France any drugs that diluted sputum were banned.It turned out that there were cases of severe complications in the respiratory tract and found that they were associated with the use of mucolytic drugs.
  2. In April 2009, the Italian Pharmacological Agency banned the use of any mucolytics( candles, syrups) in the treatment of cough in young children.
  3. Means that are liquefying phlegm are strictly not recommended for children under 2 years of age, and by and large these medications should not be consumed by all categories of patients - evidence of their effectiveness is too low, but the risks of developing severe side effects are quite real.Abundant drink, moisturizing the air and washing the nose have the same effect of diluting sputum, but without any risk to health - this is long and aggressively said and Komarovsky.

Please note: , all of the above, applies to medicinal products that contain the following active substances: ambroxol, sorberol, neltexine, carbocyste, telmenein, bromhexine, ergosterin.Such substances are part of Solmukol, Fluimutsila, Fluviert, Lizomuitsil and other widely used drugs.

Coughing in an infant gives trouble and trouble to parents who are worried and often take the wrong steps to solve the problem.And you just need to call a doctor at home for the diagnosis, regularly wash the baby's nose, ensure normal air humidity in the room where the baby is.But it's strictly forbidden to start treatment independently, and, categorically!

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category



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