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Kidney pain: causes, nature, treatment

16-200x200 Kidney pain - it is with such a complaint that patients turn to the doctor at a primary visit.This syndrome can signal problems in the urinary system, but in some cases, the pain is a consequence of developing pathology in the spleen, vertebral column, liver, intestine, ureter.

Table of contents: Nature of pains Causes of kidney pain

Pain character


Many believe that pain concentrating in the pelvic area is evidence of pathologies in the urinary system.But in fact, the kidneys are located much higher - under the ribs of the lower row, in the upper lumbar region.

The pain syndrome under consideration can be of a variable nature.The patient can describe the pain as pulling, aching, paroxysmal, girdling, constant, stitching.This description can help the doctor differentiate the syndrome, suggest this or that pathology.

Causes of kidney pain

Until the end of a complete examination, it is impossible to indicate the exact cause of kidney pains - too many factors can add up to a particular clinical picture.Some pathologies have absolutely identical character of pains - the doctor will use modern diagnostic methods - ultrasound, computed tomography, laboratory analysis of blood / urine tests and others.

Dr. Malysheva explains the possible causes of kidney pain:

Kidney stone disease

Acute pain in the anatomy of the kidneys can be caused by the presence of kidney stones.For a long time, the stones do not bother, sometimes the patient does not know the problem. Pain occurs due to:

  • movement of the stone along the ureter and injury to the acute edges of the mucosa;
  • urine accumulation in the renal pelvis due to difficulty in outflow of fluid;
  • inflammation in the walls of the kidneys;
  • spasmodic ureter if the stone is located exactly in it.


Kidney pain, due to the presence of stones in them, is always accompanied by a slight increase in temperature( to subfebrile indices), the presence of blood in the secreted urine( especially in case of trauma to the acute edges of the mucosal stone) and deterioration in overall well-being.

Please note: if the stone blocks the urine exit pathway, then there is no outflow - the signs of intoxication( poisoning) of the body will appear very quickly in the form of dizziness, weakness, diarrhea( diarrhea), nausea and vomiting, arising regardless of food intake.


The inflammatory process, which is localized in the renal glomeruli and tubules, always develops sharply.Renal pain is bilateral, acute and permanent, which is a characteristic feature of this pathology. To pain are attached:

  • high level of puffiness of the face in the morning;
  • significant increase in blood pressure;
  • reduction in the amount of excreted urine;
  • presence of blood in the urine.

More information on glomerulonephritis can be obtained by watching this video:


This is an infectious disease characterized by aching, dull and persistent pain in the kidney area - it can be localized on one side( depending on whichThe kidney develops pathology) or be bilateral.Pay attention: if pyelonephritis develops against the background of urolithiasis, the pain will be of a variable nature: dull / aching is replaced by acute pain attacks.

In addition to pain, the following infectious process is present:

  • swelling of the face in the morning;
  • hyperthermia( fever);
  • febrile state;
  • nausea and vomiting - only with acute development of the process and severe course.

Very often pyelonephritis occurs in women during pregnancy.In these cases, the doctor should be contacted without delay.

Arteries of the kidneys atherosclerosis

Disease that occurs against the background of a common atherosclerotic state of blood vessels.It is characterized by periodically arising, non-intensive, aching pains against a background of steadily increased blood pressure.

Renal tumors of benign nature


Pain in benign tumors only appear with active growth of the neoplasm and is characterized by low intensity, resembling discomfort and pulling sensation in the lower back.
The only thing that can be accompanied by pain syndrome with benign neoplasms in the kidneys is a violation of the outflow of urine.

Kidney artery thrombosis

Condition requiring urgent professional help.The patient complains of acute, powerful back pain, which can be shrouded in nature.An acute attack of pain is so intense that the patient can lose consciousness. In addition, the following symptoms are present:

  • sudden, without visible prerequisites, increased blood pressure;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • spontaneous hyperthermia( fever);
  • no urine.


In this pathology, the pains are blunt and aching, can be localized in the back or side, accompanied by frequent recurrences of inflammatory / infectious diseases.

Malignant tumor of the kidneys( cancer)

Pain syndrome is not the main one in the development of a malignant tumor in the kidneys, but it is present: weak, recurring, aching.Pain in kidney cancer occurs against the background of developing anemia, increased fatigue, blood in the urine, long-term hyperthermia.

Cystic kidney formation

Pain in the formation of a cyst( or several) in the kidneys will be weak and intermittent - often patients pay attention to it only when exacerbated.

Reflux vesicoureter

The essence of the pathology - urine from the bladder is thrown back into the renal pelvis.The patient will complain of aching, dull, constant pain in the lower back.It is always accompanied by facial swelling in the morning, hyperthermia( fever) and general weakness.

Congenital malformation of the kidney

Most often, this pathology does not give pain, but in some cases, patients notice pain / aching pain during and immediately after urination.

35 The causes of kidney pain in this case will be:

  • abnormal anatomical location of the kidney - the ureter is squeezed, the outflow of urine becomes difficult;
  • compression of the kidney vessels.


Kidney pain always occurs when they are injured:

  • kidney injury - the pain will be short-term and non-intensive, blunt character;
  • a gap in the kidney - there is an acute pain syndrome, it is joined by a radical decrease in blood pressure, the formation of a hematoma in the region of the impact, the presence of blood in the urine;
  • severe trauma - pain acute, powerful, accompanied by internal hemorrhage: the patient loses consciousness.

Kidney TB

The disease is characterized by pain in the kidneys of the stitching pattern, which is present almost constantly - in some cases it interferes with night sleep.Characteristic pain is necessarily accompanied by the presence of atypical impurities in the urine - first blood, then pus.

Kidney Disease in Pregnancy

35 Some women in the second to third trimester of pregnancy complain of drawing, aching pains in the lower back and areas of anatomical location of the kidneys.This may be due to pressure on the paired organs of the enlarged uterus, exacerbation of chronic pyelonephritis( if it was diagnosed before conception) or urolithiasis.The nature of the pain can be different - for example, with urolithiasis it will be acute and completely mimic renal colic.

"False" kidney pains - causes of

Even if the patient complains of obvious pain in the kidneys, this can not be the basis for speculating the development of pathology in the urinary system. Simulate pain in the kidney can:

  • osteochondrosis of the spine - refers to the lumbar spine;
  • herniated intervertebral disc;
  • trauma to closely located organs - for example, fractured ribs, bruises or severe liver / spleen injuries;
  • prostate disease - adenoma or prostatitis;
  • acute appendicitis.

Treatment of kidney pain with medications

What if my kidneys hurt?Pain syndrome in the area of ​​the location of the kidneys can be stopped by spasmolytics, but the decision to prescribe medications should be made by a specialist after examination / examination of the patient.Spazmolitiki only for a short time will bring relief - to get a full-fledged effect of getting rid of pain, you will need a course of treatment for the causes of their occurrence.

Kidney pain is too abstract a symptom that can indicate the development of various pathologies.When it appears, you should seek medical help - the causes of the pain can be as minor inflammatory processes or a bruise of the kidneys, and serious problems.Pay attention: pain always means a violation of the functionality of the organ or system - this is certainly a dangerous condition.

How to determine the cause of kidney pain, and also about modern methods of treatment of some diseases that cause the onset of pain syndrome - in a small video review:

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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