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Diet of a nursing mother - first month

Diet of a nursing mother The birth of a child for the mother brings not only joy and happiness, but also a lot of troubles and worries.It's no wonder that a young mother literally forgets about herself, does not follow her diet - all attention is paid to the baby.But it is on how the nutrition of the nursing mother will be built in the first month after the birth of the child, the health of the baby and the level of its development depends.

Table of contents: Why breastfeed? Nutrition during lactation - its goals and objectives Why is the first month of feeding important? What and how can you eat a nursing mother? What can not be eaten by a nursing mother? Sample menu - 1 day of lactation Sample menu at the end of the first month of lactation

Why breastfeed a child

Many young mothers doubt the advisability of feeding a newborn baby, but doctors are unequivocal in their opinion - breastfeeding is absolutely necessary!The fact is that breast milk is the ideal combination of nutrients necessary for the normal development and growth of a newborn baby. Due to breastfeeding :

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  • Why breastfeed? provides normal digestion, strong immunity of the child, which helps him to pass the adaptation period without any complications;
  • reduces the risk of allergic reactions in the baby to external and internal stimuli;
  • the subsequent lure will pass easier;
  • the maternal postpartum period will pass faster - the uterus will decrease, the weight will decrease steadily without any serious limitations in nutrition;
  • the risk of developing breast cancer in a woman is significantly reduced.

In addition, we should not lose sight of the fact that breastfeeding is a very practical and cost-effective "event" for finance.

To breastfeed was really useful for a child, a young mother needs to take care of her nutrition for the lactation period - there are some nuances and features.

Nutrition during lactation - its goals and objectives

Many mothers simply do not understand what gives balanced, proper nutrition during lactation.And meanwhile, only a clearly formulated diet in accordance with the recommendations of specialists will help to solve the main tasks. For example:

  1. Maximize the breastfeeding period of the child.
  2. Prevent the development of hypogalactia, a condition where too little milk is produced by the mammary glands.
  3. Provide the mother's body with all vitamins, micro / macronutrients, nutrients - this will help to recover quickly after delivery and maintain health.
  4. Prevent the appearance of constipation in infants, to prevent the occurrence of intestinal colic.
  5. To exclude the development of diathesis in a child.
  6. Give the body all the necessary vitamins, microelements for normal development.

In addition, if a woman will eat properly and follow the recommendations of experts, then the quality of milk and its taste can significantly improve.

Why is the first month of feeding

important? Lactation occurs unsettled in the first month after childbirth, there may be various deviations - the body only adapts to the new condition, it develops a clear mechanism for the work of the system of formation and excretion of breast milk.

The diet for the first month of lactation should be balanced - in any case you can not eat everything( "I feed - I need to eat for two!"), But also to refuse most of the products, too, is not worth it.It would be nice to make a diet so that the "golden mean" was achieved.

First of all, a woman should introduce any "new" products into her menu with the utmost care and minimum portions - it will be necessary to follow the reaction to the new product of the baby's body.

Secondly, the nursing mother's menu should be enriched with proteins, carbohydrates and fats - the food should be balanced, you can not refuse baking and sweets.

Thirdly, it is in the first month after the birth of a child that the lactation process is not stable - there is an increase in the production of milk.Therefore, in the diet of the mother should be present foods that stimulate lactation.It is recommended that a mother drink a lot of fluids.

Note: if the baby is absolutely healthy and does not have intestinal colic and constipation, then there is no need to follow any special diet for Mom - you can eat according to the usual schedule, but with a slight adjustment.

Nutrition-feeding-mom-must-be-full-and-balanced Nutrition-feeding-mom-must-be-full-and-balanced Nutrition-feeding-mom-must-be-full-and-balanced Nutrition-feeding-mom-must-be-full-and-balanced Nutrition-feeding-mom-must-be-full-and-balanced During the first 7 days after the birth of the child and breastfeeding, special requirements are placed on the mother's diet. The following foods / dishes are allowed to be used:

  • Potatoes, zucchini and cauliflower in boiled or stewed;
  • is extremely limited use carrots, onions and cabbage in a stewed or boiled form;
  • porridge on milk and on water;
  • beef, rabbit, veal, steamed, or boiled and stewed.Pork can be consumed only in limited quantities and choose low-fat meat;
  • chicken - boiled, but without skin;
  • any sour-milk products - yoghurts, fermented baked milk, kefir, cheese, cottage cheese.But pay attention to dyes, flavors, flavors, fruit and berry fillers - they should not be present in products;
  • bread made of rye and wheat-rye flour, dry biscuits;
  • soups on vegetable or "second" meat broth, the use of roast when cooking them is excluded.

Mom should remember that to increase the production of breast milk you need to consume a lot of liquid - compote of apples or dried fruits, black tea( not strong!) With the addition of milk, fermented and kefir, pure boiled water.It is not recommended to consume whole milk in the first month of lactation - it promotes increased gas production.It is necessary to refuse lemonades and fruit drinking yoghurts, coffee - these products can provoke anxiety in the child and an allergic reaction.

Sometimes mummies consume a decoction of fennel root, an infusion of dill seeds - these drugs increase lactation, prevent the development of increased gas in the child.But you can use such decoctions / infusions only after consulting a pediatrician - in some cases even these harmless remedies can be contraindicated.

Note: nursing mother can not drink compotes and juices, cooked in industrial conditions - they are added preservatives that will be harmful to the health of the baby.

With further breastfeeding( on day 8 and beyond), the mother may include other foods in her diet - only one per day.Thus, it will be possible to trace the reaction of the baby's organism to a new supplement and, if necessary, to exclude it from the diet.

What can mothers with breastfeeding in the first month:

  • fresh fruits - pears, green and yellow apples, bananas;
  • berries - apricots, black currants, plums, gooseberries;
  • fresh vegetables - carrots in grated form, cucumbers, cabbage;
  • greens - parsley and dill.

In addition, it is allowed 1-2 times a week to use a breastfeeding mother of lean varieties, boiled eggs( in the amount of 1-2 pieces), and every day on the table must be present dairy products.

Doctors pay special attention to the fact that the nursing mother needs to give preference to the products that are characteristic of her region of residence.For example, to buy "overseas" fruits and vegetables in the markets is not worth it.

Nutritional Guidelines for Nursing Mothers:

  • You should eat food often - at least 5 times a day;
  • 300-400 g of product or dish is sufficient for each intake;
  • a nursing mother should not feel hungry - she can even snack at night( for example, drink kefir, eat a banana);
  • if there is a need for sugar, add it to tea and milk porridge, you can use a small piece of biscuit pie and only in the absence of any inadequate reaction in the baby you can enter jams and jam into the diet.

Do not eat a nursing mother

A nursing mother needs to know that the allergic reaction in toddlers is very variable - some may inadequate to respond even to the simplest foods, and many people normally perceive nuts and even cocoa. And yet, the nursing mother can not be eaten:

  • melons and pineapples;
  • What you can not eat a nursing mother canned fruit and vegetables( including homemade preparations);
  • seafood;
  • red fish( salmon, pink salmon, chum, and so on);
  • honey;
  • nuts of any sort;
  • chocolate and cocoa in any form;
  • red berries( strawberries, raspberries, cherries, red currants and so on);
  • Citrus;Smoked and fried foods.
  • .

Whole milk, black bread, legumes, grapes, macaroni, rich pastries can provoke increased formation of the gut in the intestines - they are also recommended to be excluded from the nourishment of the nursing mother in the first month after the birth of the child.

There are some products that actively influence the taste qualities of breast milk.Sometimes they radically change its taste, the child even refuses to feed! These are:

  • onion and garlic in raw form;
  • spicy herbs and various spices;
  • too much in the menu of salty or sweet food.

Sample menu - 1 day of lactation

Below is just an approximate menu - it can be fixed at your discretion, but it is important to adhere to general recommendations.

Breakfast - 200 grams porridge in milk( ideally - from oat flakes, but you can cook other cereals), a cup of loose black tea and two or three pieces of dry biscuits.

2nd breakfast - a sandwich with hard cheese, a glass of natural yogurt or low-fat kefir, a dry biscuit.

Lunch - 150 g soup on vegetable broth, 100 g of mashed potatoes with minimal addition of butter and milk( without eggs!), 1 cutlet from lean meat, steamed, a glass of compote from dried fruits and rye bread.

Snack - 150 grams of cottage cheese with sour cream( sour-milk products should not be fat), a glass of jelly from dried fruits( or compote).

Dinner - vegetables stewed with the addition of lean meat( 150-200 g), not strong tea.

Before going to bed - a dry biscuit with a glass of kefir.

Sample menu at the end of the first month of lactation

If at the first week of lactation the nursing mother should adhere to a more strict menu, then at the end of the first month you can diversify it.

Breakfast - porridge on milk from any cereal with the addition of butter and jam( if desired), bread and hard cheese, tea is not strong with milk.

2nd breakfast - drinking yoghurt without fruit and berry additives, dry biscuits, banana or apple.

Lunch - soup or borsch( without roasting!), Boiled pasta and lean in spices without spices lean fish, salad from grated carrots with sour cream, rye bread, compote from dried fruits.

Snack - cottage cheese with sour cream( you can add sugar), freshly prepared apple juice.Dinner - meatballs of lean meat, steamed with vegetable or cereal garnish, salad of tomatoes and cucumbers( fresh) with vegetable oil, not strong tea with milk or jam.

Before going to bed - a glass of any sour-milk product with dry biscuits.

Note: of a nursing mother is allowed between eating basic meals to eat an apple or pear, drink compote or regular boiled water.

Nutrition of the nursing mother should be diverse, full, but competently balanced.The article shows examples of making a menu - such food will not cause starvation of a nursing mother, but will give an opportunity to pass the adaptation period to a newborn without serious consequences.

Yana Tsygankova, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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