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First aid kit: composition and recommendations for the equipment

Infant first-aid kit

Children are always mobile, active and curious, which often leads to force majeure.Parents should stock up not only with patience, but with a first aid kit - a specific set of medicines will help quickly and correctly react to the trouble.

Table of contents of the first aid kit Antipyretic drugs in the medicine chest Antiviral agents Anti-inflammatory drugs Means for digestive system disorders Teething preparations

Base composition of the first-aid kit

Doctors believe that first you need to "supply" the first-aid kit with the most important, But at the same time simple ones:

  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • cotton wool and sterile bandage;
  • iodine;
  • chlorhexidine solution;
  • green.

Infant first aid kit In addition, in the first aid kit you need to embed the thermometer - give preference to the electronic version, it is much more convenient than the usual mercury thermometers.Let "at hand" be pipettes, syringes, gas pipe and several syringes.The latter are not needed for injections at all, they are simply convenient to wash something, measure medicine and even give them to young children, after removing the needle from them.

Antipyretics in the first aid kit

Doctors believe that there must be several in the infant medicine chest of the antipyretic drugs. The optimal combination is as follows:

  • a preparation based on paracetamol - for example, children's Panadol( considered the most popular);
  • based on ibuprofen - for example, children's Nurofen.

In addition to syrups with antipyretic action, rectal suppositories should be available with the same action - for example, Analdim or Efferalgan.

Note: on each medicine package contains a detailed dosage for the child, depending on his age, and in some cases on his weight.Before giving the baby an antipyretic, it is necessary to get acquainted with the annotation( instruction).

Antiviral action tools

Unfortunately, viruses and microbes surround every person, even a child, everywhere.Everyone knows how to prevent the penetration of viruses / germs into the body - after each walk, wash your baby's hands, vegetables and fruits only after careful treatment with water.But this will clearly not be enough in the period of epidemics of viral diseases, so the medicine chest should always contain Oxolin Ointment - it is applied to the surface of the nose and along the edge of the mucosa in the nasal passages before each walk.

Infant first-aid kit In addition, the period of epidemics involves taking barrier antiviral drugs that will significantly increase the body's resistance to infectious and viral diseases.Such remedies include Anaferon, Interferon and Arbidol.If the family has a child under the age of 4, there should always be rectal suppositories. Viferon is the most convenient way to treat infants and young children.Rectal suppositories Viferon should be stored in the refrigerator( usually under the medicine take a shelf on the door of this household appliance and this is true).

Note: if the child has symptoms of a viral disease, then you should not give him any medication yourself!It is necessary to apply for qualified medical care, and the doctor will additionally tell you which antiviral drugs must be present in the nursery first-aid kit.

Anti-inflammatory drugs

In the medicine cabinet should be and drugs that are useful for colds - a frequent phenomenon in childhood.If the child is small, then an excellent choice will be an aerosol for the throat( for example, Chlorophyllipt), through which the drug is sprayed directly to the source of the disease.If the child is already able to suck a pill, then special lozenges for resorption should be present in the medicine cabinet( for example, Tharyngept).

To anti-inflammatory drugs are also saline solutions for nasal lavage - for example, Aqua-Maris or Humer.With a cold, the nasal drops that have a vasoconstricting effect - Nazil Baby, Otrivin, Nazivin - will help.Just remember that you can use them no more than twice a day!

The child often has problems with the ears, so "at hand" should be otipaks ear drops - they have analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects at the same time.Just remember that after the opening of the package, the period of use of this drug is severely limited, so it is advisable to buy Otipaks in small packages.

Infant first-aid kit If the child is concerned about conjunctivitis, then the parents will be helped by Albucid.But an independent instillation in the eye of this drug is possible only if the inflammatory process of the visual organs is in mild form, and in all other cases it is necessary to seek qualified medical care, rather than self-medicate.

Note: in childhood when treating colds often develops an allergic reaction to medications.If the treatment is carried out in a hospital, then the pediatrician always appoints Fenistil drops with antihistamine action to the patient.But this drug can be replaced by another, having consulted with a specialist beforehand.

Remedies for digestive system disorders

In general, problems in the functioning of the digestive system in childhood occur very often, are the appearance of nausea / vomiting, diarrhea( diarrhea) and bloating.To quickly restore the baby's health will be useful absorbents, which will be safe for the child.These include Smecta and Neosmectin - these drugs can be given even to infants.If the problems in question arise in a child of an older age, then ordinary activated charcoal will solve them.

Diarrhea( diarrhea) and vomiting can lead to dehydration of the body, and to avoid this, the baby should be given Regidron, which will help to completely restore and stabilize the water-salt balance in the body.Regidron is sold in the form of a powder, which must be dissolved in water, using clear instructions about the dosages laid out in the instructions.When poisoning is very helpful and the drug Atoxil, but it is allowed to use only with a one-year-old child.

In the first months of a child's life, intestinal colic and bloating are often disturbed.Parents are hard, because with such violations of the digestive system, the toddler is restless, can not sleep peacefully and often screams for pain.You can help him with specific medications - for example, Plantex, Espumizan.On sale there are also children's teas from bloating, which are made on the basis of fennel - for example, "Grandma's basket" or Hipp.Yes, there are even stronger drugs that can quickly normalize the activity of the intestines and the entire digestive system of the baby, but the advisability of using them should always consult a pediatrician.

Teeth Whitening Products

Pervaja-pomosch-detjam Teething is a rather painful process that a child experiences with crying and sleep disturbance.To alleviate his condition can be special gels and drops that are applied to the baby's gums, but the problem is that they act briefly - only 20, a maximum of 30 minutes.But rectal suppositories Viburkol help to improve the general condition of the baby, which will lead to its calming.

Naturally, you can not stock up on medicines for all cases of life, and you do not need to do this.The means listed in this article are the basis of the first aid kit.But it should be remembered that the intake of any medicinal product must begin with a careful study of the instructions, since only a clear observance of single and daily dosages can be a guarantee of the safety of a particular medication.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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