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Newborn care - basic rules

Newborn care - basic rules

The appearance of a child in a family is not only a holiday and a joy, but also a hassle.Moreover, a young mother should know the rules of care for the newborn, so that the procedures are carried out correctly, and no harm was done to the baby.

Experts recommend that you familiarize yourself with the topic before the woman returns home with the child in her arms - to learn "in the course of the matter" is inappropriate in this case.


What you need to prepare for a meeting with a newborn

Buying clothes for a newborn, special furniture and even hygiene products should be done in advance, before birth.First, it is not known how much the husband and / or relatives are willing to make the right choice on their own, and secondly, because this is a real relaxation before giving birth - shopping with thoughts about the baby!

To ensure that all purchases are made correctly and comply with the accepted sanitary standards, it is worthwhile to listen to the advice of professionals.

Clothing for the newborn

It is better to buy clothes for a newborn slightly larger.It will be very insulting if the baby is born large, and the miniature sliders and ryoshonki will not be useful.It is much more practical in the first days of a child's life to tuck into sleeves of blouses than to buy new things every week or two: newborns grow very quickly.


The material should only be natural and it is preferable to choose cotton.Such clothes will be pleasant to the kid, and irritations / allergies on a gentle skin of the newborn will not cause.

It will be more convenient to use fasteners-buttons, but not buttons - you can quickly undress / dress the child.The issue of purchasing underwear for a newborn with zippers should not arise at all - the risk of injuring the baby's skin with such a device is very high.

If you plan to have a baby in the winter, you will definitely get a jumpsuit.The legs of the child should be laid in it beside, the space for them is general, which makes it convenient to carry the baby on his hands( if necessary), and even the newborn will be more comfortable to be in this overall.Be sure to buy this accessory with a hood - it will close the child from the wind.

Note: , despite the fact that modern mummies prefer to immediately put a newborn in "adult" clothing, you have to buy diapers without fail.You will need both flannel and calico diapers - they can not only be used for swaddling( and quite often a necessity arises), but also "turn" into napkins, a sheet and so on.

When choosing socks, pay attention to the rubber band - it should not be too tight.It is recommended for the house to buy a newborn "sleeping bag" - the baby will sleep with free legs, always sheltered.

Changing table

Baby changing table Many are ready to prove for hours that this piece of furniture is not necessary - "our mothers wore us on the couch and I will succeed."It will, of course. .. But!A young mother will quickly feel the "delights" of such a sofa swaddling - the loin will ache unmercifully.So the purchase of a changing table is more important for the mother, not for the baby.

By the way, commodes with a changing board are on sale - very practical thing: and it is convenient to work with a child, and things are at hand.

Be sure to take care of the presence of a mattress - it should not be too hard, but the feather is not needed.The fact that newborns often begin to be capricious, if they are on a too hard surface - you need to prevent this behavior of the child.

Necessary little things

That's about them, almost all moms and forget!Prepare a list of these very "little things", which will greatly facilitate the care of the newborn. Specialists recommend the following list:

  • garbage container - it should be literally of a miniature size, place it next to the changing table, and do not have to look for a place to put a used cotton pad or wand;
  • night light source - it will be needed almost always, but for the first time after discharge from the maternity hospital, it does not extinguish it at all;
  • pillow for feeding - it can be put a child( in the position on the tummy), it also fixes the baby during sleep;
  • sheets on an elastic band - they never crumple, they shift, even if the toddler is very agile and in a dream;
  • large towels for bathing - children grow very quickly, so with an average size of towels, an accident can occur when at 2-3 months of age it will not be possible to wrap the baby in them;
  • bathing bath - either take from friends, or buy the cheapest option: from 3 months of age, pediatricians are allowed to bathe the child in a large / stationary bath.

Hygiene items

These are exactly what you need to buy in advance - from the first hours of the newborn's home will need to care for him and the lack of any one piece of hygiene can put even the most savvy mother in a dead end.

What you need to buy:

  • cotton wheels;
  • cotton buds with and without stop;
  • baby soap;
  • baby oil;
  • wet wipes;
  • sea salt, turn, linden, mint, sage - it is useful for bathing;
  • scissors for cutting nails - they should be with rounded tips;
  • diapers( diapers) - buy them from several manufacturers, and in the future you can choose the most suitable;
  • tissue wipes.

Note: all listed hygiene items can and should be purchased at the pharmacy - so you will be sure that no harm will be inflicted on the child.It is not even worth buying herbs for bathing from grandmothers at the bazaar - there is no guarantee that they were collected and harvested according to the rules.

First-aid kit for newborn

You do not need to buy any advertised medications and vitamins for newborns - for this you must first visit a pediatrician with a child and get adequate appointments.But all the same the most necessary in the medicine cabinet should be, and buy everything is worth it before the birth of the baby - then this is exactly what will be engaged in it once.

First-aid kit for newborn

What should be in the newborn's first-aid kit:

  • any candles from fever and pain;
  • solutions of seawater for rinsing the spout;
  • hydrogen peroxide and zelenka - they process the navel and small scratches / wounds;
  • baby powder and oil - it's easier to deal with a baby's sweat;
  • napkins for hemostatic and alcohol;
  • Espumizan for children - against abdominal pains against the background of the formation of gazikas;
  • enema with a soft tip;
  • thermometer - one per room, a bath and for measuring the temperature of the baby's body.

Newborn care - the basics of

So, the child is already at home. .. A young mother should know how to properly care for a newborn - there are some features that are absolutely necessary.

Bathing a newborn

Bathing a newborn Most likely, when discharging from a maternity hospital, Mom will already be allowed to completely bathe the baby.But there are cases when such a simple procedure is contraindicated - for example, if the healing of the umbilical wound takes longer.If there are contraindications, you will have to do by wiping the baby with a damp sponge( it should be from the softest material, you can use a tissue napkin for this).

It is necessary to bathe a newborn every day, but if the baby becomes too excited during the procedure, constantly crying and showing his discontent in every possible way, you can do 2-3 water procedures a week.

The water for bathing and wiping the newborn should be warm - it will be wise to use the "grandfather" way of measuring it: lower your elbow into the water and make sure that you are pleased to feel its warmth on the skin.

After carrying out water procedures of the newborn, it is necessary to wipe it with a soft towel, thoroughly dry all wrinkles, grease them with baby oil.

Face, eyes, nose and nails

Oil.Face, eyes, nose and nails Despite the fact that the child is very small, he needs to wash his face every morning.This is done with warm water and a cotton pad.Be sure to touch the auricles when washing - inside the ear canal you can not "go in", but wipe with a cotton pad moistened with warm water, the ears will be very reasonable.

You should also look after your eyes - they are wiped with a moist cotton pad in the direction from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.For each eye, you need to take a separate wadded disk.

The newborn's spout should be cleaned regularly - dry crusts accumulate in it, which can lead to difficulty breathing the child.Use to clean the nasal passages you need a cotton flagellum, which is well moistened in vaseline oil( or baby).The flagellum is neatly inserted into the nasal passage, only shallow!Then they begin to rotate with a minimum amplitude, and the movements must be out of the spout outwards.

Note: these procedures are very often accompanied by the crying of a child.And then only Mom's attentiveness can help to understand why a newborn cries - it hurts or is simply unpleasant.If crying is an ordinary whim, just do not pay attention to it, but gently and affectionately talk with the child, try to distract his attention with a toy or a song.

The newborn's nails need to be trimmed as neatly as possible - it is easy to injure the baby's tender skin.This is done with small scissors with rounded tips, the procedure should be carried out every 2-3 days.Note that you can not skip the procedure( even if the baby does not like it and constantly cries in the process) - the nails of the newborn grow quickly, the child can scratch himself with chaotic movements with his hands.

Note: some experienced moms are cutting their nails to the newborn during his sleep.Perhaps this is a way out of the situation, but doctors do not recommend the procedure to be carried out this way - the baby in a dream can pull the handle or leg, which will lead to injury.

Umbilical wound

If it is dry, then no special procedures are needed - just soften the crusts( this is done by 2-3 drops of hydrogen peroxide) and remove them neatly with a cotton swab.

If the umbilical wound becomes wet and suppurating, then you can not take any actions yourself - you need to invite a pediatrician for a consultation.Usually it is recommended to wipe the umbilical wound with an alcoholic napkin and grease with a greenskin, but, we repeat - these appointments should be made by a specialist!

Umbilical wound

Washing the newborn

If the newborn is a girl, then it can only be washed away from the abdomen to the back.This rule is dictated by the need to prevent the entry of various bacteria and germs from the rectum to the external genitalia.

As for boys, there are no rules at all here - the procedure for washing is performed in an arbitrary order.The only refinement is to remove the foreskin in neonates only.

Newborn care is a process that will require attention and patience from a young mother.First it will be hard enough - the baby is tiny, many mothers perceive it as a porcelain doll - they think that by one careless movement it will be possible to break the handle / leg.In fact, there is nothing wrong - for the first few days of finding a newborn at home, all care procedures will be "worked out" to automatism.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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