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Sulphate in shampoo: good or bad?

Sulfate in shampoo Bezsulfatnaya cosmetics is gaining increasing popularity.Foreign e-shops fountain an abundance of brands that produce organic cosmetics.Strangely enough, this trend is only gaining popularity in the CIS countries.But even now on the shelves in supermarkets you can easily find cosmetics with the inscription "Without SLS".

Table of contents: 1. So what's the harm of sulfates?2. What will the composition tell?3. What are the features of using non-sulfate shampoos?

So what's the harm of sulfates?

Shampoos Sulfates are surfactants, products of oil refining.Their main property is the ability to form foam. As it is known, foam is necessary in order to effectively clean the skin, hair.Therefore sulphates are added to shampoos, foams for washing, shower gels, powders and even toothpastes.

The most famous representative of sulfates is sodium lauryl sulfate( SLS). Recently, the public is increasingly discussing this component.It is believed that SLS can cause such unpleasant phenomena as redness of the skin, dryness, itching.In people with allergies, these components can provoke an allergic reaction.

Scientific studies have proven that using a cosmetic product with a sodium lauryl sulfate concentration of two percent or more can lead to reddening of the skin.But the whole point is that the concentration of SLS in cosmetics is much less than two percent. So, the probability of harmful effects on the body is too exaggerated.It is proved that this component can cause skin irritation with prolonged exposure, more than an hour.Therefore, with a brief contact, the probability of side effects is minimal.

As a rule, non-sulfate cosmetics costs more.Instead of sulphates, such brands use detergent components of plant origin, for example, coco glucoside or lauryl glucoside.They are considered soft surfactants.The production of these components is more expensive than that of sulfate ones.Accordingly, this is reflected in the pricing policy.Therefore, you will have to fork over buying insulphate shampoo.

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What will the composition tell?

So, you decided to purchase, for example, a non-sulfate shampoo.A beautiful label says that it does not contain sulfates.Of course, do not blindly trust what the producer promises.So, turn the bottle with shampoo and read the composition.

Laurilsulfat Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ( SLS ), Sodium Laureth Sulfate ( SLES ), Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate , Magnesium Lauryl Sulfate is all sulfates. Cosmetic brands often use a tricky technique.Bright letters on the package write that the shampoo does not contain sulfates.And a trustful buyer acquires it.Indeed, the shampoo may not contain sodium lauryl sulfate.But it's worth to study the composition properly and you may notice that the composition includes, for example, laureth magnesium sulfate.Of course, this component is less aggressive.Maybe the effect of this shampoo and not bad.But the manufacturer, which deceives its customers, does not inspire confidence.Therefore, be careful, is it worth overpaying for such a shampoo, which in its essence does not fulfill the manufacturer's promises?

Shambup Even more caution should be applied to manufacturers who claim that their shampoos are completely natural and contain no chemistry. It is at the expense of surfactants that hair cleansing occurs.In this case, the shampoo would simply not be able to fulfill the main requirement: to cleanse the scalp and hair.

Often manufacturers go even further, stating that their masks and hair conditioners also do not contain sulphates.As you already know, sulfates are used for foaming.Remember the masks and balms that you used.Do they foam?For such cosmetics, sulfates do not use a priori, regardless of the brand, because they are not needed here.

What are the features of using non-sulfate shampoos?

Since softer surfactants are used in the composition of non-sulfate shampoos, such shampoos form less foam.How to adapt to this?The main rule is to wet your hair well.Then pour a small amount of shampoo into the palm, add a little water and emulsify, then apply on the head.Thus, you will create the necessary amount of foam.You do not need to soap your hair a second time.

In which cases should you not abandon the sulfate shampoos?Sulfate shampoos have a pronounced cleansing effect.Such shampoos cope well with oily scalp. Non-sulfate shampoos have mild detergent properties and are unable to effectively purify the skin and hair, like sulphate.


Before trying to buy a non-sulfate shampoo in the pursuit of harmlessness, think about the remedies that are in your home.Are you ready to throw out all your existing funds that do not meet security requirements and buy new ones?Favorite cosmetics, toothpaste, washing powder?Honestly answer yourself to the question: how much do we harm the body using harmful cosmetic products?And how much harm to the body, leading a wrong way of life, eating bad food, exposing yourself to stress?Answering these questions, you will be able to understand whether this is so necessary for you.Or stories about the dangers of sulfates is nothing more than a marketing move?

Grigorova Valeria, medical reviewer

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