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Hirsutism in women: symptoms, treatment with intense pulsed light


Hirsutism is a fairly rare female disease that causes excessive hair growth throughout the body. To heal, it is necessary to consult a gynecologist and endocrinologist, because only these specialists will be able to identify the cause of the disease and prescribe the right treatment. You may also need to visit a cosmetologist and trichologist.

With hirsutism, the hair grows in a male type - above the upper lip and chin, in the decollete, on the back and legs.At the same hairline is quite tough and has a bright color.Naturally, this pathology causes a number of complexes in a woman, which in turn can lead to depression and psychological problems.Therefore it is necessary to visit the above-mentioned specialists as soon as possible.

Table of contents: The main symptoms of hirsutism Causes of hirsutism IPL photoepilation for the treatment of hirsutism

The main symptoms of hirsutism

The disease manifests as follows :

  • violation of the menstruation cycle;
  • hair growth in non-native female areas;
  • uterine bleeding;
  • infertility;
  • common signs of anemia.

According to statistics, hirsutism occurs in no more than 8 percent of women.And since the disease is poorly understood and rare, a woman does not pay much attention to her first symptoms, writing off them for the individual characteristics of her body. Some resort to various hair removal procedures, but this only helps for a short time, and then the disease begins to progress with renewed vigor.

Important! To postpone visit to experts it is not necessary, after all signs of a hirsutism speak about serious infringements and failures in hormonal system.

Causes of hirsutism

The main cause of hirsutism is the increased content of male sex hormones. Such a deviation does not arise by itself, but is a consequence of the following pathologies:

  1. Hirsutism Polycystic ovary;
  2. anovulation in chronic form;
  3. persistent malfunctioning of the menstrual cycle;
  4. ovarian hypertrophy;
  5. improper adrenal work;
  6. ovarian hypertosis;
  7. syndrome Itenko-Cushing.

Scientists have also identified a number of genetic causes that affect the development of hirsutism.In addition, the pathology can be manifested as a result of taking medications such as Interferon or Cortisol.

If you find yourself experiencing symptoms of the disease, be sure to visit specialists to determine the provoking factor.To do this, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination, after which the doctor will prescribe the treatment.

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Photoepilation IPL for the treatment of hirsutism

Hirsutism To date, the most effective method of getting rid of hirsutism is the use of intense pulsed light - IPL.The procedure is based on selective photothermolysis.

During the IPL-radiation, melanocytes( pigment cells of the hair follicles) absorb light energy and are heated, due to which their gradual destruction occurs.And cells that are not prone to pigmentation do not respond to radiation in any way.This makes it possible to destroy only the cells with melanin, leaving the healthy intact.

Special radiation devices are used for the procedure, the range of light waves depends on the filter used and ranges from 400 to 1200 nm.

The duration of the procedure is determined by a specialist, it all depends on the thickness of the hairs.For example, for hair of normal stiffness and density - 5 ms.And for the weakened enough and 3 ms.What are the advantages of using pulsed light?

The method of pulsed radiation enables a woman to defeat hirsutism almost painlessly.During the procedure, thinning and lightening of dark hair occurs. This makes them invisible on the skin.In addition, weakened hairs soon fall out on their own.

Research in this area has shown that the use of intense pulsed light against hirsutism prevents the appearance of new hair in unwanted zones for up to 3-4 weeks.

For a complete cure, a woman needs to undergo a full course of treatment, which involves an average of 7 sessions of .It should be noted that the minimum course is 2 sessions, and the maximum - 18 sessions of the procedure.At the end of the course, the hairline is reduced by 70 percent, and the remaining hairs acquire a light tint and become completely invisible.


Disadvantages of the procedure

The disadvantage of using light radiation in hirsutism can be called the fact that the hair is not removed by 100 percent. This is due to the selective effect of the pulse - only the hairs that are in the growth stage are weakened, they are the most sensitive to the procedure.

If the hair has already formed, it has become stiff, it practically does not absorb light, and therefore it is hard to destroy.That's why experts advise a few days before the procedure to shave the hair in those places that will be exposed to radiation.

From all of the above, we can conclude that hirsutism - an unpleasant disease, but curable.The main thing is to visit the necessary specialists to appoint the appropriate treatment for the pathology that caused unwanted hair growth.

Konev Alexander, internist

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