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Greasy hair: what to do

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Broad hair

Many people perceive greasy hair as a disease, some simply as a cosmetic defect, but no one denies that this problem requires decisive action.The most unpleasant thing is to get rid of excessive fat content of hair quite hard, despite the abundance of various cosmetics on the shelves of stores.The fact is that the excessive fat content of the hair is a consequence of the wrong operation of the sebaceous glands located on the scalp.In general, these glands should normally produce some amount of fat in order to prevent overdrying, thinning and fragility of the strands.But if the sebaceous glands begin to work "in a strengthened mode," the hair becomes too dirty too quickly, gets an unpleasant shine and hangs with untidy strands, knocking out of any hairstyle.

If you ignore the above condition, it can lead to a mass loss of hair and the appearance of dandruff in large quantities.Therefore, it is necessary to take a course of specific treatment aimed at normalizing the activity of the sebaceous glands.And in order to find a truly effective therapy scheme, you first need to find out the reasons for such a dramatic change in the work of the sebaceous glands.

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Table of contents: Causes of excessive fat content Hair care rules Home remedies against greasy hair

Reasons for excessive hair fat

In general, there are many reasons that lead to increased fat content.Some of them can be solved by a simple correction of nutrition, some are solved with the help of special cosmetics, but in most cases it will take the help of a qualified trichologist.

The factors that provoke excessively active activity of the sebaceous glands on the scalp are:

  1. Broad hair Forced long-term use of certain medicines - antibacterial, hormonal drugs, antidepressants.As a rule, stopping the use of these medicines allows you to quickly restore the normal functioning of the sebaceous glands on the scalp, but in some cases you will need to complete treatment.
  2. Improper diet is the predominance of fatty foods in the diet.Many people simply consume pork, sour cream, butter, mutton, and even with a slight predominance of these products in the diet, increased production of fat by sebaceous glands on the scalp can occur.The recommendation is simple - you need to limit the use of fatty foods.
  3. Incorrect care.Many women believe that their excessively fatty hair is a given, which is difficult to get rid of.But in most cases, it is enough to just choose the right care for them, use quality cosmetics and the problem of fatty hair will cease to be urgent.
  4. The heredity factor.This, you can say, a kind of myth - "my mother had such hair, and I have - what can you do, heredity!".In fact, cosmetologists claim that if you pick the right detergents and cosmetics for oily hair, then they will cease to be so in a short time.
  5. Breaking the hormonal background.Note that the sebaceous glands are closely related to hormones and even minor changes in the hormonal background can lead to increased fatness of the hair.Not surprisingly, during pregnancy or menopause, a woman notes the deterioration of her curls.This problem is solved simply - you need to pick up cosmetic and cleaning products for this period, so that your hair looks beautiful and attractive.
  6. Constant stress.Doctors know for sure that frequent stressful situations, depression, excessive irritability lead to increased production of fat by sebaceous glands, including, and on the scalp.Restore the functionality of these glands can only normalize the psycho-emotional background.Someone will need a full course of sedative medication, someone will have to attend several psychotherapy sessions.
  7. Wearing the headdress.It is a question of the winter period of the year, when headdresses constantly wear.As a rule, they are made of synthetic materials, which leads to irritation and increased fat production by sebaceous glands on the scalp.In this case, you just need to change the headgear, pick up this wardrobe item from natural fabrics.

All listed reasons for increased fat content of hair can be found out independently - it is enough only to analyze your lifestyle.If none of the reasons are present, then you should seek help from a trichologist.In any case, greasy hair requires a more attentive to yourself relationship, you must follow the rules of care for them.

Rules for the care of oily hair

What to do if the hair is wide First, you need to buy special products for washing greasy hair, and do it in the pharmacy.Most often, doctors recommend that oily hair be washed with tar, but various oils, silicones and proteins with lipids in the shampoo are a contraindication for the type of hair in question.Such detergents will make the locks heavier and greasy.And one more small advice - shampoo for oily hair should be transparent, instead of creamy.

Secondly, forget about the balm rinse aid: they do not need fatty hair at all.But the head should be washed as often as possible, with the first signs of contamination, because this way the sebum is washed out from the roots of the hair and the lash itself.And to carry out this hygienic procedure with the hair follows in the morning or in the first half of the day - the sebaceous glands are especially active during the night.

Thirdly, it is strictly forbidden to subject the hair with the problem under consideration to too high temperatures.For example, you need to wash your hair only with warm or even cool water( not hot!), You need to stop using a hairdryer, tongs and ironing for hair styling.In addition, it will be necessary to exclude the weaving of stiff braids and the use of "rubber bands" and tight pins.

Note: the first rule for the care of normal hair is frequent scratching and scalp massage.But in the case of excessive fat content of hair from this rule should be abandoned, because such procedures lead to increased production of sebum.

If you always follow the above rules / recommendations, then after a short time the hair will cease to be too greasy.But this is not enough!It will be necessary also to use special means that will make the roots of hair less greasy, and the "activity" of the sebaceous glands on the scalp is normalized.Moreover, these funds can be prepared at home.

Home remedies against greasy hair

To stop too active production of sebum and restore the beauty of hair, you can use home remedies that will provide additional nutrition to the roots of the hair.

Rinsing with herbal decoctions

The ash, oatmeal, plantain, horsetail, oak bark, sage, aloe, chamomile, St. John's wort and rosemary can regulate fat production by sebaceous glands on the scalp.It is necessary to take one of these herbs, or to prepare a herbal collection of several, mixing them in equal proportions.Then 2 tablespoons of dry raw material is poured into a glass( 250-300 ml) of boiling water and insisted for 20 minutes.

This decoction is used as follows: the finished product is filtered and added to a liter of clean, filtered and warm water, which rinses and hair.

Masks with cosmetic clay

Broad hair You will need to buy green clay( available in pharmacies), then take 2 tablespoons of this product and dilute the same amount of pure water or herbal decoction from the recipe above, add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.The resulting mass must be rubbed into the roots with soft massaging movements, then the prepared clay is distributed along the entire length of the hair.Before the procedure, you do not need to wash your hair with shampoos - your hair should be dirty and dry.Be sure, after applying clay, you need to cover the head with polyethylene and wrap it with a towel.The duration of "wearing" a mask with cosmetic clay is a maximum of 40 minutes.

All this "splendor" is washed off with a therapeutic shampoo with tar, the hair is thoroughly rinsed( this can be done using herbal decoction).It is recommended to do this procedure 2-3 times a week.

Scrub from salt

It's all very simple: the food grade salt must be rubbed into the hair roots in a circular motion for 3 minutes before each washing of the head.You can use for this and sea salt, but just keep in mind that if there are any wounds / scratches on the scalp, then it is better to stop the salt scrub - unpleasant sensations in the form of burning are provided.

Sulsen paste

Sulsen paste is dispensed in a pharmacy without a prescription and is an excellent tool for the normalization of the sebaceous glands on the scalp.Apply Sulsen paste to the roots of the hair after washing the head and leave it for 15-20 minutes.Then you need to massage the scalp lightly and rinse the paste with plain warm water.

The effect of using this tool will be noticeable in several applications, experts recommend making 2 masks with Sulsen paste a week, and the total number of procedures should not exceed 10. If necessary, then in 6 months it will be possible to repeat the procedures with Sulsen paste.

To eliminate the fat content of hair, you will need to follow the rules of care for them, apply home remedies and adjust their own way of life.If no positive changes occur during 3 months of regularly performed procedures, then it is necessary to seek qualified help.In any case, the problem under consideration can and should be solved.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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