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Coenzyme Q10 for face and skin: indications for use, preparations containing coenzyme Q10


For the first time about the existence of coenzyme Q10 was said in 1957.He was described by scientist Fred Crane.They found that this substance is in all cells of the human body.High coenzyme content is observed in the brain, heart and kidneys.

This substance contributes to the formation and accumulation of energy, which the body needs.Due to age-related changes, gradually the stores of coenzyme Q10 begin to decrease, which affects the skin condition.

Table of contents: What is the use of the conference for?Can it hurt coenzyme Q10?Where is coenzyme Q10?Preparations and vitamin supplements with coenzyme Q10 Cosmetics with coenzyme Q10

In youth, the daily norm of the substance is 50 mg.Conferment naturally slows down the aging process and helps to conserve energy.At a more respectable age, the launch of the rejuvenation process will require much more coenzyme Q10, at least 300 mg per day.

Standards coenzyme content in individual products are shown in Table:

product content of coenzyme Q, mg( 100 g)
red palm oil 5,4
roast beef 3,1
pickled Herring 2,7
fried chicken 1,6
Soybean oil 8.7
Trout 11
Peanut 2,8
Sesame 1,8
Pistachio 2,1
Broccoli 0,5
Cauliflower 0,4
Orange 0,2
Strawberry 0,1
boiled egg 0,1

what use konferment?

Specialists note that coenzyme Q10 positively affects the body. enumerate what benefits it can bring:

  • Koenzim slowdown in internal and external processes of aging;
  • stimulation of more intensive production of collagen fibers;
  • cleavage of adipose tissue;
  • increase in the rate of energy production for normal body functioning;
  • excretion of antioxidants;
  • strengthening of immunity;
  • removing excess fluid;
  • strengthening of the heart and nervous system;
  • stimulation of the regeneration process.

Once sufficient coenzyme is obtained, significant changes in the skin condition can be noticed.It will become more elastic, so that all wrinkles are slightly smoothed out and will not be so noticeable.

In addition, this component compensates for the lack of moisture in the epidermis.Humidification will allow you to forget about dryness, tightness and itching for a long time.That is why most experts consider coenzyme Q10 to be one of the most important components that ensures the preservation of youth.

Can coenzyme Q10 harm?

Undoubtedly, this coenzyme has many advantages, but is it possible to get any harm when using it? With long-term use of coenzyme Q10, which leads to its overabundance, a person can feel migraine, nausea and abdominal pain.In addition, insufficiency, skin rashes and diarrhea testify to an overabundance.

During breastfeeding or pregnant should refuse coenzyme.In large quantities, this substance can be toxic, so use the drug strictly according to the instructions.In cosmetics, it is contained in small doses, so it can not cause harm to health.

Where is Coenzyme Q10?

Koenzim If you want to improve the skin condition of the face, you can use coenzyme Q10 for some time.It is found in vitamin complexes, where it is combined with other trace elements.In addition, coenzyme can be found in dietary supplements and cosmetics, which is used to combat age-related changes.

Before buying it is recommended to go to an appointment with a cosmetologist to understand the form in which the drug will be most effective. Dermatologists advise using drugs with the addition of coenzyme Q10 only after 30 years, when the first age changes are observed.

Biologically active additives are recommended only after 40 years, as they exert a stronger effect on .If you combine them with the corresponding cosmetics, the result will be noticeable much faster.

Preparations and vitamin supplements with coenzyme Q10

We list several additives to food and vitamin complexes that contain this coenzyme.

  1. Kojenzim-q-10 Coenzyme Q10 Forte.The high content of the component helps to smooth deep wrinkles, splits the fatty layer and makes the skin more elastic.
  2. Capsules "Doppelgerz Active".The manufacturer claims that if you drink a course of these capsules, you can achieve a slowdown in age-related changes and active production of collagen.
  3. "Omeganol".He most affects the condition of the skin and hair.Will help to strengthen the weakened immunity.
  4. Time Expert.Biologically active additive for skin elasticity, healthy hair and better health.

Cosmetics with coenzyme Q10

In the field of cosmetology this drug is used quite often because it is effective in combating wrinkles.Cosmetics coenzyme Q10 is used only after 30 years, when age changes become apparent. Let's list some cosmetic preparations in which the coenzyme is contained.

  1. Koenzim Oxygen complex "Dr.Spiller".It is used to eliminate wrinkles and age spots.In addition, coenzyme Q10 will improve the skin condition and complexion.
  2. Serum Cell Repair Cream Concentrate Aloe Vera.This product very well moisturizes the skin, tightens it and transforms the complexion.
  3. Mask "RIOR".It effectively affects even deep wrinkles, and also increases elasticity and increases the amount of elastin.
  4. Bioplastins «Medical Collagene 3D».Due to a special gel, the process of tissue regeneration is started.It also increases the elasticity of the skin.
  5. Cream "Andalou Naturals".To actively produce collagen and restore the skin, it is used at night.A special cosmetic formula enhances cellular respiration.

Coenzyme Q10 not only starts the rejuvenation process, but also protects the skin from external negative factors.In addition, coenzyme is used to improve the scalp and hair.

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