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Almond oil: composition, properties, benefits for skin and hair

Almond oil

Almond oil is one of the oldest compulsory components of cosmetics for skin care of face and body, as well as hair.Its useful properties have been noticed by healers and herbalists in ancient times and have been successfully used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Table of contents: How to get oil?Composition of almond oil Useful properties and application of almond oil Almond oil for the face Almond oil for hair

How to get oil?

Almond is a shrub plant that grows in Central Asia, the Mediterranean, as well as in the Crimea, the Caucasus and many other countries, whose climate contributes to the successful growth and reproduction of this rather unpretentious tree.

In July, almonds bear flesh-green, fleshy fruits, inside of them there is a solid nucleolus, which is called "nut".It is from this bone that the method of cold pressing afterwards produces a unique in its properties almond oil.The bone itself contains a very large percentage of the oil component, its content in some cases can reach up to 42 percent.

For the manufacture of cosmetics used oil obtained from the kernels of the bitter species of almonds.

Composition of almond oil

Oil of bitter almonds has found its application in cosmetology due to its richness of useful components that help to treat, improve and normalize the skin, hair follicles and small scales of each hair.Its healing properties are based on a rich, balanced composition.

This cosmetic product includes the following components.

  1. almond oil Up to 80% oleic fatty monounsaturated acid, which provides a significant reduction in oxidation processes and the formation of a large amount of decomposition products.
  2. Up to 23% of linoleic polyunsaturated acid, responsible for providing nutrition to cells and supplying their beneficial substances.
  3. A complex of various vitamins( A, B, C, E, F, PP) that promote skin normalization, providing healthy metabolism and regeneration, responsible for the attractive appearance of the skin, healthy shine of the hair.
  4. A large number of microelements( copper, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium), strengthening the cell walls, replenishing the need for tissues in useful ions for the life of the body, normalizing excretory and nutritional systems within cells and tissues.They normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands and enhance the speed of hair growth.
  5. Choline and beta-carotene, providing natural care, responsible for health and a radiant appearance of the skin;
  6. Protein and glucose, helping to maintain the nutrition of the skin and hair follicles at the maximum level, as well as being catalysts for a variety of metabolic processes that occur inside the epidermal cells.

Due to its composition, almond oil, cosmetologists are often called a natural antioxidant. In some cases, experts recommend it as one of the components of complex treatment for recovery after cosmetic surgery: sewing "golden threads", suspenders, aquapilin.

Useful properties and application of almond oil

almond oil Almond oil is added to cosmetics if it is desired that the product obtained can significantly slow down the processes of decay and death in the facial cells that cause premature aging of the skin .Creams and ointments containing oily ingredients can have a healing, rejuvenating effect, promote moisturizing and intense skin nutrition.

Regular application of cosmetics, which includes bitter almond oil, helps to improve the complexion of the skin, making it cleaner and smoother.The epidermis will come in tone and retain elasticity and beauty for a long time.The healing properties of almond oil are so great that lotions, tonics and creams with its high content can help to heal small inflammations, post-acne reddening, abrasions and traces of scars and acne.

Almond oil absorbs quickly enough, does not leave fatty traces on the skin and does not contain heavy substances that can linger in the pores.Despite the high concentration of active ingredients in its composition, it acts rather gently, without injuring the skin cells from the inside, so it is suitable for any type of epidermis.

Its use will be useful for those who suffer from increased dryness, sensitivity, irritability of the skin .It is so safe that the use of waste products with a large amount of this oil is recommended by dermatologists, even for the skin of the eyes and the decollete zone.

Creams and lotions with almond oil can become a natural barrier between sensitive skin and dangerous UV rays.Also, the regular use of such drugs inhibits the process of natural aging, contributes to the normalization of skin metabolism.This is an excellent prevention of peeling and drying of the skin.

The micronutrient-rich almond oil also benefits the hair, nourishing the inside of the bulb of each hair, strengthening it, stimulating the growth of the hair .Shevelura, with regular use of shampoos, balms and hair masks with cosmetic almond oil, becomes smooth, lush, silky and healthy in appearance.

Almond Facial Oil

A large number of well-known brands of decorative and cosmetics cosmetics use almond oil as a base component due to its pronounced beneficial properties.Scrubs containing powdered almond bones, not only gently exfoliate, but also nourish the skin, and the subsequent use of masks or creams with soft oil guarantees enhanced recovery and health of the skin.

To restore and improve the appearance of the skin, the face and the body use not only popular types of finished cosmetics, but also home recipes tested by many generations.

  1. almond oil Skin, after removing make-up, it will be useful to wipe with a cotton pad moistened with a mixture of warm water and almond oil.This will smooth out the wrinkles and reduce the inflammatory effect provided by the decorative cosmetics
  2. Once a week, you can use a homemade toning cosmetic mask from a mixture of almond oil with ethereal( roses, patchouli, ylang-ylang) components or natural fatty sour cream.After 15 minutes after exposure to the skin, the mask is thoroughly rinsed off.
  3. Massage, with the addition of a few drops of almond oil in a grinding cream or just on the skin, will help to strengthen and tonify the skin on the massaged part of the body, accelerate the metabolic processes and quickly restore tissues.The skin returns elasticity and smoothness, due to the deep penetration of oil components, stimulation of blood and lymph circulation.

Almond oil for hair

Cosmetic oil of bitter almonds is considered almost a panacea for eliminating problems with hair and scalp. This product is able to nourish every curl of vitality, restore shine, reduce the risk of fragility of hair, split ends.Almond oil is often used to make masks designed to stop excessive hair loss.

If the hair is greasy, it is recommended an hour before washing head rub almond oil into the roots of the hair and gently distribute to the tips.Useful properties can be significantly strengthened by adding a few drops of essential oils( sage, rosemary, lavender).For dry hair, on the contrary, it is recommended to use such oil mixtures after washing your head, on slightly damp curls.After that, the hair should dry naturally.

If there are problems with styling, the best way to make hair more elastic and docile is regular combing with a mixture of almond oil and a few drops of ylang ylang on the surface of the hair brush.This will moisturize every curl, nourish and will contribute to its full and healthy appearance.

This popular cosmetic product acts not only on the hair growing on the head, but can also nourish eyelashes and eyebrows, accelerate their growth, make them more dense, lush and attractive.

Almond oil is a source of natural beauty and youth.Its regular application will help to keep a healthy and blooming kind of skin and hair for a long time.

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