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How to accelerate hair growth: hardware procedures and cosmetics

How to Speed ​​Up Hair Growth

Our ancestors also knew that the owner of long hair is distinguished by excellent health and extraordinary strength.But even in our time, long hair is an excellent indicator of human health.Unfortunately, even with a strong desire to grow hair, many are defeated on the way to achieving this goal.Some people can not grow long hair because of the genetic peculiarity, but even so the hair grows - on average over 30 days each hair grows by one and a half centimeter, which is considered the norm.But with the help of some means and manipulations it is quite possible to achieve a hair growth rate of 2, 5 cm per month.


Why hair growth slows

Why hair growth slows down

In general, there are a lot of reasons for slowing hair growth - it can be external factors, and internal. To the reasons that hinder the growth of hair from the inside, you can refer:

  1. Incorrect nutrition.It is very important to introduce in the menu and vitamins, and protein foods, and carbohydrates.If there is a disturbance in the diet, then the hair growth immediately slows down.
  2. Psychoemotional state.If a person is in a good mood, not subject to stress and depression, then the body directs the maximum amount of energy for hair growth.Otherwise, you can not even dream about it.Diseases of inflammatory and infectious nature.In principle, any pathological processes of internal organs and systems lead to the fact that the direction of forces on hair growth stops, the body has new "tasks" - to cope with the pathology.
  3. Bad habits.We are talking about smoking and alcohol abuse, which leads not only to a deterioration in the appearance of hair, but also to a complete halt in their growth.

Physicians have identified external factors that adversely affect hair growth:

  1. Thermal action.And here we are talking not only about the use of hairdryers and ironing, it is very important to protect hair from direct sunlight and low air temperatures.
  2. Physical Exposure.It is well known that the use of metal pins, tight elastic bands and too aggressive combing of the curls invariably lead to a slowdown, and then to stopping, hair growth.
  3. Chemical exposure.It implies frequent staining, chemical perm, constant use of styling products( varnishes, foams, mousses) - they are unlikely to have a beneficial effect on the health of the hair.

Note: if the goal is to grow hair, then for some time you will have to stop smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, review and adjust the diet and exclude any styling products from the "arsenal".Literally in 14-20 days the result of such a "donation" will be noticeable.

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How to accelerate hair growth

How to Speed ​​Up Hair Growth

Of course, you need to exclude from your life all the negative factors mentioned above in the text - this will already give results.But there are a number of ways that will accelerate hair growth:

Hardware procedures

They are held in beauty salons or at a cosmetologist, and the most popular among consumers are:

  • mesotherapy - restores hair health and accelerates their growth.During the procedure, a vitamin complex is introduced under the skin, it is usually enough to visit the master twice and get the expected result;

Mesotherapy head

  • laser therapy - activates hair growth, and also has a therapeutic effect in seborrhea, dermatitis, inflammatory diseases of the scalp and abnormalities of hair follicles.It's corny, but it's just such a simple procedure that helps to speed up the growth of hair.

It's simple - during the massage of the scalp, blood circulation improves, more active substances and oxygen begin to flow into the hair follicles.Very beneficial effect on the health of the scalp, the use of burdock oil, tea tree oil, olive oil - literally 2-3 head massage a week and in a month you will see results.

Cosmetic products

Cosmetical tools This category of products that can enhance hair growth includes shampoos, balms, lotions, masks and serums.Experts recommend that if hair growth stopping is detected, preference should be given to the professional remedies of the category in question - yes, they are not cheap, but the effect is also excellent.

You can safely use to accelerate hair growth and conditioners that do not need to be washed off with water - they are able to penetrate deep into the scalp and provide therapeutic, regenerative action directly on the hair follicle.

Please note: also includes ampoules in the market that contain a means for improving hair growth.This is the most convenient, practical way to conduct treatment procedures.In order not to make a mistake in choosing a remedy, you need to consult a cosmetologist or trichologist.

Folk medicine: masks for accelerated hair growth

There is a mass of funds from the category of "traditional medicine", which our ancestors used to improve hair growth.All of them have in their composition only natural components of plant origin - decoctions of nettle, calendula flowers, sage.Efficient means are also various vegetable oils - olive, mustard, linseed, almond and burdock.It is advisable to add them to your usual shampoo or professional hair mask, but you can use these oils as a single agent.

It would be nice to make the following masks:

  1. 3331 Mix in a ceramic container a tablespoon of sour cream, 1 egg yolk and half a glass of nettle broth.The resulting mixture should be applied to clean hair( first just wash them with the usual shampoo), lightly rub it into the scalp, and after 5 minutes all washings with running warm water.Number of procedures per week - maximum 2.
  2. Grind two sheets of aloe( just chop with a knife), add a teaspoon of honey and 2 teaspoons of any vegetable oil to the gruel.This means you need to lubricate the scalp and perform a massage procedure with light circular movements of your fingers.After 5 minutes, everything is washed off with warm water using the usual shampoo.The number of procedures is 1 every 2 weeks.
  3. The crumb of rye bread( not gray, namely black!) Is kneaded into a crumb( half a cup of crumb should be obtained), 2 tablespoons of sour cream and 1 chicken egg are added to it, everything is thoroughly mixed and applied to the scalp.It is highly desirable to apply the product to the entire length of the hair.After 10 minutes, the hair is washed in the usual way.

How to take care of hair

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It's not enough just to follow the procedures recommended in this article to improve hair growth, you must know the rules of care and strictly observe them. Specialists give the following recommendations:

  1. How to take good care of hair Do not comb wet hair.It is necessary to wait until they are a little dry, but do not dry them with a hairdryer.Combing wet hair should be carefully, picking on the string and moving the comb from the tips to the roots.
  2. You should wash your hair with only those shampoos that match the type of hair.The same applies to the choice of balms, hair conditioners.
  3. In winter, and in general in cold weather, do not go out without a hat.From low temperatures, the hair becomes brittle, the tips are split.
  4. Regardless of the condition of the hair, you need to regularly make them a mask - nourishing and moisturizing.Experts recommend that you pay time for such procedures at least once a week.
  5. To go to bed with the braided hair too it is not necessary - dissolve them, comb, let they "will be impregnated" with oxygen and will have a rest.
  6. If you have to dye your hair, then get the paint without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide in the composition.
  7. Should not be a daily procedure for hair styling and drying them with a hair dryer.Let this be a pleasant exception.

In addition, it is highly desirable to not only comb your hair every night before going to bed, but also to do a head massage.For this you do not need any special knowledge, just with your fingertips do circular movements, tapping, rubbing on the scalp.What will it give?First of all, blood circulation will significantly improve - it will restore and activate hair follicles.And even such a massage will relieve the day's tension, sleep at night will be calm and deep, and the result will be a good mood.

If a person is constantly stressed, is depressed or has strong psycho-emotional "hesitations," then there can be no question of any hair growth!I'll have to visit a psychologist who will not only help to restore and stabilize his inner world, but also will help improve hair growth.

Another point - a holiday at the seaside.Many believe that ultraviolet rays and seawater have a beneficial effect on health.Yes, this is really true, but not for the hair.It is necessary to wear hats or panamas - this will protect the hair from the sun, keep them strong, prevent fragility and dry locks.And if you do not wash your hair with ordinary water after bathing in the sea, you can soon expect not only stopping hair growth, but also a significant deterioration in their appearance.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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