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Astigmatism: degrees, causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention

Astigmatizm-5001 Astigmatism is often diagnosed as a visual impairment.The disease is a lack of focus in the eye against the background of the cornea with an irregular shape.For normal vision, the surface of the cornea should be spherical and flat, but with astigmatism, the rays are refracted unevenly on the cornea - this leads to poor eyesight( it becomes fuzzy).

Table of Contents: Causes of Astigmatism Astigmatism Symptoms Astigmatism Treatment in Children and Adults

The eye of a person with astigmatism transmits a distorted image, informs the brain of the wrong shape of the visible object - for example, the dot in such people is described as an oval or dash. It is accepted to distinguish two types of a considered disease:

  • corneal astigmatism - the defect is on the cornea;
  • lens - affects the lens.


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Causes of astigmatism

Despite numerous studies of astigmatism, the true causes of the disease have not yet been identified.It can develop after eye trauma, as a result of previous surgical treatment on the eye.Astigmatism is most often diagnosed at an early age, can be congenital.The disease has a hereditary etiology, so parents who have a history of the pathology in question, after the birth of the child should undergo an examination at an early age - the baby is diagnosed with astigmatism easily, this will help to avoid the development of complications.

Symptoms of astigmatism

The clinical picture in the development of the eye disease under consideration, in principle, is no different from the symptoms of other eye pathologies.First of all, patients note increased fatigue - with prolonged reading or watching TV, working at the computer appears pain in the eyes, burning and itching, may develop a headache that is not intense.

In a person with developing astigmatism, the vision of objects is distorted - their shapes are fuzzy, there is no way to determine the distance to objects / images, in the eyes of two.But even a deterioration in vision is not the main problem of astigmatism - much more worried about patients headaches.They have a permanent character, they can acquire a high intensity.

841472_l Note: headache with astigmatism can be mistaken for a symptom of high blood pressure - the patient starts taking appropriate medications, which worsens his health.

If you have the above symptoms, you need to turn to the ophthalmologist for an examination - astigmatism can be diagnosed at the first appointment.

Treatment of astigmatism in children and adults

Physicians can use three types of treatment of the disease in question - surgical, wearing glasses and wearing contact lenses.

Contact lens-03 Note: wearing glasses and contact lenses does not eliminate the pathology of the cornea or the lens, but only corrects the vision, reduces the intensity of the symptoms of the disease.Only surgical intervention can restore the functionality of the organ of vision 100%.

It is very effective to use the methods of traditional medicine in the process of astigmatism treatment - they will not bring a full recovery, but will have their beneficial effect as a component of complex therapy.What can be attributed to the category of folk medicine with astigmatism?

Vegetable juices

Vegetables_checks_fresh_fresh_1920х1200 It is very useful for eye health to consume vegetables - beets, garlic, spinach, parsley, dill, carrots and others.Moreover, they can be added to the ready-made meals as seasonings for improving the taste, or you can use it yourself.Carrots are recommended to eat every day for 200 g minimum - from the root vegetable should be prepared salad with vegetable oil.

Vegetable juices will only benefit from the functioning of the vision organs if they are freshly prepared.More effective cocktails from vegetable juices are shown - for example, you can mix carrot juice with parsley, spinach and cabbage.It does not matter in what proportions the components will be added - their vitamin value does not decrease from this.

Take vegetable juices three times a day, the daily dose should not exceed 200 ml - this product has a high allergic index.


Blueberry wild The benefits of blueberries for the eyes are known to everyone and for a long time.To restore vision with astigmatism, you need to consume the fruits of blueberries every day in the form of jam, jelly, compotes.But they will bring the greatest benefit in fresh form - in the season it is necessary to freeze the berries and help the body to restore the functioning of the organ of vision throughout the whole winter.

Positively, the visual acuity is affected by the leaves of blueberries, which must be taken in the form of tea / decoction.For 2 tablespoons of blueberry leaves, take 300 ml of boiling water, insist tea for 20 minutes and take small sips during the day.Bilberry leaves do not lose their medicinal properties when frozen and dried, they can be collected at any time of the year.

Gymnastics for the eyes

For those who are forced to deal with painstaking work with documents or at a computer, it is important to periodically rest your eyes.And it is not only a complete "cut-off" from the surrounding species, but also in carrying out gymnastics for the eyes. Here are just a few exercises:

  1. You need to sit right on the chair, straighten your back and align your head.Lower your eyes down without tilting your head, and hold it in this position for as long as possible.Then slowly take your eyes first to the right, then to the left.
  2. Sitting exactly in a chair with a straight back, to reduce eyes to view its tip of the nose - in this position, the view should be held for the maximum possible time.Then the look returns to its original position and frequent blinking occurs.
  3. Focus the view on some closely located object, hold it for 10-20 seconds.Then look at the furthest point - for example, at something beyond the window.
  4. Stand up and stretch out your right hand in front of you, focusing your attention on your fingernails.Slowly withdraw your hand first in one direction, then in the other, then bring it closer to the tip of your nose - all this time you can not take your eyes off the nails.Do the same with the other hand.

Important: , these exercises should be performed at least 2 times in a row, doctors recommend this complex of gymnastics for the eyes to spend every 2 hours of intense / long work.

Another set of eye exercises is presented on the diagram:


Eye massage

Eye massage can be done independently - finger movements are simple, do not harm and do not take a lot of time.It is advisable to perform the massage twice a day, but if you need a long time to work with paper or a computer / tablet, you can every two hours to rest your eyes, combining gymnastics and massage.With , there are some specific exercises:

  1. Close the eyes and with your fingertips carry out circular movements from the bridge of the nose to the corner of the eye.
  2. Close the eyes and perform linear movements( like stroking, but with some effort) from the bridge of the nose to the corner of the eye.
  3. With your fingertips, perform "drum roll or rain" movements from the nose to the corner of the eye and in the reverse order.During the execution of this movement, you can safely touch the area around the eyes - this is also useful.

Astigmatism is often accompanied by headaches, so you can take pain medication - for example, Citramon, Analgin, Next, and others.But first you need to undergo an examination with an ophthalmologist and exclude other diseases that manifest pain syndrome in your head.

Laser vision correction: surgery and rehabilitation period

Iris_1024x768 This is the most modern method of vision correction with astigmatism and the most effective.The operation lasts only 60 minutes( and this is for the most severe course of the disease in question!), Anesthesia is not used, because the patient does not feel any pain.

Laser correction is carried out only according to the prescribing of the attending physician and according to the indications.For this, the patient does not necessarily have to undergo a long preparatory period-classical blood / urine tests are taken, blood pressure, intracranial and intraocular pressure are measured.The rehabilitation period is also very fast - literally in 3 days you can return to the usual rhythm of life.

Important: for laser vision correction is contraindicated - you will be told about it by your doctor.

After laser treatment the patient should adhere to the regime of the day, competently combine the periods of rest and wakefulness, rest your eyes when working on the computer, regularly perform gymnastics for the eyes and undergo preventive examinations at the ophthalmologist every 4-6 weeks.

Ophthalmologist, doctor of medical sciences Vladimir Kashnikov tells about new technologies in the field of laser vision correction:

Child astigmatism

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The considered disease diagnosed in childhood is, as a rule, innate and causes muchMore harm than an adult.For example, due to the fact that the child does not see objects and images, the intellectual development slows down - the babies with the help of visual memory and perception of the surrounding world through the organs of vision begin to orientate in it.And since he sees things unclear, even such simple manipulations as recognition, indication of a particular thing to the kid is difficult to perform.

Important: child astigmatism is rarely cured 100% with the help of therapeutic measures - doctors often use the method of laser vision correction.

It is very important to hold gymnastics for the eyes in the childhood, to follow the correct posture and position when working with books and notebooks.Doctors prescribe glasses with changing lenses for wearing - thus training of the eyes takes place.

Prevention of astigmatism is the observance of the rules for alternating rest and work, parents should monitor how / in what quantity / in what position the child spends time at the computer and books.If astigmatism is innate, then no preventive measures will rule out the development of pathology.But this does not mean that it is possible to treat the recommendations of specialists disorderly - the fulfillment of all appointments will reduce the activity of violations, will contain the progressive development of astigmatism.

How to treat astigmatism, why does this pathology arise and what preventive measures exist to prevent it?In this video review these questions are answered by an ophthalmologist:

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapist of the highest qualification category

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