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Balanitis: symptoms and treatment in men

Balanitis: symptoms, treatment and treatment in men

Balanitis is an inflammatory process in which the pathological process affects the head of the phallus.In the event that the inflammation spreads to the foreskin, it is customary to talk about balanoposthitis.Balanitis often accompanies postitis( inflammation of the foreskin), so in most cases, when making a diagnosis, it's about balanoposthitis.

This pathology is more common in patients of childhood.At children the head is closed by an extreme flesh.

Table of contents: Symptoms of balanitis Classification of balanitis Causes of balanitis Diagnosis and treatment Treatment of balanitis What will happen if not treated?Prophylaxis

Symptoms of balanitis


Balanitis and balanoposthitis are characterized by pain and burning sensation in the area of ​​the penis head.In a number of cases, there may be excretions that are released from under the head of the phallus.They are purulent in nature and differ in their abundance.These secretions are characterized by a sharp and unpleasant odor.The head itself is hyperemic and swollen.In some clinical cases, an increase in local lymph nodes is recorded.

If the timely treatment does not begin, then balanitis can cause the following complications:

  • narrowing of the urethra;
  • phimosis;
  • paraphimosis;
  • appearance of cancerous growths.

Classification of balanitis

Current classification distinguishes between primary and secondary forms of the disease.

The causes of balanitis

Several factors predispose.

The etiological factor of the primary pathology is:

  • fungal infection;
  • pathogenic and opportunistic bacteria;
  • urinary retention in the prepunct pouch;
  • the outflow of smigm.

Note: is a prepuce pouch - this is the space formed by the foreskin.


All of these factors are predisposing to inflammation factors.

The main factor in the appearance of primary balanitis is the accumulation of smegma under the foreskin.This phenomenon is typical for people who have a toilet of sexual organs rarely enough.

The cause of secondary balanitis is only a pathogenic infection.

Important: one of the reasons for the development of balanitis is purulent urethritis.

Secondary balanitis is a consequence of pathogenic microorganisms coming from the urethra - the trichomonads, the causative agents of syphilis and gonorrhea.

Important: progression of balanitis is promoted by common diseases, including allergic pathologies, as well as diabetes mellitus.Poor hygiene also accompanies the development of inflammation of the head of the phallus.

Diagnosis and treatment

The diagnosis is made by a urologist or an andrologist on the basis of a patient's complaints and a collected history.Additional tests, as a rule, do not need, except for a smear to identify microflora in the secondary form of pathology.

Treatment of balanitis

Therapy consists of taking sedentary baths with disinfectant( a weak solution of furacilin, manganese or hydrogen peroxide, and the patient should take prescribed antibiotic medications

If there is a pronounced phimosis or balanitis has a tendency to recur,Circumcision can be shown

Treatment of balanitis

In some situations, the general condition of the patient may worsen somewhat - they suffer from weakness and an increase in overall body temperature.As the head of the phallus is the most important erogenous zone in men, in some adult patients the excitability increases slightly

What happens if I do not treat

What happens if you do not treat?

If you neglect a visit to the doctor, then after a certain time on the head there are small ulcers.In this case, they speak of a "ulcerative form of ballanoposthitis".In children this form is manifested by pain during walking and when trying to go to the toilet "in a small way".In adult men, pain is also added to these problems during sexual intercourse.

If you do not pay attention to these symptoms, inflammation of the lymphatic vessels of the penis develops.This symptom is manifested by the appearance of noticeable red bands on the back of the penis.Then inflammation of the regional lymph nodes develops.Then a phallus gangrene is possible, which can lead to its amputation.


Prophylaxis is the regular washing of the phallus head and the timely treatment of phimosis.

Vladimir Plisov, medical reviewer

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