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The problem of overweight in men: how to lose weight in the past month by 10 kg

Men and women are increasingly interested in the question: how to lose weight in the past month by 10 kg without harm to health? To achieve this result, you will have to adhere to strict rules and keep yourself in their hands. We will tell you practical ways to quickly get rid of excess kilogram.

Adhere to the correct mode of the day

During the process of weight loss on the body to lay down a big load, so a good rest is a must.

In order to have time to rest for the night and gain strength, it takes at least 8 hours.

Everyone knows that the greatest benefits of sleep is taken in the period from 23:00 to 01:00 hrs, and then go to sleep it is necessary no later than 22:00. Try every day to go to bed at the same time.

Physical exercise

Make no mistake, without exercise is not possible to achieve positive results. Yes, diet can help you lose weight, but there is no guarantee that the extra weight will not come back to you again.

Yes, exercise are not easy. Often the cause of this is just pure laziness. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself to begin to engage. Suppose that initially you will be painful and unpleasant, but you can bring your body in excellent condition.

Catching up on a regular basis, Exercise will have a habit, and you will be able to maintain a positive result after losing weight.

Some people prefer to go to the gym and engage with the coach, the other on the contrary, want to do the exercises at home.

If you want to study at home, remember that in the day you have to pay to exercise at least an hour. Workout is divided into several parts, the first of which is necessary to perform in the morning.

Particularly lazy can practice getting out of bed. The conduct breathing exercises during the day.

Active lifestyle

Sedentary work contributes to obesity, so in his spare time, you should not sit on the couch and try to move as much as possible. In addition to exercise, without which it is in the process of weight loss can not do, try to do sports.

During the summer, longer ride a bike, and in winter you can get up on skis or snowboard. Regardless of the season, one can go swimming. Try to walk more, if possible.

Active lifestyle really helps in the fight against overweight.

General recommendations with regards to nutrition

Every day, try to drink at least two liters of water. It all depends on your weight and body.

Avoid fatty foods and fast food, do not eat cold food, say "no" to sweets and favorite pastry.

If you want to lose weight quickly, it is highly recommended you for a while to give up alcohol completely and forget about a bad habit, like smoking. These golden rules applicable at the time of any diet.

proper nutrition

If you want to lose weight without dieting, you will need to adhere to proper nutrition. Here you have to take your will in a fist and stop feeling sorry for yourself. On the day eat food 4 or 5 times a day in small portions, making the most of the load in the first half of the day. Set a clear timetable and regularly try to eat at the same time. Do not go on about your feelings of hunger.

Make a competent menu and stick to it tenaciously. Your morning should start with a glass of water with lemon juice. Drink it should be 30 minutes before a meal. For breakfast, eat carbohydrates with a small amount of fat.

Optimum portion size does not exceed the amount of the palm. During lunch time, eat protein foods first, and only then carbohydrates. Remember, your dinner should be very light, consisting of proteins. Hearty breakfast better than to load up at night.

Before lunch and dinner, treat yourself to a small amount of fresh fruit or vegetables.

How to choose the right diet

The choice depends largely on the state of your health. If proper diet fits all, without exception, the diet - this is a very sensitive and personal issue, because the majority of them are accented on the adoption of certain products.

Better before the observance of a particular diet to consult a doctor. Also independently examine the list of products contained in the diet. Perhaps one of them you have allergies. In this case, this diet does not suit you.

Having listened to all the advice that we have given you in this article, there is no doubt that you will lose weight.

Mistake made by many is that after achieving the desired result, they revert to their old way of life and begin to eat everything in sight.

If you want to be healthy, to look slim and fit, you have to watch your diet and continue to engage in sports. Only then can you be sure that you see the terrible figures on their balance.

A source: http://lirunet.ru/kak-za-mesyac-poxudet-na-10-kg-bez-vreda-dlya-zdorovya/

How to Lose Weight 10 kg per month, 10 days or a week - best practices

Fashionable cliché that you need to have the perfect body and the minimum weight are driving us into the frame, which adhere very, very difficult.

Agree with almost every magazine cover, from the TV screen or on the pop-up browser windows at us watching another beauty with a radiant face skin, shiny, elastic, long hair, and she wears always spick and span. Ah, yes: this babe necessarily thin.

Thanks to modern stereotypes, assumed men allegedly only thrilled by "stroynyashek", and generally they are lucky in life in everything: prestigious job, an ocean of fans, expensive cars and luxury houses.

Given the flow of this information, the average woman gets a huge number of facilities and is set only one goal in mind: to lose weight. And quickly, easily and in the right places. But not all so simple.

Remember always one simple but very important rule: a beautiful woman - is primarily a healthy woman. We can not say that the diet "ruin" the body, but the rapid discharge of a large amount of weight can have a positive impact on health.

It is therefore necessary to listen to the experts, such as trainers and dietitians, who in one voice say that the optimal weight loss is equal to one kilogram per week.

By simple calculations we can calculate that, ideally, you can lose weight by 30 kg for the same number of days, but so worth it to expose your health at risk?

How to understand that the time has come to really lose weight? It's very simple, you need only look at me:

• If immediately after a meal you want to sleep, or at least just lie down. You feel sleepy and tired, so you really are overweight.

• If, even with minimal exertion shortness of breath, dizziness, and so-called "Asterisk" in the eyes, it is necessary to reconsider your lifestyle and try to lose a few kilograms.

• In the second half of the day and closer to the night you irresistibly drawn to the refrigerator? This may mean that the body is not working properly, making everything eaten per day in cellulite and overweight. And you only add fuel to the fire, eating another batch of "vkusnyashek".

In general, to lose about 10 kg of unnecessary "ballast" for a month is realistic. It is important to combine the selected diet, or at least a system of proper nutrition with exercise and do not give yourself indulgences.

How to Lose Weight 10 kg per month with diet "Minus 60"

For effective weight loss it is very important to clearly set yourself up for what you have to radically change their lifestyle.

It is easier to move if you are not limited in terms of weight loss, but doing it solely for his own pleasure and for health.

For example, a popular diet is called "Minus 60" will help to calm and reset the size of kilograms and does not limit the use of your favorite foods.

That is the meaning of the diet:

• Observe the two main rules. The first - reduce the amount of servings of breakfast, lunch or dinner due to reduction of the plate. The second - is necessary to adhere to the diet.

• So, the first week of diet you need to get rid of harmful waste products and food, as well as to take a smaller plate. Moreover, all products must be based solely on her, but not by her side.

• The following should train yourself to breakfast, even before the usual meal for you to have a coffee and a cigarette. Better to eat traditional English breakfast - oatmeal, yogurt, sandwich with chicken.

• Keep track of coupling products: most acceptable garnish for fish or meat, or rice becomes buckwheat. Potatoes should be eaten separately and cook without meat soups. Pasta and flour is better to completely eliminate and avoid fried foods.

• Maximum light to be dinner. You can eat fruits, such as watermelon, kiwi, pineapple, plums or apples. You may be able to complement dinner homemade yogurt.

Limit yourself to the sweet, add each time less sugar in your tea, reduce to a minimum the presence in the diet of white bread, pasta and potatoes. And most importantly: up to 12 hours of the day are allowed to eat almost anything closer to 14-00 serving sizes should be reduced, and after 6 pm it is better to abstain from food.

How to Lose Weight 10 kg per month using the system diet

A fairly simple diet called "System" will help you to lose weight without any restrictions and the loss on the part of health. Its main point is to eat one day no more than 1200 calories. Given the fact that a healthy person requires about 2000-2500 calories a day, it is not that rigid framework.

To stick to the diet exactly you need to look for calorie table. Some foods and their calorie content, you can read below:

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1. A serving of oatmeal contains about 170 calories,

2. One chicken boiled egg - 75 calories,

3. Apple green - 75 kcal,

4. But in a banana calories more - 125

5. If you eat a bowl of vegetable soup, then the body will get about 100 kcal,

6. A soup, cooked in meat broth - is 250 calories,

7. In one portion of rice contained 140 Kcal,

8. Chicken fillet with a weight of 100 g - 110 kcal

9. 200 grams of salad from fresh vegetables - 120 kcal,

10. A cup of herbal tea - only 2 kcal

11. Glass yogurt contains 110 calories,

12. In one teaspoon of sunflower oil is about 40 calories.

With these tables, you can plan out your menu for 4-5 meals and diet to build wisely. Remember that you will need to 1.5-2 liters of clean water and regular exercise. And, of course, is to forget about fast food, sweets, alcohol and fatty foods.

How can you lose weight in the past month by 10 kg with a diet "five parts"

Not bad, but more rigid restrictions on diet called the "five parts". Another of its name - "Diet 5". What is the essence of the diet?

It's simple enough. You have to share your breakfast, lunch or dinner on the 5 main points:

1. Fats - take in food fish, nuts and some olives (can substitute a tablespoon of olive oil)

2. Proteins and protein - eat boiled chicken, lean beef, seafood, dairy dishes (cottage cheese)

3. Carbohydrates - are allowed to eat cereals (rice, buckwheat, millet), as well as vegetables and fruits,

4. Bran bread - fiber,

5. Drinks - tea, fresh juice, smoothies, a certain amount of soy milk.

Adhering to this diet you need to choose a small plate and fill it completely dish. But the rule of thumb: more than 5 components on the plate should not be. Meals are also recommended to be divided into 5 parts.

Physical required load. If you do not have money to visit a gym, you can buy a jump rope or hula hoop and practice at home.

Of course, there are diets that promise you to get rid of 10 kg at once in a short period of time. For example, if you put in charge of the event and it is vitally necessary to lose weight or how often to vacation there are only 2 weeks, and you're not in shape.

Consider only one fact: rapid weight loss is always fraught with consequences, especially if you choose a diet consists only only restrictions. Before you set foot on this path, think.

Perhaps we should do the correction of the figure in advance, and do not pull up to the last time? In any case, the choice will be yours, and we can offer you a sparing diet, calculated for a period of 10 to 20 days.

Lose weight correctly: how to lose weight by 10 kg for 10-20 days?

If you want to lose weight fast, but you feel that you depart duty certainly have to taste funny diet, which is called "Fifteen". All of us as a child played the game.

Imagine playing field: 4 squares horizontally and vertically as much. Each cell is one ingredient that is the sum of them will be four to any meal.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner should be equated to the size of your fist, if the portion will seem at first too small, you can add to it no more than 10%.

Divide the "tag" in the zone:

1. Red Zone - poultry, lean fish, veal, lamb and liver, as well as dairy products (cheese, cheese, yoghurt)

2. Green Zone - eat vegetables in any form (except potatoes), mushrooms and canned green (peas, cucumbers, etc.)

3. Blue Zone - drinks (water, coffee, tea)

4. Yellow Zone - fruit.

Each meal should consist of a red, two green and blue areas, and in the afternoon you can eat a few positions of yellow. Here is a sample menu:

• Breakfast is allowed to eat an egg, a bit of broccoli or cauliflower and a cup of coffee.

• Lunch consists of veal or beef steak, steamed, vegetable salad and mushrooms. Drink herbal tea all you can.

• At lunch, you can eat fruits, such as cherries, pears and currants. If at this time these berries is not, then allowed to eat a tangerine, kiwi and apple.

• Supper fish with tomato and cabbage, drink plain water.

You can not eat bread, pasta, potatoes, cereals and flour products. Very little can eat olive oil, nuts and seeds. It should also eliminate beans, fatty meat and milk.

The main purpose - speed: losing weight rapidly with Buckwheat-kefir diet for 10 kg for 10-20 days

The most important thing in the process of losing weight - do not shock the body. Otherwise it after some time simply begin to refuse to work properly.

You may feel tired, be lethargic and apathetic. To avoid this, it is better to avoid mono-diet, so pure buckwheat diet you will not do.

But a combination of buckwheat + yogurt + dried fruit can help to lose weight rapidly.

The main ingredient of this diet - it is, of course, buckwheat. It can be eaten in unlimited quantities throughout the day. Adding to her yogurt, you will be able to withstand hunger, which will visit you regularly. Just do not connect just two meals between buckwheat and glass of buttermilk should be at least 1-2 hours.

When you feel that your stomach is weak from hunger, try a little to chew on dried apricots or prunes. This does not mean that you should just eat the whole bag purchased, quite a few berries in order to deceive the stomach.

Buckwheat stand-kefir diet can not every woman, which is why you should first try to hold on to it at least one day a week. Next, insert it twice within 7 days. If you can spend the day eating only buckwheat and kefir, it means that such a power system is right for you in the future without difficulty.

The Japanese diet: how to lose weight at 10 kg in a short time

The Japanese diet is widely known throughout the world.

Somehow it reminds diet "six petals": it is also allowed to eat for days, distributing food category, for example, on the first day should eat only fish, in the second - vegetables, the third - the beans, the fourth day - rice, and the fifth - soup. Only in the Japanese diet, you can complement the monotonous food greens, fruits, soy sauce and low-fat yogurt.

What you should pay attention if your choice was the Japanese diet:

1. First, vegetables and fruit is better not to handle the heat. Anything that can be eaten raw, and should as such remain.

2. Secondly, it is necessary to divide their usual dose of at least half.

3. Thirdly, it is better to cook at the minimum level, that is, with the expectation of one or two servings. Yesterday's dishes do not need to eat.

4. Drink, drink and drink again. The more green tea without sugar and water, the better.

Since the colors of Japanese food is one of the brightest in the world, it must remain so during the compliance and diet. Bright colors and products diversify your menu, and lose weight with the range of colors is much more pleasant.

Exceptions are products: chocolate, sweets, chips, crackers and fast food. Bread should be replaced rice cakes or completely reject it, and the meal must be balanced, including fish, seafood, vegetables, rice and fruit. Japanese diet secret is slow chewing and enjoying every bite of food.

This issue is more likely to answer "no" than "yes". If you want to spend a long time to restore the stomach, intestines, pancreas and other organs, then, of course, you can try to lose 10 kg in a week. Comparing the risks and effects of such a diet, it is necessary to say that the scales are more inclined to the former.

You are risking their health in the first place. But lost in the short term with interest kilos back, so even with the excess, since receiving such stress - the body including a mechanism for overcompensation. So take for themselves as a fact - any miraculous diet tells you how to lose weight at 10 kg. one week only cause harm to your body.

Yes, and this is also possible. Unfortunately, for this you will need much more time, but not 7, not 10 or even 20 days. In the long term, you can help the system of proper nutrition combined with a hefty physical loads, and in the shortest possible time to help lose weight only complex, expensive and require rehabilitation procedures eg:

Both of these operations are carried out under anesthesia only by qualified personnel. As a rule, they are chosen, if a person has been a certain degree of obesity and lose weight did not succeed. In any case, you can first try one of the diets offered by us, before thinking about the extreme measures.

A source: http://2018-g.ru/krasota/kak-poxudet-na-10-kg-za-mesyac-10-dnej-ili-nedelyu-luchshie-metody

What to do to lose weight in the past month by 10 kg. at home

How many people are unhappy with your figure? It seems that is full, at least 8, and that of 10 and 9. And the vast majority of them complain about not thinness, and overweight, dreaming to throw useless.

And get emaciated significantly, quickly and effortlessly. Unfortunately, such a dream feasible.

To lose any significant weight, it is necessary to apply the voltage and repeatedly, and for a significant period of time.

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What results is achievable? Let's say we want to lose ten kilograms.

Can I do it in a week? Probably, but it would require such serious stress on the body that will turn more harm than good.

Let's set ourselves a more realistic goal - to lose weight in the past month by 10 kg in the home. Here it is quite feasible, and in this article we will look at how to do it.

The overall view of the problem

It is known that the extra weight adversely affect human health, its performance, disease resistance and longevity. No, of course, possible to imagine situations and events are not uncommon, such as fat accumulation saves lives. But this exception to the rule, which states that the weight of a healthy person should be the norm.

And in order to complete the task - to lose weight at 10 kilograms in 30 days - Prerequisites:

  • adherence to the regime of proper nutrition;
  • strict adherence to the diet;
  • daily physical activity;
  • Motivation and a positive attitude.

Of course, every day to fulfill all these conditions for only one month will not be easy. But the only way to achieve our goal.


The fact that for health it is necessary to observe the order everyone knows even a kindergarten. But to lose a man or woman for a few kilograms after this period it is necessary not just to eat, and to comply with the special conditions and rules of food intake.

It is necessary to eliminate what is called the "white death" - salt and sugar It is desirable to completely and in any form. For many it will be a daunting task, so to begin to reduce consumption of these components by half. If you put in your tea two spoons of sugar, try to do one first, and then give up and away from her. If you are used to pickle for lunch and soup, and the second - dosalivat only the first, but rather remove the salt from the table.
Your body must receive adequate amounts of water Daily should drink 2.5-3 liters, depending on height and weight. And it should be just water, not juice or drink, and the simplest without gas and minerals. By the way, a glass of fluid drunk before going to bed, it is very helpful for those who are not able to do without night snack.
You should not feel hunger The body the average person is designed so that is trying to accumulate reserves (fat) when it receives signals about possible disruptions to supply. Hunger is such a sign. Therefore, the stomach should always have a job, but not overloaded. It should have often, but slowly. During the day, you should have 5 meals: 3 full (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and two light snacks in between. And there is to lose weight, it is possible and after six and seven o'clock in the evening, but it is necessary to strictly bind meal to sleep. Rather, on the contrary, can only go to bed three hours after dinner. With this mode, your body will get used to what is always enough calories. So, no need to create reserves, and those that already exist, you can safely spend.


Of course, the mode of regime, but 5 meals per day should consist not of any desired products, but from a strictly considered and calibrated diet. That is, without dieting to not do during the entire month.

Let's try to create a daily menu on those 30 days, we want to lose 10 kg:

Breakfast It should be the main source for the body of carbohydrates. On your desk bound to be: porridge from a variety of cereals, cooked without milk with minimal addition of oil; fresh vegetables - raw, in salads or steamed; unleavened bread. As a drink - yogurt with zero fat or unsweetened coffee.
For lunch Light soup and salad, plus the same bread and tea. The first is also desirable vegetarian or lean meat.
Dinner It will be for you on holiday and a reward for a hard day. In addition to the same vegetables on the table can be boiled eggs, white meat poultry, or lean fish.

As for the two intermediate snacking, they imply low interest yogurt and fruit. Fruits can be any except bananas. The total amount of food that you eat at one time must not exceed 300 grams.

As you can see, diet is pretty tough and endure it for a month - relatively difficult. But the efforts will be rewarded, if all the other conditions, to lose weight.

After 30 days, you are standing on the scales, you will see that the planned ten kilos disappeared.

The human body such a diet is not harmful, as all the necessary material and calories the body will get in sufficient quantities. It is only necessary not to forget about the daily volume of water, and be aware of some limitations.

The use of such a diet is contraindicated in the following conditions:

  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • any period of exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • under the age of 16 and after 55 years.

Physical exercise

This is the next component without which you can not do, if you decide to get rid of the extra month of 10 kg. Immediately warn that those of you who are all previous life neglected sports and gymnastics will be very difficult. But to realize our plans will not be possible without exercise.

Divide, conventionally, the human body into three zones, that must be rid of fat. This is the legs and buttocks, arms, stomach. There are special trainers for each zone, which can quickly and effectively drive away the excess fat, and developed a number of sets of exercises.

But we will look at here is the simple but very effective ones that will help to lose weight at home without extra cost:

We start, of course, a workout: walking on the ground, turning into a run; flapping hands; body turns. We hold it as long as we feel an easy fatigue, heat and burning in the muscles. the most common sit-ups suitable for the legs and buttocks.

Try to make them as far as possible, while keeping your back straight and flat. Perform 3 sets of 10 squats each. Of course, to realize this is the first day, especially without prior preparation, will be a daunting task.

Start with at least 5 or 7 squats in each set, and in a week, bring it to the required number of 10.

Hands will loading the push-ups. Better lying on the floor, but for women fit options pushup from the knees or from the support. Recommendations on the amount of time and the same approach as for squats. Start with an easier and fewer embodiment, increasing it each day.

Belly fat is removed from the drill press position, lying on his back. The upper and lower sections swing in different ways. For the first, bend your knees and lift the body to them. Great would be if you can do it, with his hands behind his head.

Do not try to carry out the ups with straight legs, because without training you probably hurt his back than pump up the press. Strengthen the lower part, lifting straight legs up and holding them in this position. In the early days make these exercises as many times as enough of your forces.

But a week later you have to get all of the same three sets of 10 times.

Performed this set of exercises, of course, every day, before breakfast, or no earlier than one hour after it. A completed gymnastics cold shower.

If you find the time and energy to the second (evening) session - can congratulate themselves with a guaranteed loss of 10 or even 15 kg at the end of the month.

Of course, having a considerable weight, stick to a regime in combination with the extremely difficult diet. But, as the rise in the eyes of friends and in their man, so thinner in the past month.

Positive attitude and motivation

For those who decided to seriously fight against excess weight, we will open a simple rule, to which the weight loss will be much easier. This is the original self-confidence, and the argument for the need to fulfill all the requirements.

You have from the beginning there should be no doubt in the success. Set yourself on the optimistic. Stand before a mirror and imagine that the extra kilos is not. Keep this picture in your head and enjoy what you see. It is yet an imaginary picture of himself emaciated, and would be a good motivation to perform all the exercises and observance of an effective diet.

Now imagine their joy when all through the month of your image in the mirror will match or even surpass what you were 30 days old.

We hope that we were able to give an answer to the question of how to lose weight at 10 kg per month at home. The only thing that I want to add - do not try to lose weight too fast or supramental limits.

And consult a doctor before starting to exercise and go on a diet.

A source: https://pohudenie.vip/sposoby/pohudet-za-mesyats-na-10-kg/

How to lose weight in the past month by 10 kg man?

There is a stereotype that care about their figure, mostly women. But this is not the case, exactly the same men are often faced with the problem of excess weight.

In this particular course of physiological processes allow them to achieve the desired result faster.

In the case of obesity due to lower testosterone levels in the blood or the disease is not worth risking the health and lose weight on their own. Safer and more efficient to seek medical attention.

If the extra weight appeared as a result of poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle, then, depending on the initial parameters, a man can easily lose 10 kg or more per month.

But we can not strive for this result at all costs. Radical methods of weight loss can cause great damage to health.

To prevent this from happening, you need to clearly follow the basic principles of how to lose weight and stay a man with the healthy and energetic person.

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Features of the male body, which lead to overweight

Medical studies have shown that daily consumption of calories the average man aged 30 years, is sufficiently large. In this way of life now in most cases, passive, sedentary.

Accordingly, there is a certain amount of unused energy which is converted into fat. They focus mainly in the abdomen, chest, armpits and face.

For men over 40 years, the problem of completeness becomes very relevant, because in this period begins lowering the body's production of the male sex hormone testosterone. During this period, the weight comes quickly, in a few months, you can dial the extra 10 kg, and it becomes more difficult to lose weight. Much more effectively and efficiently will do so under the supervision of a nutritionist and trainer.

After all, the main reason for weight gain - is not consuming more calories than you burn, and what begins produced much more female hormones that trigger the appearance of a "defensive" for body fat shell. Therefore, only a balanced diet will not give the expected results, and sports - a prerequisite to start losing weight.

A source: http://mymylife.ru/deti/raznoe/63630-kak-pokhudet-za-mesyats-muzhchine-na-10-kg

How to gain 10 kg in a month?

It seems that all the people only think about how to lose weight. But it is not so. So many men and women dream of gaining weight. And that they do not always work, as it is impossible in such a case, follow the principle of "eat a lot and often." In this article we will reveal all the secrets and show you how to get better at 10 kg per month.

To gain this month to 10 kg is necessary to draw up a diet. Remember that if you are constantly eating and a lot of fatty and fried foods, it does not lead to positive results. You just cool undermine health and become the owner of the fat folds on the most unattractive places.

Getting fat per 10 kg in the past month to help the man and woman following diet:

  • Breakfast;
  • Lunch chasa through 3;
  • Lunch should consist of 1 dish (soup), 2 meals (best meat with vegetables) and dessert (fruit, nuts);
  • Snack through 3 hours after lunch;
  • Dinner;
  • Late dinner (for 1,5-2 hours before bedtime).

In addition, during the day you can eat nuts, dried fruits, dates and bananas without restrictions. In sum, you should consume at least 4500 calories, it helps you to gain 10 kg in a month.

We also encourage you to engage in sports on a regular basis. Firstly, it will help you increase the weight of 10 kg in the past month due to muscle mass. Second, the exercise will help you to distribute your daily diet for the whole figure to the new kgs not accumulate only on the abdomen, hips, buttocks, etc.

Menu for the day to gain 10 kg per month

We offer you several options daily diet to increase body weight by 10 kg per month. You can change it to suit your tastes and needs.

The main task - to observe the balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins in a ratio of 45/30/25, and eat at least 4500 calories a day. For fats include cheese, cream, eggs, oily fish. For carbohydrates - sweets, bakery products, pasta, cereals.

For proteins - meat and dairy products. Do not forget to add spices to dishes, as they contribute to the emergence of appetite (pepper, coriander, cloves).


  • 1 cup of freshly squeezed juice, cereal milk fat at least 5% with the addition of honey, jam nuts and bread with butter, cocoa or coffee;
  • 2 boiled hard-boiled eggs, prunes and other dried fruits, bread with ham and cheese.


  • Vegetable soup meat broth, boiled beef, boiled or fried potatoes, 1 fruit, vegetable 1;
  • Meatball soup, salad with sour cream, pork with pasta, coffee with cream, 1 fruit.


  • Scrambled eggs from 2-3 eggs, boiled or fried potatoes, vegetable salad;
  • Vegetable salad, pasta with minced meat, sandwich.

On the second and breakfast you can eat fat cottage cheese, yogurt or a sandwich with ham, cheese or other cheese.

Before going to bed drink a glass of warm milk with honey and eat your favorite fruit.

Tips to increase the weight by 10 kg in the past month:

  • Try to eat slowly and fully;
  • Do not forget about drinking regime. For a set of 10 kg per month, you can include in your diet, sweet fruit juices to enhance appetite and produce "extra" calories;
  • Take small snacks between meals;
  • Eat as many foods rich in protein. For example, seafood, nuts, dairy products, protein shakes;
  • Include in your diet Slow carbohydrates: rice, bread, pasta;
  • Eat foods rich in unsaturated fats (avocados, nuts, fish);
  • Do not forget about physical activity to increase muscle mass.

A source: http://www.SportObzor.ru/diety-dlya-nabora-vesa/kak-nabrat-10-kg-za-mesyac.html

How to lose 10 kg in a month? An effective technique!

Every day, the excess weight a person accumulates a little bit, slow pace. And that's why you need to lose weight as well, very slowly. But, you see, there are situations where there is a great need to lose weight to 10 kg in the past month: a wedding, graduation, an important evening. It can happen anything, so it is pressing question of how to lose weight at 10 kg per month. Let's try to find the answer!

put a ban

First of all I would like to highlight the fact that it is impossible to do with weight loss:

  • Starve. During refusing food the body begins to store fat. The very weight loss occurs, but only due to dehydration. Hence it must be concluded that once you start eating, extra weight will come at twice the speed, twice the amount!
  • Sit on a rigid diet. In other words, the limited food. The principle is the same as during starvation. Moreover, you are depriving your body of essential elements and vitamins. Without them, we can talk about healthy weight loss, slim figure? Therefore, if you want to lose weight to 10 kg per month, you need to change the diet itself, rather than trying to eat enough food or do not eat it all! Understood? Come on!
  • Taking pills and drugs for weight loss. Perhaps they are effective, really help you lose a couple of extra kilos, but start, try to weigh their benefits, guarantee results, as well as the harm they cause to the body! Because then restore your health is not so easy, and in some cases impossible! Think about whether or not to take harmful chemicals for rapid and short-term weight loss or better on their own, but reliably, consistently go to the purpose?! We insist that you have chosen the second way! 🙂

effective tips

And now we go to advice on how to lose weight at 10 kg per month.

Reasoning on this topic, it is important to say that to leave everything as it is impossible. If you were so good, you would not have asked this question. And once it has arisen, then you need to change something, especially if you need to lose weight for the summer! It is for this reason that we insist to change the way of life, to come to the goal!


There is nothing complicated. Starve is not necessary to sit on a rigid diet, too, so simply remove from the diet is unhealthy, high-calorie food is fairly simple.

Be sure to reduce to a minimum, exclude the possibility of:

  • Sweet (chocolate, candies, mermaids)
  • Flour (bread, any other flour products, such as pastries, cakes, pasta)
  • Fried (forget about the roast potatoes, meat, mushrooms, burgers)
  • Acute (suggested to confine from hot dishes)
  • Salt (best added to dishes for a longer seasoning spices, and salt to remove all)
  • Smoked (chicken legs, sausages, smoked ribs - all it contains large amounts of fat, so remove from the diet)

But add in the diet, and as much as possible, we recommend the following:

  • Fruits, vegetables (they are very rich in vitamins necessary for the body's cells, and few calories)
  • Low-fat dairy products (drinking milk 6% fat, we absolutely do not allow, but 1.5% - please)
  • Meat, cooked, steamed or baked (protein must be necessarily in slimming diets human)
  • Eggs (cooked in only a)
  • Fresh juices (from purchased should be abandoned, because they contain a lot of sugar)
  • Cellulose (muesli, flakes, porridge; especially their good for breakfast)
  • Water (if you want to speed up the metabolism, cleanse the body of toxins, waste, be sure to drink a day at least 2 liters of pure water)

It is also important to give the following tips to help you lose weight guaranteed per 10 kg in the past month:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Do not load up, a little bit better nedoest, but to eat an hour earlier than to regret overeating and gain extra kilos
  • Take a multivitamin to lose weight at 10 kg per month (they do not hurt and will only strengthen your health, immunity, help to lose weight)
  • Try not to get nervous, because very often the cause of unnecessary kilograms is stress. So, be in harmony with each other! 🙂
  • Try to move more throughout the day: Do not use a lift, stand on one stop earlier than necessary if you want to bend, squat and so on
  • Do not forget about physical activity (sign up for swimming, the gym, study at home, do exercise for losing weight), and sports duration should be less than 1.5 hour day!

If all of these recommendations, then lose weight to 10 kg per month very easily! But also do not forget about the motivation, in fact it will help you not get off track! 🙂

It is important to note that the weight loss of 1 kg per month - it is a great weight loss, which can not be very nice effect on your health. We recommend losing weight to consult with your doctor.

A source: https://kak-prosto-pohudet.ru/kak-pohudet-na-10-kg-za-mesyats

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