Medicamentous treatment of balanoposthitis

Balanoposthitis is the inflammation of the foreskin and glans penis. Reddish dots, as a rule, appear on the head of the penis. Balanoposthitis is one of the most common inflammatory diseases in a strong half of humanity.

Treatment of balanoposthitis

  • If you notice symptoms of this disease, you should immediately go to a specialist and begin medical treatment of balanoposthitis.
  • First of all, patients are recommended to strengthen the hygiene of the genital organs. The head of the penis needs to be washed a couple of times a day with warm water and soap. Most often, the initial signs of the disease at this stage are over and no more treatment is needed.
  • If there are not enough hygienic procedures, then the foreskin and head should be treated with chlorhexine or miramistin.
  • Within one week it is necessary to conduct treatments after hygienic procedures a day a couple of times.
  • You should also use disinfecting trays. But for these procedures do not use iodine, manganese, alcohol, because they reduce the sensitivity of the head.
  • In the treatment of balanoposthitis, it makes no sense to use antibiotics. The spectrum of antiseptic action is broader, more effective and there are no complications with local use. It is unlikely that exposure to a bacterium on the head or foreskin with a drug that needs to go through the entire body will be more effective than treating the head itself.
  • Also during the drug treatment of balanoposthitis antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral drugs are used.
  • If, and from the above listed methods of fighting with balanoposthitis, there is no effect - hence the immunity of the mucosa of the penis and skin is greatly reduced. Therefore, in the treatment should pay more attention to this aspect.


To reduce the sensitivity of the head and to the atrophy of the receptor apparatus results in prolonged inflammation on the head. It reduces pleasant sensations at the sexual certificate or act and causes significant inconveniences at a sexual life, worsens sensation of an orgasm that as a result the quality of a sexual life and on potency can be reflected. In addition, the inflammation has the opportunity to go to the urethra from the head and cause the formation of urethritis.