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How to introduce meat into the lure of a child?

Meat for children

Proteins and fats, phosphorus, calcium, vitamins - all these and many other useful substances are part of the meat.Pediatricians do not doubt the need to introduce meat puree into the diet of the baby.That's just the parents immediately raise the question, at what time it is better to do and how to properly introduce the introduction of such complementary foods.

Table of contents: The use of meat for children When to introduce meat into the lure of a child From which meat to start luring The rules for choosing quality meat How to cook meat puree How much meat to give to a baby How to correctly introduce meat into a diet Overview of popular brands of baby meat sauce

Benefits of meatFor children

Yes, vegetarians say that without meat a person can quite live it right if it's not about a baby baby.Animal fats are extremely necessary for health, and a special need for the intake of all useful substances in the body is experienced by children. Meat performs many useful functions:

  • helps to strengthen the nervous system;
  • stimulates appetite;
  • allows the baby to grow healthy and develop harmoniously;
  • is involved in the formation of red blood cells;
  • increases hemoglobin;
  • improves the functioning of the intestines and stomach;
  • helps strengthen bones.

Meat dishes should be consumed and in order to increase the body's production of heat and get the necessary energy.

Of course, this does not mean that the baby should eat exclusively meat - the child's menu should be varied and balanced.

When to introduce meat into the child's feeding

A healthy, well-developed baby can receive "adult" food as a complementary meal from 4-6 months.First you need to introduce vegetable purée and porridge, then you can vary the menu with sour-milk products and fruits / juices and only after that it is allowed to offer the baby as a meat mashed potatoes.

Pediatricians recommend the introduction of meat puree from 9-10 months - the baby's digestive system by this age is already fully formed and will be able to take / digest a fairly heavy product. But doctors emphasize that in exceptional cases it is possible to enter meat and at the age of the baby 6 months. Such exceptional cases include:

  • reduced hemoglobin level;
  • baby does not gain weight;
  • there is a shortage of B vitamins in the body of the baby.

Note: if there is a need to introduce meat puree as an early additive, it is better to use the finished product for this.This specialized food contains little fat and is easily absorbed by the baby.

The work of the gastrointestinal tract of the child and the health of the whole organism depend on how good the meat is for the preparation of complementary food for the baby.Meat should be chosen carefully and very carefully - it can conceal a lot of dangers in itself.

With which meat to start lure

Begin the meat lure babies are better with veal and rabbit - this is the most lean meat, so it will be easy to assimilate the child.But pay attention to one important point: if the baby has a lactase deficiency and an allergy to cow protein, then beef / veal for cooking beef is not suitable.After the child will adequately perceive the meat lures, you can offer him chicken, but if the baby has an allergy to this type of meat, then find him a replacement - for example, it may be a turkey or a cousin.

Please note: pork and lamb are very "heavy" products, so try to introduce them into the baby's diet as late as possible.

Rules for choosing quality meat

It is too difficult to find really environmentally friendly meat in modern conditions - all animals are grown on artificial feeds, antibiotics and hormones, the latter are most dangerous for a tiny organism.Of course, you can grow the same chicken or rabbit yourself, but this option is good if the child with his parents lives in the village.And what do true urban residents? It is worth to listen to the recommendations of specialists who are concerned with the choice of really good meat:

  1. Meat for children The color of the meat being sold must be smooth and uniform.Beef is characterized by a red color of flesh, for pork - pink.Presence of streaks is permissible, but they must be white, not yellow at all.
  2. If you press a finger on a piece of pulp, the resulting dent will quickly disappear.If the hole remains after a lapse of 1-2 minutes, this means that the meat is not fresh.
  3. You should definitely smell the meat - the fragrance should be unobtrusive and pleasant, then you can talk about the quality of the product.
  4. When buying meat, you should use a "napkin test": attaching a napkin to a piece of flesh and seeing pink or red on it, it's safe to say that there are dyes in meat.
  5. For the preparation of baby meat puree you need to use only lean parts without fat.
  6. It is necessary to abandon the meat, which was thawed several times.For baby food, only the product that is defrosted and refreezed no more than two times is suitable.

How to cook meat puree

Meat for children To prepare a lure for a baby, you need to take a small piece of meat and cook it for 15 minutes.The first broth must necessarily be drained, and the meat washed.Next, the prepared meat is poured with fresh water and cooked for 40-60 minutes.

After the meat is cooked, it must be passed twice through a meat grinder, or chopped in a blender with the addition of boiled vegetables.To obtain a uniform consistency, you can add to the lure of cow or breast milk.

Please note : before cooking, the meat should be thoroughly washed and rid of veins and grease, do not add salt and spices during cooking, and to achieve a more suitable consistency of mashed potatoes, it can be wiped through a sieve.

How much meat to give to a child

In the very first meat lure you need to give your baby half a teaspoon of mashed potatoes.Next, during the day, you need to observe the state of health of the child - is there any allergy to the new product, do not disturb his intestinal colic.If the child feels well, then in the next lure he can already offer a full teaspoon of meat puree.

The baby needs to give meat 1-2 times a week, and when the child turns 10 months old, the frequency of consuming complementary foods can be increased up to 5-7 times a week( but no more than once a day).

How to correctly introduce meat into the diet

In general, there are no differences from the introduction of normal complementary foods and meat in the diet. In this case, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • Meat-lure the child must be healthy and active, he should not have any rashes on the skin or other manifestations of allergy;
  • for complementary foods it is possible to prepare a one-component puree( only from meat), or add vegetables to it, for which the baby has no allergy;
  • in the period of intense heat or the forthcoming vaccination against the introduction of meat complementary foods is better to refrain;
  • after entering the previous new product must pass at least two weeks;
  • can not offer the baby the remains of meat puree from the last time, you need to prepare a new puree for each feeding;
  • the best option is the introduction of meat complementary foods at lunchtime - this will allow to monitor the condition of the baby until the evening;
  • puree should be warm.

Review of the popular brands of baby meat sauce

If you do not have time to prepare the meat puree at home, you can enter into the diet and specialized baby food.


Features low cost, but the quality of this meat puree can hardly be called high.The composition of Thyme's meat puree includes fat, salt, milk powder and cereals, and this is not the best option.


This is a German brand that produces products approved by many pediatricians.This meat puree contains many useful substances, it is completely balanced.But there is one nuance: in the composition of meat puree includes onions, and this product is allowed to enter the diet of the child only from the age of 8 months.


Lure of this company is sold in a metal jar, which frightens off many parents.Meanwhile, the quality of the meat flavor of Agusha is high, and the cost of the product is quite acceptable.


The products of this manufacturer are popular among parents, but the biography of it is not so irreproachable.The fact is that for the preparation of meat puree meat is used, which was previously treated with chlorine - you will agree, it is unlikely to add health to the baby, although all the necessary medical checks are being taken.

Grandma's basket

Excellent, reliable and quality products!The producer uses only useful ingredients when cooking meat puree - for example, rice flour is used as the thickener, and not starch.


In principle, very high quality products.When making meat purees, not only meat is used, but also vegetable oil, water and starch.The last ingredient makes the meat puree very thick, which some children might not like and they will refuse the new product.

Do you need to prepare meat puree yourself, or should you give preference to finished products - the choice is given to parents.But the fact that meat is an important component of the child's rational nutrition is not in doubt.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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