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How to get rid of a patter on the face: treatment of miloons

How to get rid of a patter on the face: treatment of miloons

Small whitish formations on the skin of the face in medicine are referred to as miliums, but more often you can find the name "begging".Such rashes can often be seen on the face of a newborn, but often the patches on the face appear and at quite an adult age.Usually the classical methods of getting rid of rashes do not help, so you need to know how to restore the appearance correctly and quickly.


Milium: the causes of the appearance of

In general, doctors say that the appearance of the type of rash on the face can cause several factors - for example, an allergic reaction of the body to some external effect, chronic skin diseases, improperly selected cosmetics.

The main reason for the appearance of a patch on the face is a violation of the mechanism of exfoliation of dead skin scales.In a normal process, these dead flakes exfoliate independently, but in violation they simply accumulate on the surface of the skin.Thus there is a blockage of the ducts of the sebaceous glands, so the appearance of white rashes is natural.

Note: many take proxy for zhiroviki and try to squeeze out every nodule.As a rule, nothing happens, but you can "earn" yourself with inflammation, irritation and infection.

Milia2 There are two forms of the patchwork - primary and secondary. Primary is diagnosed in newborns, it can also occur in adults, it is considered safe and most often such rashes disappear on their own.And here the secondary form of a perch can be dangerous for the organism - if you do not go to the doctors and try to remove the education yourself, then there will be scars.

If during the neonatal period the reason for the appearance of the patch is the process of adaptation to new conditions of life and the imperfect flow of metabolic and regenerative processes, secondary prosyanka in adults can occur with regular exposure to direct sunlight, after chemical peeling, against the background of external use of steroid medicines andApplication of too "heavy" cosmetics.

Who is at risk for developing a prophylactic on the face of the secondary type:

  • patients with diagnosed chronic skin conditions;
  • patients of burn departments of medical institutions;
  • people who constantly conduct complex chemical cosmetic procedures.

Treatment of militia

Treatment of milium If the problem under consideration has arisen for the first time, then no medical measures should be carried out - doctors state that such characteristic rashes will disappear by themselves after a while.The only time when you need to seek professional help - the patches on your face are already several months in a row, their number increases, the skin becomes irritated and inflamed.

Secondary patience requires a more attentive attitude to yourself - you need to contact a cosmetologist.The specialist will appoint a therapeutic ointment, based on the examination of the patient, which includes retinoids.Often, with secondary sagging, cosmetologists suggest that the patient undergo a soft peeling procedure using fruit acids.Another option for the treatment of secondary pustules is the removal of each formation by surgery.If a similar procedure is carried out in a medical institution and with the observance of sterility, then there are no scars on the skin.

How to get rid of peppermint with the help of folk remedies

Of course, there are a lot of folk remedies that will help cleanse the face and get rid of the croaker.Naturally, they are best used only after consulting a beautician or dermatologist - get approval or, on the contrary, a categorical protest and thereby protect yourself from complications and additional problems.

The cleansing of the skin of the face with the help of salt scrub is considered to be the simplest means even with secondary sagging.To prepare it, you need salt and baking soda in equal proportions, which need to be thoroughly mixed.Next, on a slightly damp skin of the face, this dry agent is applied and circular movements are made with the tips of the fingers. Remember the following rules for carrying out such a therapeutic soft peeling:

  • it is preliminary necessary to clear the face of dust and dirt - wash with warm water and gel;
  • movement during the peeling should be soft and done without the application of effort;
  • the duration of the procedure should not exceed 5 minutes;
  • after the procedure, the person is washed with warm water, you can use a decoction of camomile or sage.

In order to get rid of the patch on the face, you can use other effective means:

  1. Cucumber mask.From the fresh cucumber get the juice, wiping the vegetable on the grater and squeezing the mass through 2-3 layers of gauze.Then the juice is mixed with low-fat cottage cheese in a 1: 1 ratio and applied to a pre-cleaned face.The time of the procedure is 15 minutes, then everything is washed off with warm water.
  2. Potato mask.Boil one potato "in a uniform", in a hot kind, mash with a fork together with the skin.The resulting mass is mixed with honey and sour cream( these components need to take 1 tablespoon), rubbed until a homogeneous mass( a small amount of lumps in it is allowed).The received product is applied to a previously cleaned face, left in this form for 10-15 minutes, then washed off with warm water.
  3. Paraffin mask.Melt paraffin in a water bath.Then, using a silicone brush on your face( you first need to wash), apply 3-4 thin layers of paraffin.Note that each subsequent layer is applied only after the previous one has solidified.The mask is removed from the skin only after 20 minutes.

Pharmaceuticals for the care of the asphods

Pharmacies for cure With success, you can use some pharmacy products to get rid of the patsy on the face.

Firstly, it is calendula, chamomile and sage - from these herbs is prepared a decoction according to the classical scheme( 1 tablespoon per 250 ml of boiling water, to insist 30 minutes), and then it is used for washing, compresses and ice cubes.

Secondly, you need to buy skin care products, which contain vitamins A and E. There are also vitamin complexes in the sale - such products will protect the skin from external influences, improve its regenerative properties and softly restore problem areas.

Thirdly, you can buy such drugs as Zinerit or Ugresol - they have antiseptic and antibacterial effects.

Prophylaxis on the face

As the causes of the appearance of rashes on the face of the species in question are well known, a whole list of measures to prevent their appearance has been developed.The rules are fairly simple, but if they are strictly observed, then it is possible to warn with a 100% certainty of the pats on the face.

Preventive measures:

  1. Proper nutrition.Do not torment yourself with diets, but you need to revise your own menu.In the diet should be present porridge, vegetables, fruits and greens - these foods contain a large amount of fiber, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the intestines.It is necessary to limit the use of carbohydrate food - baking, sweets, as well as too fatty foods.
  2. Exfoliating treatments.We are talking about the use of scrubs, which help to activate the processes of skin regeneration, open clogged pores.It is not recommended to use scrubs more often than 2 times a week to people with a fat and normal skin type.And if the skin type is dry, then it is characterized by increased sensitivity - the exfoliating procedure should be performed once a week.
  3. Application of tonics.It is not forbidden, but even recommended - the tonics moisturize the skin, help close the pores, nourish the epidermis.
  4. Use of creams.Here you need to be extremely attentive - the choice of a really suitable cream cosmeticians call science.You need to focus on the following indicators: the cream should not leave a greasy film on the face, cause irritation and create an impermeable film on the skin.
  5. Increased immunity.It is worth thinking about the correction of lifestyle and the use of immunomodulators.With strong immunity, pathogenic microflora is simply not able to reproduce and spread - there will be no patsy on the face.
  6. Regular cleansing.Do not ignore the recommendation of beauticians and dermatologists about the cleansing of the face - you need to do this 2 times a day using specific means.Different gels, milk, soaps and lotions should be selected only in an individual order and taking into account the skin type.1b3138f537bcb37e1ecb1231fdd986c9
  1. Steam baths and masks.An excellent solution will be to hold steam baths - it is desirable to conduct similar procedures every day.You can use broths of chamomile, sage, calendula or valerian for the baths - 1 tablespoon of any of the listed products is poured with 500 ml of steep boiling water.Then you just need to steam up your face, but beforehand do not forget to take off all the decorative cosmetics from it.Excellent steam baths are combined with cleansing masks - with steamed skin, open pores the effect will be stunning.
  2. Cosmetics.Manufacturers offer a special category of skin care products - they can not be called exclusively cosmetic, but they can not enter the group of medicines.The fact is that in the composition of such lotions, creams, gels, there are curative components, but in small amounts - they have a preventive effect.
  3. Decorative cosmetics.Of course, you can not do without it, but choose only quality products, trust proven brands and look for funds marked "hypoallergenic".In this case, the effect on the face will be soft, gentle.

The patience on the face is a rather unpleasant thing.They do not deliver any physical inconveniences, but inevitably spoil the overall appearance.Trying to squeeze them out at home is quite dangerous - there is always a risk of infection of the microranuncle.But also to apply any funds from the category of traditional medicine without consulting a specialist is not necessary - you need to correctly diagnose and find out the true cause of the rash.

Treatment of a patch on the face can be prolonged - from 2 weeks to 4-5 months.But with all the recommendations given in this article, the result will in any case be the one that is expected.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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