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How to improve memory and attention?

How to improve memory and attention? There are various types of memory.The ability to memorize various information, emotions and impressions provides the so-called.Nervous or neurological memory.Often a person begins to notice that it is difficult for him to remember the phone number or someone's date of birth.If the process progresses, you can even forget about an important meeting.

Table of contents: Possible causes of memory deterioration How to improve memory and attention?

Possible causes of memory deterioration

memory The reduction in memory capacity is more common for elderly and senile people when brain damage is caused by age-related changes.However, more and more often certain violations are recorded in young people.

There are a number of ways to significantly improve memory and brain function in general.These include regular training of memory( auto-training), the use of pharmacological agents and correction of the diet, involving the inclusion in the diet of certain products.Before starting to use any tools that improve memory, it is important to understand the causes that caused its violation.There is no universal methodology.Methods of treatment in each case are determined by a doctor - a neuropathologist, psychiatrist or other specialist.

Significant "dips" in memory, as well as amnesia require a serious long-term therapy, often requiring the patient's hospitalization.With minor disturbances, memory can be improved even at home.

Today the main causes of memory loss, not associated with serious diseases, are:

  • chronic fatigue( chronic fatigue syndrome);
  • psycho-emotional overload( stress);
  • bad habits;
  • wrong power supply.

How to improve memory and attention?

How to improve memory

How to improve memory and attention in adults without taking the pill?

If problems are associated with chronic fatigue and stress, then often you can do without special pharmacological drugs that improve memory and ability to concentrate.In such cases, first of all, a full rest and observance of the regime of the day are important.It is necessary to avoid regular lack of sleep and negative emotions.In his spare time it is recommended not to lie on the couch in front of the TV, but to train the brain, solving logical problems.Neurobic Please note : neuroscientists recommend to begin learning a new language for improving memory.You can apply such simple methods of brain training as brushing your teeth with your left hand( for right-handed people), as well as orientation in the apartment blindly.

It is advisable to give preference to active rest in nature;Outdoor walks have a beneficial effect on the blood supply to the brain, which often allows you to cope with constant absent-mindedness and forgetfulness.Memory may be compromised due to smoking and alcohol abuse.From bad habits must be abandoned.Nicotine is a psychostimulant, which helps some to concentrate attention for a while.But it causes a pronounced spasm of cerebral vessels, which most negatively affects the ability to remember.Ethanol also has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system, including - on the cerebral blood vessels.The use of alcoholic beverages in the course of time begins to cause real dips in the memory, in which the person completely does not remember the events that occurred on the eve of the onset of intoxication.

It is extremely important to keep track of what you eat.Violation of the main functions of the brain is often associated with hypovitaminosis( folic acid and vitamins PP and group B), iron deficiency and lack of polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet.Avoid fast food: the products offered by "fast food restaurants" have everything to worsen memory and earn a lot of serious diseases.

Products that improve memory and brain function

Products for the brain 1 If the question "how to improve memory in adults at home without the help of tablets" became urgent for you, pay attention to your diet.It must contain regular apples.They will help to fill the deficit of such an important macronutrient as iron.In the fruits there are compounds that protect the brain cells from the negative effects of free radicals.With regular consumption of apples in the body, the synthesis of neurotransmitters is stimulated, which are needed to improve memory.Eat more foods that contain polyunsaturated fatty acids.These compounds are present in large quantities in sea fish( including common herring), seeds, nuts( it is desirable to consume fresh), wheat germs, vegetable oils of the first pressing, and also in leafy vegetables( spinach is especially useful).Eat plenty of fresh tomatoes and broccoli cabbage. To improve memory in the shortest time you will help fresh berries blueberries .

Important: for the improvement of the brain is very useful artichoke, also known as "earthen pear".This root vegetable contains a large number of B vitamins, as well as complex carbohydrates and substances with antioxidant activity.

To improve memory, of course, need carbohydrates, but not "fast", contained in sweets and white bread, and complex, which are rich in legumes, cereals unsweetened fruits and potatoes.Instead of white bread is better to eat rye croutons.Oats, rice and corn are also extremely useful.

Note : Potatoes for better memory and attention are preferable to use in the liver form.

Macaroni products from durum wheat are also useful.Of the popular condiments used in cooking, well affect the memory of sage and rosemary.

Important: must comply with the drinking regime, ie avoid dehydration( dehydration) of the body.The brain consists of water more than 80%, so the lack of fluid dramatically affects the ability to memorize and concentrate.The consumption rate is from 1.5 liters per day( for an adult person). Products for the brain 2 Water is recommended not to drink ordinary water, but extracted from artesian wells.Mineral water( non-carbonated) is also useful.From drinks it is recommended to give preference to tea( both usual black, and green), but to consume it costs in reasonable quantities.

Drugs that improve brain function and memory

We recommend reading:

Folic acid( B9) and other compounds from group B, as well as nicotinic acid( PP), are especially important from vitamins that improve memory.Admission of vitamin complexes is recommended to begin only after preliminary consultation with the attending physician.In some cases, tablets that improve memory may be required.

Among the most effective and common drugs are:

  • Drugs that improve brain function Glycine;
  • Aminalon;
  • Phenibut;
  • Pantogam;
  • Pyracetam;
  • Fenotropil;
  • Vitrum memorial.

Glycine is manufactured in the form of sublingual tablets.The active components of the drug contribute to normalization of sleep, improve metabolism and reduce nervous tension.Aminalon stimulates brain activity, improving memory, attention and cognitive abilities.

Phenibut in tablets has sedative properties.It allows you to relieve nervous tension and provide the nervous system with a good rest.

Pantogam in the form of syrup and tablets is indicated for stimulating brain activity.The drug is prescribed for epilepsy and violations of mental functions.Piracetam is sold in capsules, as well as in the idea of ​​a solution for injections.The drug significantly improves the blood supply to the brain, stimulates metabolism and promotes the accumulation of energy in the body.Phenotropil is available in tablets.The therapeutic effect is the same as in Piracetam, but Phenotropol additionally has a psychostimulating effect.Vitrum Memori, which is sold in the form of tablets, improves oxygenation( oxygen saturation) of cells in the cerebral cortex, due to increased cerebral blood flow.

How to improve memory for a child?

Improve the memory of the child Memory loss in children is often due to overwork.In junior school age, it is associated with increased workload during the development of the compulsory school curriculum.Overloading the nervous system these days often causes a prolonged viewing of TV programs and computer games.Take care that the child does not get tired and resting not in front of the TV, but in the fresh air with peers.

Children with memory problems and even with a delay in development are shown, in particular, the preparation Intellan, which is available in the form of syrup and tablets.This tool to stimulate brain activity can be prescribed from the age of 3 years.In pediatric practice, Aminalone( in tablets) and Pantogam( in the form of syrup) are also widely used.To remove fatigue and improve attention to children, a combined agent Biotredin may be prescribed, the active components of which are pyridoxine and L-threonine.In the body, these components are transformed into glycine, which improves metabolism in the brain tissues.

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