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Paraphimosis - Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment Methods and Prevention Measures

Phimosis-y-boys Pressing the head of the penis with the foreskin shift is called paraphimosis.In this condition, the patient experiences painful sensations.The disease entails the formation of puffiness and a violation of the blood supply to the head, which can lead to the death of the sexual organ.Pathology can be congenital or acquired, quite often occurs in children.

Paraphimosis is a complication of phimosis, which develops due to pinching of the head of the penis by a patch of a tight structure.

Attention! Paraphimosis can lead to such serious complications as necrotic and gangrenous head changes.

Paraphimosis is an acute condition that requires immediate medical attention.

Table of contents: Symptoms of paraphimosis Causes of pathology Diagnosis Treatment of parafymosis

Symptoms of parafymosis

Paraphimosis is characterized by acute onset and occurs with the manifestation of such symptoms :

  • Paraphimosis swelling;
  • relief of a man or a boy is experienced, only with his legs spread wide and his body tilted forward;
  • swelling of the foreskin;
  • on a background of strong squeezing with the tissue of the prepuce the head considerably increases in size;
  • acute urination retention, intoxication;
  • severe pain, which is greatly enhanced by touch or urination;
  • the head gets a cyanotic shade.

If a man ceases to feel pain, this is a sign that the tissues have begun to die .In this case, cyanosis gets a darker shade and becomes purple or black.


Important! In case of death of tissues treatment will not bring results, therefore the reproductive organ is subject to amputation.

Causes of pathology

The main reason for the development of paraphimosis is the presence of phimosis, in which the foreskin contracts narrow.In this state, it is not possible to completely strip the head.

Other factors of the development of the disease:

  • trauma during intercourse;
  • forcing the head;
  • body piercing;
  • masturbation and masturbation in boys;
  • allergy;
  • diabetes;
  • complications after catheterization or cystoscopy of the urethra.Carrying out this procedure involves forcing the head uncovered;
  • scars caused by injuries or burns to the penis;
  • incorrect performance of hygiene procedures in boys when opening the head.Physiological phimosis is present in every boy.At the age of 3 to 7 years, spontaneous disclosure is carried out.But sometimes parents tend to do it earlier, using bath procedures;
  • primary syphilis.


It is not difficult to detect the disease, as it is accompanied by characteristic external signs. Diagnosis is performed by an andrologist, urologist or surgeon.

Diagnostic methods include:

  • Fimoz Analysis of complaints and anamnesis of pathology.The doctor determines the nature of the pain, how long the swelling of the head of the penis has occurred, and the narrowing of the ring of the foreskin of the head of the penis has appeared.How the head was exposed before.
  • An examination of the genitals is performed, which reveals the edema of the head, the presence of pain in it, and a change in its color.

Treatment of parafymosis

The disease is an acute condition that requires first aid.

First aid measures

  • application of ice or cold compresses;
  • application of elastic compression dressings;
  • injection of hyaluronidase into the site of edema localization;
  • use of local anesthetic agents;
  • application of dressings from gauze or fabric impregnated with hypertonic saline.This will remove puffiness.

Treatment methods

Two methods of are used to treat paraphimosis:

  • conservative( correction in paraphimosis);
  • surgical.

Paraphimosis The conservative method is used only if the patient has consulted a doctor at the time.In this case, the head is pushed back into the pinch ring using lubricants. Pre-puncture to remove fluid.Manipulation is performed under local anesthetic, and for children general anesthesia is used.After manipulation, the penis is treated with mild disinfectants, anti-inflammatory and softening agents.

If the conservative method fails, a surgical method is used.The longitudinal dissection of the prepuce is performed.In order to avoid relapses, after several months, circumcision of the foreskin is performed.The operation is performed not earlier than six months after the acute condition.The newest technologies make the procedure painless.It is carried out by means of a radiosurgical laser or laser radiation.

Important! To avoid surgical intervention, do not resolve the symptoms yourself.Immediately call an ambulance or get to the nearest hospital yourself.Therefore, after half an hour, tissue death may occur.

After the main treatment, antibiotics and restorative procedures are prescribed.

Possible complications

Paraphimosis Paraphimosis, in contrast to phimosis, which can develop for several years, is considered a critical condition and requires immediate medical attention.

If you do not consult a doctor at the time, you can lose your genital organ.

Because of the squeezing of the head, blood circulation is disturbed.The violet or blue color of the head indicates that necrosis has developed - tissue death.This can lead to irreversible consequences: amputation of the head or penis.The person is saved by life, but as a man he is more incapacitated, which subsequently leads to serious psychological problems.

Important! Necrosis of the penis head may develop in the child, so parents should immediately call an ambulance.

Prevention of parafymosis

The main preventive measure is the timely treatment of phimosis.

To avoid the development of the disease, compliance with such simple rules will help:

  • correct and regular fulfillment of personal hygiene rules.This is especially true for children under seven;
  • Passage of preventive examination twice a year.With diabetes every three months;
  • to avoid injuries to the inguinal zone and genitals;
  • in time to treat inflammatory and infectious diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • not to have sex in a state of drug or alcohol intoxication.

A favorable prognosis of paraphimosis is possible only with timely treatment.To diagnose pathology in children and adolescents, the diagnosis is carried out by a child urologist andrologist.At the first sign, seek medical help immediately.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, a first-degree sexologist andrologist

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