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Injuries of the penis: mechanical damage, frostbite and burns of the penis

Injury of the penis - damage to the genitals with the loss of its full functioning due to the impact of the traumatic factor.More than half of all genital tract injuries occur precisely on the injuries of the penis.Most often, the head, cavernous bodies and the foreskin area are traumatized.

Table of contents:

Types of lesions of the penis

Three main types of lesions of the genital:

  • closed;
  • open;
  • thermal.

Closed injuries

In these injuries, subcutaneous tissue and cavernous bodies are damaged. It can also damage the skin of the belly - a dense tissue that holds cavernous bodies.

Subcutaneous hemorrhage can occur in lovers of passionate and prolonged sexual acts.In the penis bursts of many small blood vessels.Subsequently, the blood from them does not go outside, but enters the surrounding tissues.The result is a painful dark blue swelling.

Important! In such a trauma, always consult a doctor, as it can lead to the formation of vascular scars, which in time can block the normal flow of blood.

injury During a sports training session or a fight, you can get a contusion of the penis .This injury can trigger a blow or an unsuccessful fall.The integrity of the outer covers is not violated.Often with such a trauma, the urethra is damaged.After a while, the genital organ swells drastically.When walking, there are severe pain, urination becomes difficult, and hematomas appear.

A strong push or punch of the penis in a state of erection can lead to dislocation of the organ. In this case, the ligaments that connect the base of the penis with the bony bone are torn.The root of the penis moves to the scrotum, under the skin, into the pubic region or perineum.

injury The most serious closed injury is a fracture of the penis. Most often this occurs during coarse sexual intercourse, with a sharp bend of the organ in the erect state or a strong impact.In this case, one can hear a characteristic cracking of tearing tissues.The body swells and there is a lot of pain.Ejaculation stops and an extensive hematoma develops.Against this background, the penis in a short time significantly increases in size and acquires a dark blue hue.

Open injuries

In these injuries, the integrity of the tissues is impaired.Sometimes traumatic amputation may occur.In severe cases, the remaining parts of the body are treated with antiseptic and overlap.In other cases, during a surgical operation, restore the nerves, vessels and urethra( if it was affected).

The result of a deliberate or accidental impact of piercing-cutting objects can be a stab-cut wound.

Contusion of a member Important! This kind of injury is dangerous with the formation of scars, which can provoke a curvature of the penis or a change in its shape.

Quite often, a stab wound can be accompanied by a partial or complete amputation of the organ.But even then, there is a chance to restore the function of the organ with the help of phalloplasty.

A gunshot wound is accompanied by severe bleeding, which can lead to death.Even with successful bleeding, foreign bodies can remain in the penis, which will make it difficult to urinate and provoke severe pain during erection.

Open trauma can be obtained with animal bites.

Thermal trauma

Frostbite and burns are referred to as thermal injuries.Burns can be obtained due to careless handling of hot liquids and chemicals.Frostbite can occur after prolonged exposure to frost.

Symptoms of trauma to the penis

The clinical picture varies depending on the severity of the injury.

The main symptoms that are typical for any trauma of the penis:

  • labored urination;
  • pain of varying intensity;
  • urethrorrhagia;
  • edema of varying degrees;
  • microhematuria and macrohematuria;
  • rare and numerous hematomas;
  • bleeding.

With bruises of the penis, there is quite a lot of pain, significant bruises on the skin and swelling.

If the penis is infringed, a slight puffiness may appear.In severe cases, such a trauma can provoke gangrene of the penis.

Gunshot wounds are accompanied by severe bleeding, against which there is a violation of urination.

With open trauma of the penis, urination becomes painful and can lead to delays.In advanced cases, urinary infiltration of the tissues close to the damage can develop.

First aid for trauma

If the penis is damaged, the following measures should be taken :

  • injury In case of open injuries to the injured organ, apply a sterile bandage to prevent the infection from getting inside;
  • to stop bleeding, pull the wound with a tourniquet, putting it slightly below the injured area;
  • rewind the genitals with a belt or a handkerchief;
  • open the wound with a disinfectant;
  • Give the patient any analgesic, except analgin.It can dilute blood, which will lead to even greater loss of blood.

Whatever the injury, immediately contact the nearest medical facility for help in order to maintain the normal functioning of the genitourinary system.

Treatment of injuries of the penis

Open-injury-sexual-penis With full amputation of the penis due to mechanical damage, it is very important to place the detached organ in the ice .Only in this case it can be sewn within 24 hours.

When injuries to the foreskin and penis, seams are applied, or the injured foreskin is cut off.

Serious injuries of the penis are treated surgically. In addition, after the main operation, in most cases, plastic repair is required.

With simple contusion of the penis, the physician chooses the wait-and-see tactics .In the first day, the use of cold compresses and the use of conventional non-steroidal analgesics are possible.Extensive hematomas are treated by the operative method, producing the removal of blood clots and sewing of the gallbladder, if it was injured.

Damaged urethra is restored, resuming its patency and adequate separation of excreted urine.

To avoid injuries to the penis, it is necessary to avoid dangerous positions in which a strong bend of the penis is possible.Sexual intercourse should be less aggressive.When practicing dangerous sports, provide the sexual organ with special protection.

Men who have suffered penile lesions must be observed by a urologist and visited at least once a quarter.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, a doctor and sexologist-andrologist of the 1st category

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