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What to take for a cold

What to take for a cold

Everyone knows the state when the head starts to hurt, the temperature rises, pershit in the throat, nasal congestion, weakness in the body.This is a typical clinical picture of a cold or SARS, influenza.Usually, such diseases appear against the background of weakened immunity during the cool season( autumn, spring, winter).Be sure to seek medical advice when the first symptoms of a cold appear.The doctor always individually appoints treatment taking into account the features of each patient, based on the results of the analyzes, objective survey data, etc.

Table of contents: Drugs for symptomatic treatment of colds Preparations with antiviral and immunostimulating action List of the most effective chemist's products for cold What to take for cold without temperature Treatment of common cold by

We will consider the list of the most commonly used and prescribed medicines for colds,As well as effective recipes of traditional medicine.

It is important to start treatment as early as possible, this will help reduce the disease period to a minimum and avoid complications.With properly selected therapy and maintenance of immunity, the cold will recede for 5-7 days, and the improvement of well-being will be noticeable.

Please note: , even with the availability of a wide selection of over-the-counter drugs in pharmacies, it is necessary to consult a doctor.This rule applies to both treatment and prevention.The doctor always takes into account the patient's contraindications to taking this or that remedy, which is also very important.Therefore, self-medication in this case can sometimes do more harm than good.

Drugs for the symptomatic treatment of the common cold

Their task is to eliminate the symptom of the common cold, but they do not have any effect on the virus itself.That is, they will help only cope with headache and muscle pain, relieve fever, eliminate nasal congestion, facilitate coughing.

  • Alternatives-to-antibiotics Vasoconstrictors. They restore normal nasal breathing, by reducing the swelling of the nasal mucosa and the airways.The most commonly used drugs with the active substance in the form of phenylephrine.Anesthetics.
  • Anesthetics. Their task is to remove the pain syndrome, which is usually expressed by myalgia and headache.Most often it is Paracetamol and Nurofen, which also relieve fever.
  • Antipyretic. Paracetamol is usually prescribed or a drug based on it( Rapidol, Cefekon, Efferalgan, etc.).
  • Antihistamines. These are antiallergic drugs that are used to reduce edema of mucous membranes, eliminate inflammation, as well as lacrimation, burning, itching.In the case of SARS, doctors usually recommend antihistamines in the form of Pheniramine, Promethazine.
  • Vitamins. Vitamin C plays a special role, which increases immunity, which helps the body fight viruses.

Important: and The above medicines must last at least 3-5 days so that the s achieves the desired therapeutic effect.

Drugs with antiviral and immunostimulating action

Their reception is justified only if the presence of a virus in the body that caused the common cold was confirmed on the laboratory or on the basis of the examination.Pathogenic viruses have the ability to integrate into RNA and human DNA in cells.Antiviral drugs block their activity, while retaining the cells themselves.This group of drugs is classified according to the mechanism of action:

  • What to take for a cold M2 protein blockers. They are prescribed usually for influenza, and not as often as before, because today pharmacy chains can offer a huge selection of more modern drugs with less pronounced side effects.Remantadine and Amantadine belong to this group.
  • Neuraminidase inhibitors. To date, these are the most modern antiviral drugs that are prescribed for colds.Getting into the patient's body, they actively and effectively prevent the reproduction of the virus, eliminate the typical symptoms of the disease and minimize the risk of complications.Most often, Oseltamivir and Zanamivir are appointed from this group.

From a number of immunostimulants for colds, inducers of interferon are shown.They are perfectly combined with different antiviral drugs, shown for colds, strengthening their actions.Interferons stimulate the production of proteins that suppress the infectious agent in the body.These same drugs are used in the prevention of influenza.They include Groprinosin, Kagocel, Lavomax, Cycloferon.

List of the most effective pharmacy cold remedies

There are some drugs that doctors usually prescribe for colds most often. These include:

  • Kagocel-box Kagocel.He perfectly copes with the prevention and treatment of influenza, SARS, as well as herpes.Allowed for admission to both adults and children from 3 years.
  • Relenza.The main active substance is Zanamivir.This agent works well for such types of influenza virus as A or B.
  • Grippferon.It is very often prescribed to patients by doctors precisely for colds and flu.It is based on Interferon alfa-2b and is shown even to pregnant and lactating mothers.
  • Tamiflu.A drug known since last year, created on the basis of Oseltamivir.It is advisable to use it for H1N1 flu, and not for simple colds, so before taking it is necessary to consult with a doctor.
  • Amiksin.Its active substance is Tiloron, which is effective not only in ARVI, but also in cytomegalovirus, urogenital infection, hepatitis A and B. It is not used anywhere in the world except CIS countries, as it is not used in any other country.There is reason to believe that he is embryotoxic.
  • Arbidol.It is used in the treatment of influenza A and B, subtypes H3N2, H2N2, H5N1, H1N1, adenovirus infection and some others.The effectiveness studies were conducted only in the CIS countries, in Europe the preparation is not used.

Important: should not be taken with cold antibiotics, as they do not have an antiviral effect.Their reception is justified only in case of joining of a secondary bacterial infection against the background of ARVI.In this case, appoint them to the competence of only a doctor.

What to take for a cold without temperature

cold In case of developing a typical symptom of a cold, but without temperature, treatment can not be neglected.Wrong opinion that at normal body temperature everything will pass by itself.Absence of a subfebrile condition can testify to low immune protection.If the cold has just begun, and there is no temperature, you should get your feet stuck, that is, make a hot foot bath, rub your feet with vodka, put on socks.It is allowed to use folk methods of treatment.

Among medications in this case, it is advisable to use such remedies( after medical consultation):

  • Drops from the common cold.The stuffy nose and swollen mucosa bring very strong discomfort, interfere with normal breathing.In this case, such drops as Sanorin, Naphthyzinum, Galazolin are prescribed, and it is mandatory to use saline or a solution of common salt( 1 teaspoon of salt per 1 liter of water) for washing the nose.
  • Means for sore throat.Colds can occur with or without pain and sore throat.If it is present, then locally used sprays in the form of Cameton, Ingalipt, Camphomen.A number of lozenges and lozenges also have a good effect: Bronhoveda, Sepptole, Pharyngosept.
  • Preparations with expectorant action.If there is a cough, such means are shown: Pertussin, Lazolvan, Mukaltin, Tusuprex, Altei syrup, ACC, Bromgexin, Prospan.

Note: should be very cautious about antitussive drugs.In fact, they have very limited indications for use and they can be prescribed only by the attending physician.Suppressing the cough reflex, and this is how these drugs act, can cause complications from the respiratory system.

Treatment of common cold by

It is also worth considering that the patient is shown a home treatment in order to avoid infection of others and attachment of a secondary infection.The optimal conditions in the room should be as follows: air temperature 18-20C, humidity 60-70%, frequent airing, frequent wet cleaning in the room.In such conditions, the process of recovery will go faster, because in humid and cool air viruses die almost instantly.It is important to provide the patient with an abundant warm drink.

Also with colds, you can take advantage of such traditional medicine recipes:

  • Tea with lemon and honey with a few circles of ginger root will perfectly improve your well-being and give strength.
  • Inhalations with different herbs have a positive effect on the sore throat.In particular, pine buds, eucalyptus, sage and mineral alkaline water are used.Inhalation should be carried out 2 times - in the morning and before bedtime.
  • Melted butter with honey 1: 1( adults can add 1 tablespoon of vodka) warms up the throat well.
  • When coughing, warm milk with honey is also drunk( but not hot, honey can not be added to beverages that are above 50C), which has mucolytic effect, dilutes sputum.
  • Rinses are indicated for pain in the neck in the throat.Usually for this purpose, use a decoction of chamomile, sage, soda or brine with a few drops of iodine, furacilin and hydrogen peroxide.Rinse should be done at least 5-6 times a day.
  • Garlic and onions contain in their composition natural phytoncides, which have an active antiviral effect.Therefore, you can not only use them for food, but also spread the garlic cloves and chopped onions around the room.
  • It is not superfluous to also use the aroma lamp with essential oils of tea tree, lemon, mint, lavender.

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