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Teratozoospermia - causes, diagnosis, treatment methods and the likelihood of conception


Recently, more and more often couples are faced with male infertility.Teratozoospermia is one of the pathologies that prevents fertilization in a natural way.In this disease in the semen fluid, men show more than 86% of sperm with these or other defects.

Incorrect spermatozoa are present in the seminal fluid of each male, but their number is normally equal to single values.With teratozoospermia, this indicator can be more than 86%.In this case, getting pregnant will be problematic enough.

Table of contents: Forms of teratozoospermia Causes and symptoms of teratozoospermia Diagnosis of the disease Treatment of teratozoospermia

Forms of teratozoospermia


The disease can occur in various forms.They differ from each other pathological changes.

Normal spermatozoon has the following characteristics:

  • the head has an oval shape and a smooth surface;
  • head width is 2-3 mm, and the length is 3-5 mm;
  • the front of the head has a membrane structure( acrosome);
  • no less than 40% of the head surface should occupy the acrosome, distinctly stand out;
  • ponytail and cervix should be without deviations;
  • cytoplasmic drops in the membrane( acrosome) should not be larger than half the head.


Spermatozoid pathologies are divided into three groups:

  1. Spermium head pathology:
    • too large, or on the contrary, small;
    • The spermatozoon has several heads;
    • non-standard shape( conical or round);
    • wrong acrosome.
  2. Sperm form neck pathology:
    • overly thin neck;
    • thickening or thinning of the center of the neck;
    • neck is connected to the head asymmetrically;
    • cervical angle with deflection.
  3. Pathology of the shape of the sperm tail:
    • too short or long tail;
    • sperm has several tails;
    • the tail deviates to the side or is twisted.

Causes and symptoms of teratozoospermia

The problem is that the pathology proceeds without any symptoms, and men rarely visit the andrologist .The problem may arise if the couple can not conceive a child for a long time.In this case, both partners are examined.Teratozoospermia physician can determine by analysis of sperm( spermogram).

Specialists identify several major factors that affect the development of pathology:

  • Teratozoospermia genitourinary viral infections, such as herpes;
  • external aggressive factors, which include: malnutrition, exposure to radiation, hot climate, polluted air and water;
  • negatively affect the structure of spermatozoa such diseases as otitis media, epididymitis, prostatitis, thrush, etc.;
  • use of hormonal drugs to treat or build muscle;
  • is a chromosomal or genetic disease.The disease can be inherited;
  • endocrine diseases.

Diagnosis of the disease

Teratozoospermia Pathology is diagnosed by spermogram results.To obtain the most accurate result, it is recommended to take tests in two different laboratories .Between the delivery of tests should be at least two weeks.

Important! A healthy man should have at least 14% of spermatozoa with normal forms of development( or at least 4% according to Kruger's strict criteria).Any deviation from this indicator indicates a pathology.

The disease is identified by the formula.The anomaly index shows the number of "rejected" spermatozoa in the seminal fluid.

Pathology is considered when the index value exceeds the norm and is 1.6.The ITZ is calculated as follows: the number of defects is divided by the number of incorrect spermatozoids.

Treatment of teratozoospermia

Only a qualified specialist can prescribe the treatment of pathology individually to each patient, based on the results of the spermogram. Folk methods of treatment must always be agreed with the doctor.

Medication therapy

Treatment is prescribed depending on the cause of the disease .Only on the basis of this the doctor appoints this or that medicine.

The following preparations must be included in the treatment:

  • zinc;
  • folic acid;
  • is a tribune;
  • selenium;
  • spermectin;
  • Verona;
  • iodine, etc.

These drugs restore and strengthen the secretion of sperm.

Attention! Do not self-medicate, using doubtful dietary supplements.They can only hurt.

Folk remedies for the treatment of teratozoospermia

First you need to give up bad habits and reconsider your diet.

There are several recipes for folk medicine that are effective for teratozoospermia:

  1. pumpkin Take a spoonful of plantain seeds, pour a glass of boiling water and cook for five minutes.Take two tablespoons of broth four times a day.The course of treatment is a month.
  2. Peeled and chopped pumpkin seeds, mix with May honey.Mix the mixture on a spoon before eating.
  3. In a cup of fresh milk, add a small leaflet of the sage, five kernels of nuts, a piece of butter and a spoonful of honey.Stir and drink in the morning on an empty stomach.

Probability of pregnancy with teratozoospermia

If spermatozoa have some pathology, this can be an obstacle to natural fertilization. Even if conception occurs, pregnancy rarely ends up safely.A child conceived by "wrong" sperm can be born with various kinds of developmental abnormalities.Most often in such a pregnancy ends in a miscarriage.

The chances of a normal pregnancy with teratozoospermia are negligible.Therefore, take a survey and begin treatment at the planning stage of pregnancy.

In some cases, it is better to resort to ICSI or IVF methods.

Teratozoospermia is a pathology that can be cured if you take it seriously.Correct therapy is capable of giving men the joy of paternity.Exceptions are only congenital or neglected pathology.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, sexually pathological andrologist of the Center for Family Planning

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