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Atopic dermatitis in adults: symptoms and therapies

N1819648387523( 1) Atopic dermatitis refers to chronic skin diseases of non-contagious nature.People with this diagnosis throughout life experience significant discomfort - the main sign of the disease is itching, which can be of varying intensity.Treatment reporting a skin disease being all my life, since the process is chronic - more intensive therapy is prescribed in acute atopic dermatitis, and during his remission enough support procedures.

Table of Contents: Causes of Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms Symptoms of Atopic Dermatitis Methods of Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis in Adults Atopic Dermatitis in Adults: Treatment with Medications Hormonal Ointments in Atopic Dermatitis Non-hormonal Ointments for Atopic Dermatitis in Adults General Recommendations Folk Medicine for Atopic Dermatitis

Causes of DevelopmentAtopic dermatitis

The main factor in the onset of symptoms of atopic dermatitis is geneticI predisposition:

  • if this disease affects one of the parents, the risk of dermatitis in the child is 40%;
  • if the disease is diagnosed in both parents, the child with a probability of 96% will be hurt by the same kind of skin disease.

The spread of atopic dermatitis, noted by medical workers around the world, is associated with some common causes:

  • is a bad ecology - contamination of water, soil, air;
  • increase in the number of infectious diseases that are resistant to antibacterial drugs( antibiotics);
  • decrease in the number of permanent physical exertion - this is sedentary work, and spending a lot of time at the computer;
  • persistent nervous stress, disturbances in the psychoemotional background.

Often atopic dermatitis is a reaction of the body to the effect of an allergen - for example, on house dust, animal hair, pollen of plants, food products, cleaning / washing materials.
Please note: the exact reasons that cause the development of atopic dermatitis have not been revealed so far.In humans, the symptoms of the underlying skin disease can appear at any time, regardless of the hereditary factor or the body's reaction to allergens in the past.

symptoms of atopic dermatitis

very rare, but there are times when atopic dermatitis alone disappears.But usually the presence of atopic dermatitis in childhood indicates that his manifestations will bother the person and in adulthood.The most characteristic manifestations often localized at bends the elbows and knees, on the neck( neck area), back and chest( in their upper sections), buttocks, may appear on the face.The manifestation of atopic dermatitis in adults can be in the form of plaques, scaly patches with crusts - externally they resemble eczema.

Localization is variable, and it is often impossible to clearly identify the boundaries of pathological changes in the skin - it is a "rash" rash.

Atopicheskiy dermatiti main symptom treat chronic skin disease is itching - often it is described as intolerable, always appears in places eruptions.Patients can uncontrollably comb the plaques and crusts, which leads to the appearance of microtraumas and their infection - the risk of developing staphylococcal or streptococcal infection in the background of atopic dermatitis is very high.Signs of atopic dermatitis are dry skin, its peeling, the formation of small bubbles with serous contents.When itching, these bubbles begin to burst and become wet, forming characteristic yellow-brown crusts.

There are a number of symptoms that can accompany atopic dermatitis, but are extremely rare:

  • chronic conjunctivitis;
  • thickening of the skin;
  • thickening and blurring of the skin pattern;
  • cracked skin;
  • redness of the feet;
  • changes in the appearance of nails on the hands and feet - they acquire unnatural shine;
  • hair loss at the back of the head.

The most severe manifestation of atopic dermatitis is oppression of adrenal cortex function - the patient experiences increased fatigue, it becomes painfully thin, and regularly low blood pressure is noted.

Methods of treatment of atopic dermatitis in adults

Atopic dermatitis is treated only by complex measures - they should be selected by a doctor after a full examination of the patient.Of course, the therapy scheme is assigned individually, even the drugs and their dosage can be completely different, but there are some general recommendations.

When an exacerbation of atopic dermatitis is often associated with an infection and as a preventive of this situation, doctors recommend using antiseptic drugs - Fukarcin, Diamond Green.In the case when the infection has already joined, it is advisable to use antimicrobial agents of local action - lincomycin and erythromycin ointment.Pay attention: in case of severe secondary infection, antibiotics can be prescribed - Doxycycline, Zitrolide, Rovamycin and others.

It is very important to normalize the psychoemotional background of the patient - scientific medical research has proved that exacerbations of atopic dermatitis are associated with nervous stress, unmotivated irritation, neuroses and psychoses.Therefore, patients should undergo a course of sedative therapy - it will not necessarily be medications, in some cases, teas from mint and lemon balm, decoctions of motherwort will be effective.

Atopic dermatitis in adults: treatment with medications

  1. The patient should take antihistamines.They help to get rid of the main and most unpleasant symptom - itching.To approved antihistamines( refer to the article on antihistamines) include Suprastin, Citrex, Claritin, Diazolin - there you need to select individually, because some patients are helped only by new-generation drugs, and many patients are rescued and well-tested drugs.
  2. Regularly it is necessary to carry out therapy in relation to purification of the gastrointestinal tract from toxic substances.It is recommended to take Polysorb, STI Filter, Polyphepan, Enterosgel or activated charcoal.
  3. It is effective to conduct hyposensitizing therapy with sodium thiosulfate or calcium chloride.It is especially important to take this recommendation into account when diagnosing allergic atopic dermatitis.

Hormonal ointments for atopic dermatitis

When the manifestations of the chronic skin disease undergoing exacerbations, doctors prescribe ointments and creams of hormonal action - Acriderm, Celestoderm.

Note: the effectiveness of these drugs is excellent, but prolonged therapy with hormonal drugs adversely affects the endocrine system of the body, which leads to violations of the function of the adrenal cortex.

Non-hormonal ointments for atopic dermatitis in adults

It is advisable to conduct therapy and non-hormonal ointments - the effect may not be as fast and powerful as hormonal, but these drugs are harmless and can be used even in the treatment of atopic dermatitis in children.Non-hormonal ointments used in the treatment of this skin disease: Timogen, Protopic, Fenistil, Eplan, Destim, Elidel and others.

General recommendations

It is not necessary to hope for atopic dermatitis only for the help of drug treatment - the disease is chronic, which means that therapy must be carried out all life.Doctors are well aware that prolonged intake of any medications leads to a disruption of the functions of all organs and systems. It is advisable to take measures to prevent exacerbations of the manifestations of this chronic skin disease:

  1. The air in the room must be constantly moistened and cleaned - it can be provided with special equipment;
  2. Allergen needs to be identified and excluded from the personal environment( if possible);
  3. Food should be adjusted in conjunction with a professional dietician - it should be hypoallergenic;
  4. Sun rays and too low air temperatures can trigger spontaneous exacerbation of atopic dermatitis - one must learn to avoid prolonged exposure to "extreme" climatic conditions;
  5. Underwear should only be made of natural fabrics;
  6. When carrying out water procedures, you can use either normal soap( without flavors and chemical ingredients) or special hypoallergenic agents;
  7. If atopic dermatitis has an allergic etiology, then you should stop wearing jewelry - this applies not only to jewelry, but also items made of gold / platinum / silver.

On the rules of life for people suffering from atopic dermatitis, experts say:

Traditional medicine for atopic dermatitis

In folk medicine, an important approach in the treatment of atopic dermatitis is a complex approach - for example, not only to remove symptoms with baths,Organism from toxins, strengthen immunity. The most effective folk methods for alleviating the condition in this chronic skin disease are:

  1. Herbs Bath with chamomile.Brew 500 grams of chamomile flowers( you can take fresh, can be dried) in a liter of boiling water, thaw for half an hour and pour the resulting broth in a bath of water.The time of the procedure is 20 minutes, the water temperature should be moderately warm.
  2. Bath with bran.1 kg of bran should be boiled for 30 minutes in 3 liters of water, then the resulting broth is filtered and poured into a bath.Time of procedure - 15 minutes.
  3. Chistel juice.The juice is extracted from the green mass of the plant, it is bred in a proportion of 1: 2, where the first figure corresponds to the amount of celandine juice, moistens the gauze dressings and applied to the affected areas of the skin.Time of procedures - 20 minutes, the number of applications - at least 2 per day.
  4. Decoction from the string.You need to take a tablespoon of dry string, pour a glass of boiling water and insist for 2 hours.Then moisten in the resulting broth gauze bandages and apply them to the affected areas of the skin.The time of the procedure is up to the complete drying of the dressing, the number of procedures is 3 times a day.
  5. Oil of geranium.Grind the leaves and flowers of an ordinary homemade geranium, fill it with a bottle of dark glass and pour with vegetable( refined) oil.First, the drug is infused in a dark place for 5 days, then the bottle moves to the area of ‚Äč‚Äčexposure to sunlight( for example, on the windowsill) for another 6 weeks.In the future, the geranium oil is stored in the refrigerator( you can not allow it to freeze!), And can be applied daily - they are rubbed by the affected skin.
  6. Wine infusion.It is necessary to take 5 large leaves of plantain, wash and grind them.Pour 100 ml of white dry wine and insist for 5 days.This wine infusion should be wiped skin areas with visible lesions throughout the period of exacerbation.

The dermatologist tells us about the methods of treating atopic dermatitis:

Atopic dermatitis can not be cured "once and for all" - this skin disease, unfortunately, will periodically manifest itself throughout life.But if you follow the above recommendations, you can enter the disease into a long-term remission.In any case, the pathology under consideration should be treated under the supervision of a doctor - you need to identify the cause of the development of atopic dermatitis and, if possible, remove it - only then you can expect long-term relief.

Yana Tsygankova, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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