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Cyst of the Thyroid: Symptoms and Treatment

Cyst of the Thyroid: Symptoms and Treatment

The thyroid gland is considered to be a fairly sensitive organ, it is not surprising that it suffers from various diseases.Many of these diseases are characterized by the formation of nodes - they can be of different types.If such a site is filled with fluid, then this will be classified as a thyroid cyst.

Such formation can be single and proceed absolutely asymptomatically, without disturbing the habitual rhythm of a person's life.But often enough on the thyroid gland develop multiple cysts - this is the course of the disease brings a lot of problems.

Table of Contents: Reasons for the formation of the thyroid cyst Species of the thyroid gland Thyroid cysts Symptoms Treatment of the thyroid cyst

Reasons for the formation of the thyroid cyst

Statistically, the thyroid gland is usually diagnosed on a background of hypothyroidism - a disease associated withDecreased function of the organ.But the push to the origin of the cyst will give hyperfunction of the follicles, accompanied by hemorrhages in the walls of the follicles and their rapid increase.

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Doctors identify a few more reasons that can trigger the appearance of the tumors under consideration. These include:

  • thyroid inflammatory disease;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • deficiency of iodine in the body;
  • imbalance in the hormonal system;
  • prolonged exposure to toxins and toxic substances;
  • injury of the gland.

Species of the thyroid cyst

More often on the thyroid gland two types of cysts are formed - follicular and colloidal.

The follicular cyst is a neoplasm that is surrounded by a capsule and grows from one center.As a rule, the follicular cyst is a single neoplasm that grows extremely slowly and does not cause any problems to a person, and there are no symptoms at all.

Varieties of the thyroid cyst

The colloidal cyst of the thyroid gland is a cluster of colloid( proteinaceous fluid) within the follicle.This kind of the examined neoplasm is very easily diagnosed - the cyst is seen with ultrasound examination.

Symptoms of the thyroid cyst

Generally, the cyst of any organ is a neoplasm characterized by undulating development.The same applies to neoplasms on the thyroid gland - the cyst that increases in size, then suddenly disappears.And most often the development of the tumor under consideration passes so slowly that for many years a person does not even suspect about the existing health problem.But it also happens that the cyst of the thyroid gland develops rapidly, and this negatively affects the functioning of the organ and the condition of the whole organism.

Most often, the cyst symptoms appear at a time when the neoplasm has already grown quite large in size and presses on the organs of the neck. In this case, the following symptoms will be present:

  • swallowing and breathing are difficult;
  • perspiration is present in the throat;
  • the voice becomes hoarse;
  • with palpation of the neck is clearly felt soft formation;
  • the appearance of the neck changes.

Note: if inflammatory and / or suppurative processes begin to develop in the thyroid cyst, the patient will complain of high body temperature, tenderness in the area of ​​the thyroid gland and the increase of closely located lymph nodes.

Symptoms of the thyroid cyst

Symptoms of the disease under consideration in childhood will be identical to those already mentioned, but there is one feature - it is in children that the thyroid cyst grows rapidly.

Treatment of thyroid cyst

In general, the treatment methods of the disease under consideration are quite diverse, and the specific choice will be made by the doctor .This choice depends on many factors :

  • what size cysts;
  • what is the overall health of the patient;
  • are there any concomitant pathologies;
  • patient's age and others.

If the cyst has a size of at most 1 cm, a puncture of the tumor in the thyroid gland is made.This gives a lot: you can do research for the presence or absence of cancer cells, all of its contents are pumped out of the cyst.

Note: puncture of the thyroid cyst does not always give good results.The fact is that doctors after such treatment often fix relapses - repeated development of tumors.

Treatment of thyroid cyst Most often, specialists remove the thyroid gland or part of this organ directly if calcium salts are found in the cyst, the tumor is too large, or the malignant character of the cyst has been identified during the study.

Some patients use folk methods to treat thyroid cysts - in principle, there is nothing forbidden in this.But doctors insist - this method of treating the disease in question can be used only after an accurate diagnosis and obtaining permission for this from a specialist.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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