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Teratospermia: causes of development, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

Teratozoospermia Teratospermia is a condition in which the number of pathologically formed spermatozoa exceeds the permissible norm.

Because spermatozoa have a pathological structure, they are not capable of fertilization.

Table of Contents: Reasons for the development of teratospermia Symptoms of teratospermia Diagnosis Treatment options for teratospermia

If, however, the impregnation of a defective sperm occurs, as a rule, a frozen pregnancy, or miscarriage occurs in the early stages.

Possible sperm abnormalities:

  • Wrong head shape.Its dimensions may be too large, or on the contrary, too small.Have a round, awl-like shape.Normally, the head resembles an elongated, smoothed triangle, measuring 2-3 μm.Pathology is also considered if there are two heads on one ponytail.
  • Pathology of the tail.Too short, or very long, spiraling, broken, twisted flagellum is defective.The head with two or three tails is also a pathology.
  • Atypical structure of the neck.Thinning or thickening of the cervix, attachment at right angles, wrong curvature - this is all the pathology of the structure.
  • Cytoplasmic drops on the head, neck, compaction of the flagellum.

Normal-and-pathological-forms-spermatozoa( 1)

Reasons for the development of teratospermia

It has been proved that in half of cases this pathology is the cause of infertility and premature termination of pregnancy.

Factors that lead to the development of defects:

  • Viral infections.Such as: influenza, chicken pox, parotitis, colds, which affected the entire human body.Herpes is the most dangerous of them.If these diseases become the cause of teratrossmia, treatment is started with antiviral drugs.
  • Genetic predisposition.The cause is hereditary diseases, in which metabolism is disturbed, spermatogenesis and pathologies develop in the structure of the genitourinary system.
  • Hormonal failure.It occurs against the background of taking steroids and anabolics.Diseases of the genitourinary system.Pathologies of the kidneys, orchitis, epididymitis, prostatitis lead to complications.
  • Fermentopathy.A pathology in which enzymes necessary for the production of quality sperm are produced in insufficient quantities.
  • Varicocele.Pathological veins of the veins and stagnation in the venous bed lead to a violation of the blood circulation of the testicles.
  • Negative impact of the environment.Working on a heavy production man, constantly experiencing stress and being exposed to poisonous substances.This can lead to complete infertility.

Abuse of alcohol, smoking and a passive lifestyle can cause teratospermia.

Symptoms of teratospermia

No external signs of the disease a man observes.He can live many years without even suspecting the presence of pathology.

The absence of pregnancy with regular unprotected sexual intercourse is the main sign of teratospermia.

Indirect signs of pathology :

  • pregnancy are interrupted in the early stages;
  • fertilization does not occur for more than a year;
  • pathological processes occurring in the fetal egg;
  • pregnancy freezes.

It is only possible to determine the exact cause of the disease by using a diagnosis.To restore normal spermatogenesis, it is necessary to eliminate the cause.


The first thing a man should do is pass the spermogram .The analysis is carried out twice, with an interval of two weeks.Recommend to take them to different laboratories.


  • volume - from 2 to 6 ml;
  • number of spermatozoa - from 40 to 500 million;
  • in 1 ml of seminal fluid - from 20 to 120 million spermatozoa;
  • more than 25% - active sperm;
  • less than 50% - sluggish;
  • more than 50% - sperm of proper morphology;Leukocytes
  • - 1-2;
  • erythrocytes are absent.

WHO standards:


If the results of a spermogram in a patient diagnose teratospermia, treatment with drugs is prescribed only after an additional examination to establish the cause of the development of pathology.

Recommend the following studies:

  • blood test for hormones;
  • ultrasound of the scrotum and prostate;
  • genetic tests;
  • MAR-test for the determination of the concentration of antisperm antibodies;
  • HVA-test for assessing the maturity of spermatozoa.

If a person is suspected of having sexually transmitted diseases, the doctor may order the delivery of appropriate tests.

Features of teratospermia treatment

The main goal of the treatment is to eliminate the cause of the appearance of defective spermatozoa.When inflammation is prescribed antibacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs.When varicocele in adult men may need surgery.

Medical treatment

To increase the number of normal spermatozoa, a man is prescribed vitamin therapy.

Take courses:

  • vitamins C and E;
  • folic acid;
  • vitamin complexes, which include: iodine, selenium, zinc;
  • succinic acid.

To improve the quality of sperm, biological supplements are prescribed:

  • Gerimax with ginseng;
  • L-carnitine;
  • Tribestan;
  • Verona;
  • Spermactin.

Folk remedies

Traditional medicine will help improve the quality of sperm. However, they can only be applied after prior agreement with the physician:

  • Broth of the currant leaves.Brew as a tea.Two spoons of leaves pour a glass of boiling water.They drink in the morning and in the evening for three months.Currant leaves contain vitamin C, which increases immunity and helps normalize regeneration processes.
  • Infusion of leaves of nettle, plantain and birch buds.A teaspoon of each component is poured into a glass and poured with boiling water.Filter and take infusion three times a day before meals.The course lasts two weeks.
  • Pumpkin.The healing properties are the flesh of the vegetable, freshly squeezed juice, seeds.
  • Immune mixture: lemon, honey and nuts.Components are taken in equal parts and twisted through a meat grinder.The mixture is insisted throughout the day in a cold place.It is necessary to eat a teaspoon daily in the morning on an empty stomach.

Folk remedies are used only as a supplement to traditional treatment, and in no case replaces it completely.

In addition, great importance is the diet of men.It should be corrected by including foods that contain vitamins that stimulate the development of spermatozoa.

Possible consequences

Without treatment, the general health of a man will not worsen.He will not experience discomfort or pain.Libido and erectile function do not suffer.Infertility is the only consequence.

However, it is worth remembering that every year the pathology will be cured more and more difficult.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, the doctor of the sexopathologist-andrologist of 1 category

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