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Male contraception: types, methods of use and contraindications

Male contraception

Many men tend to think that only women should think about preventing conception.This, at least, dishonest in relation to his companions life.Responsible man must take a direct part in protecting a woman from unplanned pregnancy.

Table of contents: Classification of male contraceptive methods. Criteria for choosing the drugs used What are the methods of male contraception?Unfinished sexual intercourse Artificially prolonged sexual intercourse "Samurai Egg" Male contraception with a condom Hormonal preparations Subcutaneous implants Cyproterone acetate Tablets with estrogens and androgens Vasorezection Male contraception by the method of vasectomy Men's spiral

Classification of male contraception

It is accepted to consider 3 main groups of agentsContraception intended for men:

  • inhibiting the maturation of male germ cells( spermatozoa);
  • blocking the process of sperm formation;
  • preventing the ingress of sperm into the sexual way of the partner.

To prevent conception, men use the following groups of methods:

  • behavioral( complete abstinence or interrupted act);
  • barrier( condom);
  • chemical( hormonal preparations);
  • surgical.

Criteria for selecting the tools used

Means to prevent conception used by men must necessarily meet the following requirements:

  • not cause an irreversible violation of conception;
  • to be as reliable as the means for women;
  • arrange both partners;
  • not to influence future offspring;
  • to be easily accessible;
  • does not have side effects.

What are the methods of male contraception?

Today, men can take advantage of a variety of ways to protect themselves.We'll talk about each of them separately.

Unfinished sexual intercourse

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This is perhaps the most popular, but at the same time the most unreliable way.It is possible to stop "at the most crucial moment" not all and not always.To all, the unfinished act with time can cause disorders of the sexual sphere in both men and women.In addition, a small amount of spermatozoa is present even in the lubricant, i.e., it is already released at the beginning of intercourse, so the probability of pregnancy with such a form of male contraception remains high.

Artificially prolonged sexual intercourse

This technique also can not be considered reliable.She has an obvious plus, as the time of pleasure that both partners receive is prolonged.Ejaculation as such does not occur, but, as already mentioned above, individual spermatozoa are present even in the lubricant.If such a method of protection is practiced often enough, the man will most likely have serious health problems.First, there will be headaches and increased blood pressure, and in the future is not excluded impotence.

"Samurai Egg"

The Samurai Egg Warming the scrotum in a hot water tank is a method that has been widely used in ancient Greece and Japan.Taking a hot 46.6 ° bath every day for half an hour, you can achieve a temporary sterilization.At this temperature, the production of male germ cells practically ceases.

Note: testes are not accidentally located not in the abdominal cavity, but are carried into the scrotum, where they cool better.Even the usual body temperature negatively affects spermatogenesis.

The effect of sterilization with regular heating is maintained for several months, but by practicing this method, a man increases the risk of malignant testicular tumors.

Important : Drivers who spend four or more hours per day on the wheel develop a similar effect, so male infertility becomes a frequent problem for professional drivers.

Male contraception with condom

Male contraception with a condom A condom is probably the best-known contraceptive.These products from latex are almost 100% likely to prevent the onset of conception.

The main argument of the opponents of condoms was to reduce the acuity of the sensation.Until recently, this could be agreed, but now the market has a lot of ultra-thin products.The main drawback can be considered the probability of violation of the integrity of the product( and this happens unnoticed for partners).

Hormonal drugs

Hormonal preparations

The drugs, which contain androgens and antiandrogens( large doses of the male sex hormone - testosterone) cause azoospermia( lack of sperm) and, consequently, infertility.After the abolition of these drugs, spermatogenesis comes back to normal, but hormonal drugs can trigger the development of cancerous testicular tumors( especially if abused).

Subcutaneous implants

Contraceptive_impl_1578315a For the purpose of contraception, a surgeon can implant a special implant under the skin of a man, which is an ampoule with an androgen substance.Over time, this container undergoes biodegradation, i.e., resolves in 2-4 weeks.Under the action of the contents of the capsule, semen with inactive spermatozoa is ejected during ejaculation.

Positive effect persists for several months.

Such side effects as headaches and convulsions in the genital area are not excluded.At present, the development of injecting forms of such means of male contraception is under way.

Cyproterone acetate

The tablets containing this substance are, in fact, a "male version" of oral contraceptives.Their regular intake reduces the amount of sperm and reduces the number of active sperm to zero.At the end of the reception, reproductive functions are restored in full, but after a different period of time.

Tablets with estrogens and androgens


Drugs in this category significantly increase libido, but reduce the quality of sperm.You can take them only for a month, after which a break of at least 3 months is required.The abuse of sexual hormones as a male contraceptive often leads to the development of side effects in men.It is possible to reduce the general vitality, interest in life, as well as more or less pronounced violations of the psyche.



Vasorezection is a simple surgical operation that involves dressing the spermatic cord.This creates a mechanical obstacle for the passage of spermatozoa.This manipulation is reversible: it is possible to untangle the baby if necessary.This method of contraception is widely used to prevent inflammation after elimination of prostate tumors.It is also used for the therapy of sexual weakness.

Male vasectomy contraception

Vasectomy contraception The most reliable means of preventing pregnancy is vasectomy.The essence of this operation is the cutting of the vas deferens.A month after the surgery, a man completely loses his ability to fertilize.Some time ago, this operation was considered absolutely irreversible, that is, the patient remained barren for life.It was conducted only in the event that the family already had a child.Now such interventions as reverse vasectomy are practiced, during which the ducts are sewn.In 90% of cases the patient's ability to conceive is completely restored.

Note : An alternative method has been developed, in which the ducts do not intersect, but are closed by small valves.If necessary, they can be eliminated during a minor trauma surgery.

The vas deferens can be closed with cork from elastic rubber.Alternatively, a substance that solidifies and interferes with the progress of the sperm is introduced into the ducts.

Men's helix

This method of preventing unwanted pregnancy in our country is still little known.The device resembles a microscopic umbrella, which is inserted into the scrotum through the glans penis.At the end of the "male spiral" is applied a gel-like substance that kills spermatozoa.

To select the optimal method for a particular man, the method of contraception can only be an experienced andrologist.If it is not a conventional condom, do not listen to the advice of "well-wishers", as all drugs and techniques have their own indications and contraindications.Begin to take hormonal tablets or decide on a vasectomy should only consult with a partner.

Plisov Vladimir, physician-phyto-therapeutist

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