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Psychotherapy for impotence: treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction

Psihoterapia impotencia Impotence is a serious sexual disorder.Recently, more and more men are facing this problem.Often, the development of the disorder may be due to the difficulties of the psychic kind and the emotional crisis.Therefore, psychotherapy plays an important role in the treatment of impotence.

Table of contents: Treatment methods The goal of psychotherapy in the treatment of impotence Psychotherapy as a method of treating impotence

Methods of treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem for most men.It changes the way of life and reduces sexual possibilities.The disorder affects the emotional state of a man.Decreased self-esteem, there is a feeling of insecurity and shame.

At first, many men try to solve the problem themselves, with the help of folk remedies and biological supplements that improve sexual function.However, this can not get rid of the problem.

The impotence is treated by different methods:

  • medication;
  • physiotherapy;
  • psychotherapy;
  • surgical operation.

Often several methods are used at once, depending on the causes and the depth of the disorder.

The goal of psychotherapy in the treatment of impotence

Treatment-impotence Psychotherapy is used to treat psychogenic impotence and as an addition to other treatments for organic impotence.

Restoring sexual function is the main goal of psychotherapy.It allows you to find internal barriers, to uncover and explore the causes, to accept your situation, to resolve internal conflicts, and to determine the importance of impotence in the life of the patient.Therapy will help a man overcome the limitations that do not allow him to receive satisfaction from sexual life.

Psychotherapy as a method of treating impotence

The psychotherapy of impotence identifies five basic elements:

  • training;
  • work to eliminate fear of sex and reduce anxiety;
  • change of belief;
  • training in constructive solutions to conflicts with a partner, as well as stimulating the development and deepening of relations;
  • prevention of repetition of cases of impotence.

Psychotherapy for impotence is carried out taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, the nature and extent of the violation, the family situation.

Therapy includes several stages:

  1. Terapi Individual work with the patient.Given the intimacy of the problem, it is very important at the very beginning to establish a sincere and trusting relationship between the patient and the doctor, and also to keep this contact in the future.Short-term psychodynamic psychotherapy will help the patient understand the mechanisms and causes of impotence, form a positive life scenario and strengthen protective mechanisms.Of great importance is physical therapy, which will remove muscle clamps and develop the ability to control your body.The duration of this stage is individual.It can last from several days to several weeks with a visit 1-2 times a week.After receiving the patient's necessary information about the problem, reducing anxiety and the emergence of positive dynamics, move on to the next stage - work with spouses or partners. Important! Psychotherapy at all stages is carried out in conjunction with drug treatment to eliminate the physiological causes of impotence.
  2. When working with a married couple, an important task is to restore trust between partners.Pay special attention to the formation of patience with the partner, with active participation in the process of psychotherapy.If a partner has an anxious expectation of failure, it is important to convey to him an understanding of the situation, to teach him to accept it, to provide constant support and to avoid pressure.The partner needs to constantly strengthen his self-esteem, emphasizing his masculinity and social success.If impotence has developed against a background of prolonged cohabitation, the couple are offered to find new ways to diversify their sexual lives.At this stage, sessions are longer.Their time is at least an hour.In this case, the frequency of sessions is much less frequent.The effectiveness of therapy directly depends on the active participation of partners.
  3. In the future, if necessary, work with the pair is conducted in the group.However, some couples prefer individual classes, therefore, it is very important to choose the most comfortable way of psychotherapy.

The physiological causes of impotence are closely related to the mental state of a man, so psychotherapy is of great importance in the treatment of a disorder.

Radevich Igor Tadeushevich, doctor of sexopathologist-andrologist of the 1st category

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