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Ejaculation delay - causes, symptoms, diagnostic methods, treatment and prevention measures


Delayed ejaculation - a violation of sexual function in men, which is associated with difficulties in the onset of ejaculation.

A man needs a long sexual stimulation to have ejaculation.In some cases, the representatives of the stronger sex can not reach this stage at all.This violation is called anejaculation.

Delay, or complete absence of ejaculation, can have an innate or acquired character.

The problem can occur occasionally, or be of a regular nature.If this happened only a few times, then there is no cause for concern.The reason may be partner or fatigue partner.

Important! A frequent delay in ejaculation suggests that there are problems in the body of a man.

Table of contents: Reasons for ejaculation delay Ejaculation delay symptoms Diagnosis Treatment methods for ejaculation delay Possible complications of ejaculation delay Prevention

Reasons for ejaculation delay

Violation can occur for various reasons.Most often, delayed ejaculation is the result of infectious or chronic diseases, or psychological problems.Also, the causes of the violation may be the abuse of alcoholic beverages or the taking of certain medications.

The main physical causes of ejaculation delay:

  • congenital abnormalities of reproductive system organs;
  • hormonal disorders, hypothyroidism;
  • inflammation of the prostate;
  • cardiovascular diseases;
  • neurological diseases associated with the spinal cord;
  • consequence of operations on the bladder or prostate;
  • infection of the genitourinary system;
  • trauma to pelvic nerves that control orgasm.

Psychological causes of ejaculation delay :

  • Ejaculation emotional stress or depression;
  • incorrect sex education;
  • religious and cultural restrictions in sex;
  • problems with the partner;
  • frequent masturbation;
  • incompatibility of sexual partners;
  • men's complexes.

Attention! Delayed ejaculation can cause concern about the ability to satisfy a partner.

The use of certain medications may adversely affect male health.These include diuretics, drugs and antidepressants.

Symptomatic of ejaculation delay

A man suffering from a violation needs more than half an hour to reach orgasm.But in some cases, ejaculation may not happen.The most common form of delay is characterized by the fact that a man can not reach orgasm during intercourse.In such cases, ejaculation is achieved by masturbation or oral stimulation of the sexual organ.

Ejaculation delay types:

  1. Congenital and acquired . In the first case, the problem is detected immediately, as soon as a man begins to have sex and has a permanent character.In the second case, delay in ejaculation occurs due to certain problems.
  2. Situational and permanent . Situational type depends on the environment during intercourse.The constant does not depend on this.

When should I contact a specialist:

  • delayed ejaculation was a problem for you and your partner;
  • manifestation of other symptoms;
  • reception of drugs or medications;
  • you have a disease that can result in delayed ejaculation.


Often, it is sufficient to examine and collect the history, but sometimes a more thorough examination is required to detect the underlying disease.

Research to identify the cause of the disease:

  • physical examination of the penis and testicles of the patient.The doctor probes the genitals to determine their sensitivity;
  • blood test can detect signs of heart disease, diabetes, low levels of hormones, etc.;
  • with the help of urine analysis can identify infections or signs of diabetes.

Methods for treating ejaculation delay

To determine the most effective method of treatment, the physician should identify the exact cause of the disease.This can be both a physical and psychological problem.For the treatment of delayed ejaculation, drug therapy, the treatment of drug or alcohol dependence and psychotherapy are used.

Drug therapy

Antidepressants If the cause of delayed ejaculation is the use of antidepressants, the doctor suggests changing the drug, or lowering the dose.In some cases, the doctor may prescribe other, special medications.

Important! There are no officially approved drugs for delaying ejaculation, prescribing medicines for the treatment of diseases that caused the disorder.


In case the cause of ejaculation delay is stress or depression, it is necessary to consult a psychotherapist who will prescribe a treatment to stabilize the emotional state of a man.It is advisable for both partners to visit a sex therapist in order to identify possible sexual problems.

Possible complications of ejaculation delay

Violation can lead to such problems:

  • male infertility;
  • reduced sexual pleasure;
  • dissatisfaction;
  • depression and stress due to a violation of sexual life.


There is no single prevention strategy for ejaculation delay, however, it will not be superfluous to take such steps:

  • get rid of bad habits;
  • discuss with your partner sexual problems;
  • do gymnastics every morning;
  • get enough sleep;
  • in time treat chronic diseases;
  • control the level of sugar in the blood;
  • treat depression.

If you have any problems with ejaculation, do not delay the visit of a specialist.Treatment will be more effective if you start it in the early stages of the disease.

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