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Pediatric testis in men and boys: symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

Pediatric testis in men A testicle gonorrhea( hydrocele) is a fluid accumulation in the saccular formation in the scrotum around the testicle.The disease can develop at different ages - the dropsy of the testis is diagnosed even in newborn boys.

Table of contents: 1. Pediatric testis in men 2. Pediatric testis in boys

Pediatric testis in men

Most often the disease in men develops only on one side, but there are cases when both testicles are involved in the pathological process.According to statistics, the disease in men over 40 years old is diagnosed often, but timely treatment can get rid of the pathological process in 12 months.

Causes of development of dropsy in men

Dropsy testis

It should be noted that the mechanism of development of the disease under consideration has not been thoroughly studied.But it is well known that the accumulation of liquid in the sacellar space occurs due to the absence( or hindered) outflow of this liquid itself. In turn, there are several factors that contribute to the outflow:

  • testicular trauma;
  • edema of the lower extremities and closely located organs, regardless of the cause of their occurrence;
  • infectious diseases;
  • benign / malignant testicular tumors.

These conditions lead to plugging of the excretory ducts - they are responsible for the timely and complete discharge of fluid from the saccular space. It is worth mentioning risk factors for development of dropsy in men:

  • performing surgical treatment in the perineal region;
  • Radiation therapy, with direct effect on the area of ​​the male genitalia;
  • pathological changes in the congenital or acquired character of the duct, which connects the abdominal cavity with the scrotum.

Symptoms of dropsy in men

The clinical picture during the development of the considered disease is of low intensity - the symptoms are practically absent.In very rare cases, the accumulation of fluid in the scrotum is spasmodic, for example, if there are acute inflammatory diseases or the patient is in the early postoperative period.

The pronounced symptoms appear only when the testicles are too large - they can reach more than 10 cm in diameter. And then the patient will complain about:

  • labored urination;
  • inability to walk normally;
  • a constant sensation of heaviness in the scrotum;
  • discomfort, in rare cases - pain, during sex;
  • high density of scrotum;
  • clear perception of the splash of fluid in the scrotum during palpation of the testicles;Inability to determine the contour of the testicle.
  • .

If edema of the testicles in men is accompanied by a severe infectious disease, the accumulated exudate in the saccular space of the scrotum acquires a purulent character.A similar condition is classified in medicine as a complication of dropsy and is called piocele. With this development of the disease, the following symptoms will be noted:

  • increase in body temperature to critical parameters;
  • the general state of health of the patient sharply worsens - there is a weakness, drowsiness, dizziness;
  • The inflammatory process extends to closely located tissues.

In the absence of adequate treatment, piocele can lead to the following problems:

  • reproductive dysfunction - compression of the blood vessels located in the scrotum occurs, leading to testicular atrophy;
  • haematoceles - accumulation in the sacrosaturation space of exudate with blood, against the background of vascular trauma;
  • rupture of the testicles - due to overstretching of their walls with accumulated fluid;
  • progression of scrotal hernia.

Diagnosis of hydrocele in men

Before starting treatment for dropsy in men, it is necessary to differentiate the disease from a scrotal hernia.The specialist will necessarily appoint the patient a thorough examination. The most important diagnostic methods for the disease in question are:

  1. Diaphanoscopy.The essence of the examination: through the enlarged scrotum light rays pass.It is known that the liquid in the dropsy does not contain any impurities / foreign components / clots, so light passes through it unimpeded.This is how the diagnosis is confirmed.


  1. US.This method is considered the most reliable - the doctor will be able not only to confirm the diagnosis, but also to determine the amount of fluid in the saccular space, to assess the anatomical structure of the scrotum.

Note: if during the ultrasound examination the doctor discovers any seals, accumulations in the fluid, additional examinations will be necessary to exclude / confirm malignant formations.

Principles of treatment of dropsy in men

This disease can be treated in several ways.Doctors do not always prescribe an operative intervention, most often the hydrocele( hydrocele of the testicle) passes "by itself".

Medical treatment of hydrocele in men

In case of diagnosing a testicle in a man with an infectious or inflammatory disease, the therapy will be directed specifically at curing this.In general, doctors believe that getting rid of the cause of hydrocele, you can do without surgery. Within the framework of drug treatment of dropsy testicles in men, the following can be used:

  • antibacterial drugs( antibiotics);
  • non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • means, normalizing blood circulation.

Surgical treatment - operations with hydrocele in men

Surgery is used only in case of ineffectiveness of therapeutic treatment. Two types of surgical procedures are used in hospitals:

  1. Operations with hydrocele in men

    Hydrocelectomy.It is performed under regional anesthesia, a cut is made in the scrotum or in the lower abdomen, the doctor assesses the condition of the canal between the abdominal cavity and the scrotum, and the hydrocelal itself is removed. Please note: in the postoperative period, the patient is placed with drainage - this is the prevention of postoperative dropsy( relapse).Drainage is removed after a few days after surgery - this period is set individually.Local cold is used to reduce postoperative edema.

  2. Puncture aspiration of liquid.A similar procedure involves the introduction of a needle into the scrotum, through which the accumulated liquid is discharged.In some cases, the introduction of a sclerosing agent through the same needle, which can significantly reduce the amount of produced fluid.

Note: this method of surgical treatment is used extremely rarely, since their low / short efficiency is noted.Puncture aspiration of the fluid is carried out only with obvious contraindications to a full-fledged surgical intervention with the use of anesthesia.

Puncture aspiration Risk of puncture aspiration of fluid is a high risk of infection of the puncture site and bleeding.But with hydrocelectomy, the doctor personally controls both the location of the incision, and its size, and all the work inside the patient's body.

The postoperative period is practically absent in the treatment of dropsy in men - the patient immediately after the operation is placed in the ward to monitor his state of health and the work of all organs and systems.The discharge is carried out( with a safe recovery) on the day of the operation - the patient is given recommendations regarding the outpatient finding.The patient should undergo a control visit in a few weeks - the doctor examines the wound, excludes her infection and relapses the dropsy.

Folk treatment of dropsy

Folk treatment of dropsy Diagnosis of the disease in question implies therapeutic treatment.And if the patient's condition does not yet need urgent surgical care, then people's methods can be used for treatment.Of course, a man should consult with the attending physician, get permission to use some specific recipes.

Tincture of clover meadow.It is necessary to take 200 g of fresh plant flowers or 100 g of dry, pour 2 liters of dry wine( you can use both white and red) and insist for a week, periodically shaking carefully.Then the mixture is boiled over medium heat for 3 minutes, turned off and cooled in natural conditions( without taking the vessel out into the cold).An infusion of 50 ml is taken three times a day before meals.

Corn stigmas.Honey is mixed with corn stigmas( dry or fresh) in a 2: 1 ratio.The mixture is used for 1 teaspoon three to five times a day.

Nettles.Only the roots of the plant are used, which are brewed like regular tea( a teaspoon of dry raw material per cup of boiling water) and consumed as a drink( up to 500 ml per day).

Treatment of dropsy testicles in men folk remedies lasts a long time, for a couple of receptions of the above mixtures does not bring health back.But you need to take breaks in courses - for example, 1 month to take a daily selected remedy, then 5 days - a break.


This disease has very favorable prognosis - even with surgical treatment, the risk of complications is 2%, and there were no fatalities during the whole period of diagnostics and treatment of hydrocele.

Pediatric testis in boys

This disease in childhood is not classified as dangerous, but you can not delay with treatment - it is necessary to preserve the childbearing function of the boy. In childhood, dropsy can take place in two forms:

  • isolated hydrocele - fluid accumulates in a localized space;
  • communicating hydrocele - exudate is not in a constant state, it flows from the abdominal cavity to the testicle.
  • Pediatric testis in boys

    Pediatric testis in boys

    Note: pediatricians state that the communicating species of the disease under consideration is more dangerous than the isolated one, because it contributes to the formation and progression of inguinal hernia.But this pathology is already quite serious and requires urgent surgical intervention.

    Symptoms of children's hydrocele


    The main signs of dropsy in boys are an enlarged scrotum and the absence of any painful sensations.If there is an isolated hydrocele, an increase in the scrotum in size will be observed continuously.If the connecting hydrocele develops, the scrotal is periodically returned to normal size, and after a while - an increase.

    Causes of dropsy in boys

    This disease can develop for various reasons. In childhood, we are not talking about infectious diseases and injuries, although such factors do exist.The main reasons are as follows:

    • Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the mother during pregnancy;
    • prematurity;
    • pathological conditions during the period of gestation of the boy;
    • increase in intra-abdominal pressure in a child;
    • heredity.

    Principles of treatment of dropsy in children

    The actual treatment of this disease, occurring in childhood, is absent.According to statistics, in 80% of cases the hydrocele in childhood passes right after the inguinal ring is tightened( this is a natural process), and in 10% of cases this disease is not recognized as pathology at all.

    A testicle testicle in both boys and men is not a dangerous / severe disease.But it can not be ignored - some complications that negatively affect a patient's life, still exist.Only correctly selected therapy, timely scheduled surgical treatment will save the male representative and reproductive function, and the general standard of living.

    Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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