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How to treat a pinch of the sciatic nerve

How to treat a pinch of the sciatic nerve

sciatic nerve - the largest in the entire human body, which has its roots in the lumbosacral spine and stretches the entire length of the limb.That's why the pinch of the sciatic nerve is always accompanied by pain and discomfort, which makes it necessary to quickly help the patient.

Contents: Symptoms pinched sciatic nerve Causes pinched sciatic nerve Diagnosis of sciatica Treatment of pinching the sciatic nerve - action physician Treatment pinching the sciatic nerve in the home Prevention pinched sciatic nerve

Symptoms pinched sciatic nerve


The first and most basic signPinch of the sciatic nerve - pain syndrome.It can have different characteristics - paroxysmal pain, aggravated by physical exertion, which occurs only during walking.As a rule, patients describe their sensations during the appearance of pain as burning, sharp, stitching.

noteworthy that the pain of pinching of the sciatic nerve and is a "way" of distribution: it begins in the lower back, then spreads into the buttocks muscle, goes down on his thigh, and go to the shin and foot.

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Intense pain is not the only sign of pinched sciatic nerve - Patients mark or other distinctive signs:

  1. On pinching side there is the sensitivity of the violation - in some patients, the sensitivity is exacerbated and even the usual light touch to the skin causes severe discomfort, and sometimes it happens andOn the contrary, sensitivity is dulled.
  2. On the skin from the side of the pinch of the sciatic nerve, either burning or numbness is observed.
  3. The gait of the patient has a characteristic feature - a person tries to transfer the entire weight of the body to a healthy leg, and the patient slightly pulls up, presses.
  4. On the side of the lesion, muscle weakness may occur.

Note: listed symptoms of pinching of the sciatic nerve can be present all at once, or in some single manifestations.But in any case, unpleasant sensations will intensify when any movements are made to patients.

Causes of pinch of the sciatic nerve

This disease in medicine is classified as sciatica - the official name of the pathology.The main, and the only, cause of the above symptoms is the compression of the root of the nerve and trunk. But the following factors can lead to this state:

  • presence of benign or malignant neoplasms in the lumbosacral spine;
  • diagnosed pinching of the pear-shaped muscle;
  • osteochondrosis of varying degrees of development;
  • hernia of the intervertebral disc.

Causes of pinching the sciatic nerve

Note: pinched sciatic nerve( sciatica) is considered to be quite a common disease and is found in almost every patient with a diagnosis of sciatica lumbar spine.

Diagnosis of sciatica

Usually the diagnosis of a pinch of the sciatic nerve presents no difficulties - the doctor does this on a primary examination of the patient.But it is not enough just to diagnose - it will be necessary to find out the cause of the development of the problem under consideration. And in this case the following diagnostic measures are carried out:

  • computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging;
  • ultrasound examination of the lumbosacral spine;
  • laboratory tests of blood, urine and feces - at the discretion of the doctor.

Treatment pinched sciatic nerve - the doctor's actions


Therapeutic measures against the disease in question holds a doctor neurologist. It can make the following assignments :

  • medications that normalize and improve metabolic processes in the body, including vitamin-mineral complexes;
  • means with analgesic action - with their help they carry out a blockade of the inflamed zone of nerve fibers;
  • electrophoresis on a special device Inoson - according to doctors and patients this method of treatment of pinch of the sciatic nerve is the most effective;
  • physiotherapeutic procedures - paraffin baths, phonophoresis with the use of drugs, UHF;Massage and water procedures
  • .

Such an integrated approach to the elimination of intense symptoms of sciatica helps to remove inflammation, swelling, significantly improve the blood supply of nerves and surrounding tissues.But most importantly - the described methods help to quickly relieve the patient of severe pain, which immediately facilitates his condition.

Note: patient, after diagnosing pinching of the sciatic nerve and carrying out the necessary medical measures, must receive recommendations on treatment of the main problem, which became a provoking factor.For example, if a hernia of intervertebral discs was revealed during the diagnostic activities, the patient can be recommended to undergo surgical treatment.

Treatment of pinch of the sciatic nerve at home

A visit to the doctor if symptoms of the disease in question should occur necessarily, although the patient himself "runs" to specialists for help - too painful to be painful, and to lead a normal life in such aState will not work.And just during a visit to a specialist, you need to get advice about outpatient treatment. If the doctor does not indicate any contraindications, then the following methods can be safely used:

  1. Prepare a tincture of pine needles and cones, flowers of dandelions or spruce buds according to the following recipe: in a half-liter pot, pour the raw material( up to half the vessel)And pour to the top with vodka( or alcohol), we insist for a week.Use tincture can be as rubbing - periodically during the day rubbing the sore spot.
  2. Carry out a can of massage of the lumbosacral region of the spine, the inner side of the thigh and lower leg using any of the warming ointments recommended by the specialist.
  3. Use the wax for the application - lubricate the sore spot with any fat( you can also vegetable oil), warm up the wax and cool a little, and then apply it to the fat-treated place in several layers with a brush.The application should be wrapped up and be with it until you feel that the deep tissues of the sore spot have warmed up.

Gymnastic exercises will also be effective - they should be done extremely slowly, smoothly, and if painful sensations appear during the "charging", we immediately enter a state of rest.

Prophylaxis of a pinch of the sciatic nerve

This disease can be prevented - it is enough to adhere to the recommendations of doctors concerning preventive measures. Sciatica can be prevented as follows:

  • Prophylaxis of pinch of the sciatic nerve If there is excess weight, then you need to get rid of it - obesity in 97% of cases leads to a pinch of the sciatic nerve;
  • constantly monitor your own posture;
  • heavy load not try to lift, but if there is such a need, then do it competently - only with a straight back and proper distribution of the load on your hands;
  • every morning to do gymnastics - even such minimal physical exertion will serve to prevent the pinch of the sciatic nerve;
  • not sleep on too soft beds.

Pinch of the sciatic nerve is not a dangerous disease that threatens human life.But this pathology brings to the habitual rhythm of life so many problems and inconveniences that the question of whether to treat sciatica or endure is not even put.

Tsygankova Yana Aleksandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category

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