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27th week of pregnancy: fetal development, well-being and weight of the expectant mother

The week is considered the beginning of the third trimester of pregnancy.

27th century pregnancy

The baby is already fully formed, all the basic systems of organs function, only the respiratory tract remains for the time being.To the maximum comfort and minimum risk for the baby to move 27 and subsequent weeks of pregnancy, the expectant mother should monitor her health, regularly consult a gynecologist, strictly adhere to all of his appointments and recommendations.

Table of contents: Dimensions and development of the baby at the 27th week of pregnancy The state of health of the expectant mother Belly and weight of the woman at the 27th week of pregnancy Surveys at the 27th week of pregnancy Possible complications Advice to prospective mothers

Dimensions and development of the baby at the 27th week of pregnancy

27 week WeightCrumbs by the end of the 27th week is equal to - 900-1000 g, height - 34-35 cm. The activity of the baby is more noticeable for the future mother. Every day he gets less space in the uterus, so any woman jerks or rolls a good feeling and even sees.If a small tubercle rises above the abdomen - this is most likely a heel or knee, a little more may be the head of a crumb.However, very soon the fetus will have to take a permanent position, from which it will appear, although children often manage to turn around 180 degrees just before delivery.

Gradually, on the body of the crumbs, the amount of gun hair decreases( they can be born only on the shoulders).But on the head of a ball of vegetation, on the contrary, increases.And the hair begins to acquire the color-conditioned by the genes - dark, red, fair-haired.In parallel, nails grow, but they do not reach the end of the fingers yet.Due to the deposits of fat, the skin is less folded and thin.

Inside the tiny body, important physiological processes continue to develop:

  • pregnancy The surfactant accumulates in the lungs.
  • Meconium is collected in the intestine.The glands of internal secretion try to function independently.
  • Increases receptor sensitivity.
  • Testicles descend from the abdomen to the scrotum( this takes 3-4 weeks).
  • Bone and cartilage tissue accumulates organic and inorganic compounds, which determine the strength and elasticity of bones and cartilage.

The third trimester is considered the period of the greatest growth of the fetal brain and development of the cerebral cortex. In order to be able to fully understand the world after the birth of a baby, a sufficient number of active neuronal connections should be formed in its central nervous system. Mom on this process can be beneficial, providing crumbs with all the necessary nutrients and oxygen( hypoxia is the most dangerous enemy of the brain).Among the nutrients most important are: iodine, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, folic acid, iron. But alcohol, drugs, nicotine, stress, malnutrition and infection, on the contrary, will inhibit the development of the brain crumbs.

State of health of a future mother

The third trimester is the final and most difficult stage of pregnancy. Because of the significant increase in the size of the uterus, expectant mothers develop or aggravate various health problems. However, if a woman is healthy, has a normal weight, eats properly, is engaged in physical education for pregnant women, lives in harmony with loved ones and rarely gets into stressful situations, problems and complications can get by her side.These mummies enjoy their state until the very birth.

Of the problems that may bother future mothers at week 27, you can identify the most common:

  • Back pain.
  • Swelling of the legs at the end of the day.
  • Constipation.
  • Heartburn.
  • Insomnia.
  • Skin itching.

In addition, during this period may become more frequent training fights. This is due to the increase in the size of the fetus.Now he can not turn or spread his legs without hitting the walls of the uterus.If the push is strong, the uterus responds with a contraction.Therefore, the stomach begins to rock more often.But if there is no pain and pathological vaginal discharge, you should not worry.

Because of the significant increase in the uterus, pressure on the bladder increases. In this regard, frequent urination, which for all pregnant women has become accustomed to in the first trimester, is returned.To it can be added incontinence of urine, arising at coughing, sneezing, sharp rise from a chair, laughter.Solve this unpleasant problem with the help of sanitary napkins.

The abdomen and weight of a woman at the 27th week of pregnancy

27wks The height of the uterine fundus is equal to the gestation period, that is, 27 cm. The uterus has already significantly risen above the navel and bulges forward, so many future moms stop seeing their legs.The circumference of the abdomen( OJ) also increased.During the time that passes between gynecological techniques, the OC should grow by several centimeters.

For 27 weeks, the future mothers, as a rule, are getting heavier by 400 g. Accordingly, the total weight gain can be in the range of 7-9 kg. Thin women are allowed to get better and more, but plump ones should be more careful with buns and sweets.

Surveys at the 27th week of pregnancy

Scheduled examinations, except the usual urinalysis before going to the doctor, this week is not necessary. The only nuance is that if the pregnant woman has not yet passed the glucose tolerance test, she must definitely do so, since the risk of developing gestational diabetes is especially elevated at the end of the second beginning of the third trimester.All other studies are prescribed according to the indications.

Possible complications

Complications of pregnancy can occur at any time, so every future mother should know when to run to a doctor or call an ambulance. At the 27th week of pregnancy as an alarm, the following conditions should be considered:

  • 27th century pregnancy Isolation of blood or mucus with blood veins from the genital tract.
  • Leakage or leakage of amniotic fluid from the vagina .It can be a few drops or a spray.
  • Pain in the abdomen of the and / or lower back, pressure on the perineum from the inside.
  • Training bouts, which are repeated every 20-30 minutes.
  • A sharp decrease or cessation of fetal movements. Although this is possible at this time and is normal, consult a gynecologist and be tested.Remember - the health of baby is above all.
  • Flies before the eyes, sharp vision impairment, headache, dizziness. These symptoms are characteristic of hypertension.
  • Severe vomiting and / or diarrhea. Poisoning and intestinal infections are very dangerous for expectant mothers because they cause dehydration.In addition, increased intestinal peristalsis can cause severe uterine contractions.
  • High body temperature. If in the first weeks of pregnancy slightly elevated body temperature is considered as a variant of the norm, in the third trimester this should not be.Hyperthermia indicates that the body of a future mother develops an inflammatory process.
  • Increasing swelling. Light swelling of the face, legs, hands - this is typical for the third trimester of the phenomenon.But pronounced and not disappearing after night swelling should be regarded as a threatening symptom.

Advice for prospective mothers

To ensure that the 27th week of pregnancy and the entire third trimester go without any troubles and complications, a future mother should remember the following recommendations:

  • Rest and sleep should be full. To the future mum it is counter-indicative to not get enough sleep, to be exhausted and to fall from legs or foots.It is especially important to strictly adhere to this rule for women who have a problem pregnancy.
  • pregnant woman Much benefit comes from attending courses for pregnant women. This is a good preparation for childbirth and the postpartum period( the consultants will tell and show how to apply the newborn to the breast, how to care for the baby, how to watch your body and much more).
  • Future mothers are contraindicated lack of oxygen, that is stuffy unventilated rooms, polluted with exhaust gases of the air of city streets.Pregnant is very useful to walk in the park( equated to sit on a bench), go on weekends to nature.In addition, it is desirable to learn how to breathe properly.By the way, this is also taught in courses for expectant mothers.
  • The nutrition of the expectant mother should provide her and the fetus with all the necessary nutrients. But you can not overeat too.It is desirable to take not quantity, but quality.For example, snack is better not buns, but useful dried fruits and nuts, hard cheese, fruits.
  • Pregnancy is not an excuse to give up physical activity. An exception is the situation where a woman needs full rest and bed rest to maintain her pregnancy.Physical education should bring a pleasant sensation to the expectant mother - positive emotions, relief of lower back pain, increased vitality.With the help of special exercises a woman can very effectively prepare her body for childbirth.
  • Sexual relationships can be present in the life of the expectant mother up to the birth of , of course, if there are no contraindications.
  • A pregnant woman should remain beautiful, but not at the expense of her well-being and the health of her baby. For example, wearing shoes with a high heel or a high platform can lead to falls, dislocation of the ankle and the development of varicose veins.Varnish for nails, ammonia hair dyes, some professional cosmetics are sources of harmful substances that can penetrate to the crumb.Therefore, the future mother to the choice of wardrobe and care for themselves should be approached very carefully.

A few more important points. At the 27th week of pregnancy, it is already possible to discuss with the employer the issues of maternity leave and the transfer of cases to a replacement employee. Also it does not hurt to start choosing a maternity home, in case of unforeseen circumstances, to know where to go.

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