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Why does weight appear in my head and how can I get rid of it?


  • Causes of heaviness in the head
  • How to get rid of the heaviness in the head?
  • Conclusion

The head looks like cotton Everyone knows the feeling when the head is like a wadded one. This condition can occur after sleep, or, conversely, is the result of a busy working day. Often the severity is caused by problems with blood circulation, or excessive tension of the facial muscles, hypothermia, intoxication.

Causes of heaviness in the head

There are the main reasons that lead to a sense of heaviness in the head:

  1. osteochondrosis - spinal disease characterized by degenerative changes in the cartilage tissue of the spine. In this case, the roots of the spinal nerves, as well as the vessels of the neck, can be compressed. Violation of the neck blood circulation leads to oxygen starvation of the brain, which is perceived by man as heaviness in the head, which causes - lack of blood flow. Osteochondrosis is often accompanied by a sensation of the wadded head, the cause of this feeling is a violation of the blood supply.
  2. disease of the paranasal sinuses( sinusitis), a collection of pus in the cranial cavity with mastoiditis( behind the ear), meningitis also gives pain in the head, leaden heaviness. When the front, sinusitis, there is a heaviness in the head when tilted down.
  3. Inflammation of the ear, palatine tonsils can contribute to this feeling.
  4. Strengthened facial expression, congealing facial muscles in one position contributes to a tensor headache. Sometimes a person does not realize that his face is overstrained, which is the cause of gravity in the frontal part of the head.
  5. Inconvenient position during sleep, in which the head and neck are in an unnatural position. During the work day, blood supply to the brain can also worsen, when a person sits in the same pose for hours.
  6. Intoxication with ethyl alcohol and hangover syndrome. Alcohol and its decay products affect the blood circulation of the brain. Ethyl alcohol and acetic aldehyde cause dehydration of the body, and especially - the brain. Elevated levels of acetaldehyde can lead to edema of the brain.
  7. Increased or decreased systemic pressure. Hypertension or an isolated increase in pressure inside the skull is often accompanied by a feeling of heaviness. Decrease in the total pressure generates the feeling of a wadded head - the reasons lie in insufficient blood supply and hypoxia.
  8. Migraine attacks are caused by a pathological expansion of the cerebral vessels, in which also the severity of the head is observed.
  9. Disturbance of venous outflow from the head. The veins of the head do not have valves and the outflow on them occurs under the action of gravity. People with connective tissue dysplasia have problems with veins. Therefore, these individuals feel a heaviness in their head after sleeping.
  10. Vegeto-vascular dystonia. This is a violation of vascular tone caused by dysregulation in the subcortical centers( hypothalamus vasomotor center of the medulla oblongata).Neurocirculatory dystonia may have roots in psychological problems or diseases of internal organs.
  11. Subcooling.

How to get rid of the heaviness in the head?

If the head is heavy, what to do If the head is heavy, what should I do? Treatment depends on the etiotropic factor, i.e., the cause. With headache and severity caused by osteochondrosis, methods of manual therapy, therapeutic massage of the neck and head are used. To prevent further degeneration of cartilage and spinal discs, preparations based on chondroitin are used. The neurologist can prescribe potassium preparations( Asparcum) and muscle relaxants to relieve muscle tension.

You should also consume enough water to maintain the structure of the discs. Natural mineral water contains silicon, without which it is impossible to produce collagen fibers. Food should be enriched with vegetable food containing water and potassium. At work and at home, you can use a massage pillow, relaxing the neck muscles and restoring the blood supply. Apply orthopedic mattresses and pillows, rollers.

How to get rid of the heaviness in the head caused by overexertion of the facial muscles? People prone to a tensor headache may feel an unpleasant feeling of heaviness of the head. When there is pain, it is necessary to give a few seconds, in order to relax the face. Neurologists for the treatment of severity and tension headache use drugs, relaxing muscles - muscle relaxants.

The severity in the occipital part of the head, which appears after awakening and is caused by an unsatisfactory venous outflow, is treated with the appointment of phlebotonic drugs. The composition of medicines, tonic veins, includes extracts of horse chestnut, ginkgo bilabial, arnica. In inflammatory processes in the appendages of the nose, air cavities of the skull, antibacterial therapy is necessary.


Severity can be caused by a violation of arterial and venous blood flow, overexertion, hypothermia, diseases of internal organs. The neuropathologist is engaged in treatment of unpleasant sensations in a head.

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