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25th week of pregnancy: what happens to the baby, the state of health of the expectant mother

25th week of pregnancy

The second trimester of pregnancy is approaching the end.The kid is already kicking mom and tumbling in the stomach.These movements can be felt and the future daddy, if he puts his hand on the belly of the wife.However, contact between the father and the baby can be not only tactile. Dad, as well as mom, you need to talk with the baby.Kroha hears well and best distinguishes between low pitched sounds, so father's voice will very soon become familiar and native to him. Table of contents: 25th week of pregnancy: fetal development, height and weight Mom's feelings and well-being at the end of the 2nd trimester Abdominal parameters at 25th week of pregnancy Possible complications and their manifestations Necessary research Cosmetic procedures during pregnancy: what can and can not be done

25th week of pregnancy: fetal growth, height and weight

23-Week-Pregnancy The weight of the fetus this week is 650-700 g, height is 28-29 cm. Pigment melanin accumulates in the hair and skin of the baby, the hymen is accumulated throughout the bodynaya fiber, but if you look at the crumbs, chubby he looks now only face( due to lumps of fat on the cheeks).

At the 25th week the perfection of the fetal lungs continues. Babe is trained to breathe - inflates the chest.During such breaths, a small amount of amniotic fluid enters the respiratory tract, but the child does not do any harm.

A connection is established between the brain and the glands of internal secretion, in particular the adrenal glands.Due to ripening of the structures of the inner ear, the coordination of the baby's movements is improved. The boys are starting another very important physiological process - the descent of the testicles from the abdominal cavity into the scrotum.

Every week the crumb becomes stronger, in its bones the calcium is actively deposited, the muscle fibers are thickened and lengthened.Therefore, the mother can not notice the blows of the baby with the legs or handles on the wall of the uterus.If the baby becomes very restless, you can pet your stomach.The researchers argue that this has a favorable effect on the fetus.

Sensations and well-being of the mother at the end of the 2nd trimester

In general, the state of health of a woman at 25 weeks gestation is good.But it is also possible to develop a number of health problems:

  • 22-weeks On the part of the digestive system - heartburn, constipation.
  • From the side of the urinary tract - increased urination and a slight incontinence( occurs due to pressure of the uterus on the bladder and relaxation of the sphincter of the urethra under the action of progesterone).
  • From the side of the spine - pain in the lower back.
  • From the side of blood - anemia.
  • From the side of venous vessels - puffiness of the legs, varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

The weight of a woman increases for this week by 400-450 grams. The total increase should not exceed 7-7.5 kg.For expectant mothers who initially had excess weight, the recommended figure is 4-4.5 kg. Pregnant women should maintain their weight within the limits of the norm due to proper nutrition, but not at the expense of diets.Fasting during pregnancy can lead to a significant deterioration in the well-being of the expectant mother( dizziness, headaches, fainting) and developmental disorders of the baby( hypotrophy may occur against a background of permanent deficiency of nutrients).

Parameters of the abdomen at week 25 of pregnancy


On 25th week the bottom of the uterus is above the navel. In figures - it is somewhere 24-26 cm above the articulation of the frontal bones.If the height of standing of the bottom of the uterus( VDM) is significantly different from the recommended value, it is necessary to search for the cause of this.

VDM less than normal can be with:

  • Rudder.
  • Fetal hypotrophy - mismatch of fetal size during pregnancy.
  • The transverse presentation of a crumb - when it lies not along, but across the uterus.

Too rapid increase in uterine size is typical for:

  • Polyhydramnios.
  • Multiple pregnancy.
  • Large fetus.

With regard to the circumference of the abdomen, then it should also grow by several centimeters per week on this term.

Possible complications and their manifestations

At 25 weeks, various diseases can complicate the course of pregnancy.Let's consider, by what signs it is possible to suspect them.

For gestational diabetes, the following symptoms are typical:

  • Strong thirst.
  • Increased amount of excreted urine( frequent nocturnal awakenings due to desire to urinate).
  • Decreased activity, weakness.
  • The constant presence of a feeling of hunger.
  • Too fast rate of weight gain pregnant.
  • Periodic blurred vision.

A specific blood test - a test of glucose tolerance - will confirm or exclude the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus.

Anemia can be suspected for the following symptoms:

  • Rapid fatigue.
  • Constant dizziness and tinnitus.
  • Increased palpitation and discomfort in the heart.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • To perverted taste preferences.Paleness of the skin.
  • .
  • Drastic deterioration of hair and nails.
  • Dryness and inflammation of the lips.

It is also worth noting that with mild anemia of these signs may not be, therefore, to give a common blood test several times for pregnancy is necessary for every future mother.

The following symptoms indicate a threat of premature birth:

  • Pain in abdomen, back, perineum.They can be cramped, pulling, aching.
  • Isolation of blood or mucus with streaked blood from the vagina.
  • Abundant leakage or leakage of amniotic fluid.
  • True contractions are painful and growing in strength and duration.

Another possible complication of the second trimester of pregnancy is pyelonephritis - inflammation of the kidneys.Its signs:

  • Increased body temperature.
  • Pain in the lower back.
  • Severe weakness.
  • Nausea.

For the diagnosis of gestational pyelonephritis, urine tests( general and Nechiporenko's test) and renal ultrasound are used.

Finally, at the 25th week, the expectant mother may face a gestosis - a severe complication that threatens the baby's development and often causes premature delivery of the woman. For gestosis, a triad of symptoms is characteristic:

  • Elevated blood pressure.
  • Edema.
  • Protein in the urine.

Necessary research

In continuation of the issue of pregnancy complications, it should be noted that timely detection of many of the above pathological conditions is possible only if the mother of a gynecologist regularly visits and undertakes all necessary studies.

At the reception in the women's consultation, the expectant mother should each time be examined according to the following plan:

  • 23-Week-Pregnancy Weight check.
  • Measurement of blood pressure.
  • Measurement of abdominal parameters.
  • Listening to the heart of the fetus with a special device - a wooden tube( in this way the heart of the crumb begins to listen from 25-26 weeks).
  • Inspection of the legs( no edema, varicose veins).

In addition, every time a woman must take a urine test. This study can be called a screening test for the detection of pyelonephritis and gestosis.Also, for a period of 25 weeks, it is necessary to undergo tests to diagnose gestational diabetes( the test is conducted between 24-28 weeks of gestation).

If the doctor finds it necessary and assigns some additional research, do not resist.When a vascular net appears on the skin of the shins and thighs and constant heaviness in the legs, it is necessary to consult a phlebologist.If there are any violations in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, it is advisable to visit a gastroenterologist. In addition, several times for pregnancy the expectant mother should be examined by a therapist and make an ECG.

Cosmetic procedures during pregnancy: what can and can not be

25 veks pregnancy Pregnancy is not a reason for a woman to forget about beauty and care of herself. Therefore, we will figure out what cosmetic procedures can be done for future mothers.Face care during pregnancy.

. If the future mother has a tendency to hyperpigmentation of the skin, it is worth starting to use the means having UV filters.In all the rest, care should not change - daily cleansing, nourishment and moisturizing of the skin, several times a week - scrub and mask.As for professional procedures, mesotherapy, laser resurfacing, acid peels and instant rejuvenating procedures are contraindicated by future mothers.Well and it is possible to indulge itself with massage and various professional masks which do not irritate a skin.Haircut and hair coloring during pregnancy.

. You can get cut, but it's not desirable to be painted.Daily care is normal, depending on the type of hair.If the hair is brittle and dull, you can try to improve their condition with masks made from natural ingredients - yolks, honey, various oils.

We take Epilation during pregnancy. Depilatory creams, photo and laser hair removal, as well as procedures that cause pain and discomfort are contraindicative for future mums.That is, if wax depilation or shugaring is accompanied by severe pain( and during the pregnancy the skin becomes very sensitive), they should also be discarded.The only solution is to shave the machine.Manicure and pedicure during pregnancy.

. Manicure and pedicure for women in the position can be done and even necessary, but there are several nuances. When doing a manicure in the salon, the expectant mother exposes herself and her baby to the risk of contracting dangerous infectious diseases( hepatitis, HIV) that can be transmitted through sharp manicure accessories. In addition, evaporation of varnishes and solvents have a toxic effect on the body.The solution is to take care of the nails yourself, do unedged manicure in the salon, cover the nail plates with lacquer only on special occasions.Pedicure is also desirable at home, but if you use the services of a professional, then without the use of cutting tools for cuticle processing.Caring for the body during pregnancy.

. During pregnancy, stretch marks become very noticeable on the body.To prevent the appearance of this cosmetic defect or at least reduce the number of stretch marks, cosmetologists recommend the use of special care for pregnant women or olive oil.

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