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How to do the procedure Cuckoo with genyantema

How to do the procedure Cuckoo with genyantema

If the genyantritis( inflammation in the maxillary sinuses) was diagnosed at an early stage, then a specific procedure would be a sufficiently effective method of treatment - the Cuckoo.Under such an amusing name, "a hiding procedure" is quite a therapeutic procedure, which in medicine is referred to as a nose flushing according to Proetz.

Unfortunately, this method of treating the inflammation in the maxillary sinuses is not popular with the patients themselves, and this is most likely due to rumors of the painfulness of the procedure and the fact that the principle of washing through the Proetz is not fully understood.But the method of such treatment of sinusitis was invented and applied in the middle of the 20th century by the doctor Arthur Proetz.The essence of the procedure is to create a negative pressure in the nasal cavity, which contributes to the complete introduction of liquid into the nasal cavity, to wash the sinus from the contents.

Table of contents: Indications for procedure Cuckoo How the procedure is performed Cuckoo Contraindications and possible complications after the procedure Cuckoo Procedure solutions Cuckoo

Indications for procedure Cuckoo

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This type of rinsing has long been used in various inflammatory diseases of the nose. If we consider the advisability of the procedure Cuckoo with genyantritis, then you should consider the following features:

  • medical solution penetrates under pressure in all corners of the maxillary sinus;
  • the created difference in pressure promotes a full stretching of the accumulated liquid;
  • the fight against the inflammatory process in the maxillary sinuses is carried out as fully as possible.

How is the procedure performed? Cuckoo

Why is it called scraping the nose according to Proetz?The fact that the patient during the procedure must constantly say "ku-ku", so that the therapeutic solution does not get into the mouth.The desired effect is achieved due to the fact that when this particular sound is pronounced, the upper palate overlaps the nasopharynx - a necessary difference in pressure is created.

How is the Cuckoo procedure performed?

The procedure is performed by specialists( ENT doctors) in a medical institution and only according to a special scheme:

  1. The patient should be in a semi-sitting position.If it is necessary to do a lavage on the Protsets child, then it is laid on its side.
  2. Using a syringe, a medicinal solution is injected into one nostril.
  3. Simultaneously with the introduction of a solution from another nostril with the help of a special device, the contents begin to suck.

The duration of the procedure is a maximum of 10 minutes.After the end of the nose washing with Proetz, the patient is recommended to avoid any physical exertion - the doctors leave the patient for 30 minutes in the office, in a sitting position with a slightly tilted head.

How is the Cuckoo procedure performed?

Note: , for the maximum effect, therapists prescribe to the patients an average of 6 washings per Proetz.It is noteworthy that each subsequent procedure is easier for the patient.

Contraindications and possible complications after the procedure Cuckoo

It is believed that the procedure in question is not in itself a danger to the patient. But in some cases the following complications may occur:

  • burning sensation in the nose;
  • active multiple sneezing;
  • eyes get a red tint;
  • vomiting;
  • mechanical trauma to the nasal mucosa.

Vomiting and mechanical injuries are recorded very rarely, this is considered an exceptional case.

Separately it is worth mentioning the cases in which it is strictly forbidden to do a nose wash on Proetz:

  • diagnosed epilepsy, even if the disease is in the stage of long-term remission;
  • patients of children's age( up to 5 years);
  • previously identified low blood coagulability;
  • previously diagnosed mental disorders.

Note: carrying out a nose wash according to Proetz does not mean full treatment - this procedure should be part of complex therapy.Otherwise, the effect will be only temporary.

Procedure solutions Cuckoo

Cuku┼ča procedure solutions It is the doctor who determines the specific nature of the scouring of the nose according to the proetar - there are certain features of the selection that involve taking into account the general condition of the patient, the degree of development of the inflammatory process in the maxillary pauses, the hypersensitivity or the individual intolerance of the particular substance.

Most often doctors prefer the following solutions:


Used only for the doctor's prescription - antibiotics should be used for late diagnosis of maxillary sinusitis, when the inflammatory process is in a difficult stage of development.


These include Dioxydin, Furacilin, or Miramistin.Antiseptic solutions have a harmful effect on bacterial flora, effectively cleanse sinuses from accumulated contents and exert anti-edematous action.


Most often used in the progression of the inflammatory process in the maxillary sinuses, when the disease is already in a severe stage.Usually in this case it is necessary to facilitate breathing of the patient - it is the vasoconstrictor drugs that contribute to this.

Rinsing of the nose with genyantritis in Proetz is much more effective than usual washing of nasal sinuses at home.Of course, the result will give both procedures, but in the first case, relief for the patient comes after 5 procedures.

Tsygankova Yana Alexandrovna, medical reviewer, therapeutist of the highest qualification category.

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