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How much you need to drink fluids while breastfeeding - this issue still remains controversial among doctors, and among the nursing mothers themselves.The main thing is that the milk should not be missing, so that the baby will suffice it, and that it will be sufficiently satisfying.And then opinions begin to diverge.Because some believe that liquids should be drunk as much as possible, no matter what - it is a pledge of good lactation.And others warn - if you drink a lot of water and tea, the milk will not be thick enough and nutritious, the baby will not be full of it.

Who is right?And what drinking regime really needs to adhere to a woman breastfeeding a child?

Table of contents: Optimal drinking regimen for nursing How much should I drink to my mother immediately after delivery?What should I drink to my nursing mother?Prohibited breastfeeding drinks

Optimum drinking regime for nursing

Coffee-while-breastfeeding Breast milk is 80% water.To produce it in sufficient quantity, the body needs fluid - this is obvious.But how much?Understand this issue is not so difficult, if you understand the physiology of the female body.In a normal state( that is, in the absence of lactation) a woman should drink a day from 1 to 2 liters of water or another liquid - this depends on the time of the year and how much it sweats.If the sweating rises, then the fluid should be consumed accordingly.

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The minimum volume of liquid with regard to soups and other liquid dishes is 800 ml.If a woman gets less, dehydration of the body occurs, there are attacks of acute thirst.

When the mother feeds the child, the fluid costs increase.A day nursing produces about 1 - 1.5 liters of milk .Naturally, this fluid needs to be taken from somewhere - namely, from the blood plasma.That the organism could continue to function normally, the liquid spent above a norm should be somehow compensated.That is, in addition to the usual amount of fluid, a woman who is breastfeeding a child should drink even more per liter.

So, depending on the individual characteristics of the organism, the drinking habits of a young mother and the amount of milk produced, a day should drink at least 2 - 2.5 liters of liquid, including liquid dishes. Otherwise, either there will be problems with women's health, or lactation will significantly decrease.Usually it is the latter.That is why, if a woman suddenly has a reduced amount of breast milk, for no apparent reason, doctors advise first of all to adjust the drinking regime.

How much should I drink to my mother immediately after delivery?

How to take green tea When a woman is born a child, the mechanism of thirst begins to work very intensively from the very first day.This is provided by nature: the body must produce a lot of milk, for this, it needs a lot of liquid.For the reflex of milk yield, the hormone oxytocin responds, it also triggers the thirst mechanism in this case.For this reason, immediately after childbirth and the next few days, most women constantly want to drink and are surprised at how much more liquid they drink than usual.

Obstetricians and pediatricians are advised to stock up with a large cup of water or tea before the beginning of feeding and put it next to the .Usually attacks of thirst are overtaken precisely during feeding.You should not be tormented, the body requires fluid - then you need to drink.

On the other hand, mature women and grandmothers in the first days after birth, when lactation is just beginning and this process has not yet been regulated, advise a lot of water and other drinks not to drink.

Why?Ostensibly because a large amount of fluid can lead to a sharp rush of milk, swelling and soreness of the mammary glands.The condition is extremely uncomfortable and undesirable.Milk begins to "burn", a woman can rise body temperature.But really such advice is justified and approved by doctors?

No, this behavior is fundamentally wrong. The production of breast milk and its tide to the mammary glands is caused in the first days after birth not by the amount of the drunk fluid, but by the hormone oxytocin and by the suckling reflex in the child .If the crumb takes the breast and intensively sucks it, the milk will also come well.All that is required of a woman at this time is to replenish the spent liquid.

If this is not done, the body will suffer from dehydration, fever will begin, blood and breast milk will also become more viscous.The child will find it difficult to get it from the maternal breast, it will become worse sucking - that is, the production of milk will also begin to decline.

Another point - when a person is thirsty and does not get fluid, he begins to get nervous and panic.This is very bad for a nursing woman, stress blocks the synthesis of the hormone oxytocin, that is, all factors act against the production of breast milk.And all because the body does not receive the right amount of fluid.

From all of the above, we can conclude: a woman should drink as much as she wants, no more and no less. To pour a glass into a glass behind a glass of milk, lactogonic tea and herbal decoction is not necessary.In this case, the work included kidneys, not mammary glands.But also suffering from thirst is also harmful.You need to drink as soon as you feel thirsty.But it also matters - what to drink.

What should I drink to my nursing mother?

Water There is an opinion that you can increase the amount of milk with the same milk, only cow or tea with condensed milk.In fact, this is just a myth.As already mentioned, breast milk is produced on the basis of a fluid obtained from the blood plasma .Any drink, being in the intestines, is transformed into constituent elements and only water is sucked in the end.She also goes to the mammary glands.Because of fundamental importance, what exactly was drunk - milk, tea with milk, herbal infusion - no. But there are small nuances.

For example, the notorious milk with condensed milk.He is advised to drink again grandmothers to increase fat content and improve the taste of breast milk.Fat in the condensed milk really is.And sugar too.That's just reflected all this is not on the quality of mother's milk, but on the mother's figure.Plus, it can cause allergies in the baby.Obviously, this "competent" advice came to mind once the one who was very fond of drinking sweet tea with milk, and she tried to spread it among the masses.In fact, there is no big benefit from tea with condensed milk.Love - drink, but not more than two cups a day.Do not like - there is no need to force yourself.

Otherwise, there are no special restrictions.Warm tea, cold, with sugar or without, herbal decoction, compote, mors - you can drink everything, most importantly, that it is a liquid, and that it does not cause an allergy in the newborn.Therefore, after drinking in the morning, for example, cherry compote, carefully observe throughout the day for the baby's cheeks and tummy.If there is redness and rashes, a stool is broken, better refuse so far from this drink.

Please note

The use of warm, almost hot drinks stimulates the production of oxytocin, hence - milk rushes and lactation.

The quality of the water you drink is much more important. If you do not have filters installed in your house, then you should not drink water from the tap, even boiled, without the .You should buy clean water without gas in bottles, designed specifically for infants.But it's better to boil it before drinking.It should also prepare the first dishes.

Banned for breastfeeding drinks

For many women during the period of feeding, the greatest difficulty is created by the forced abandonment of coffee. We hasten to please: you can drink coffee .Only not very strong and not very often, preferably - one cup in the morning.Then caffeine, which can enter the baby's body together with milk, will "disperse" in the evening, and he will calmly sleep for the night, not arranging all home concerts.

And here's what you should definitely refuse - it's from aerated drinks .And it's not so much in carbon dioxide as in dyes, fragrances, preservatives, sugars and other additives that are harmful even to a healthy adult, not to mention a nursing mother and a baby baby.

Because of the Phantom, Sprite, and even more so Coca-Cola and their counterparts - a solid "no", like alcohol, even qualitative and weak.All other drinks you can drink and need, with a single glance - so that they do not cause allergies in the baby.

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